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SWS RN has 18 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU, PICU, School Nursing, Case Mgt.

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  1. S would you email me at Melrodrn77@gmail in regards to the OiG list. You might be a huge help and I need it right now : )

  2. SWS RN

    BON Appearance

    Read the post I just posted under the topic "RN diverson" in this same thread....I just spelled the entire program out for the IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses) for the state of Florida...but it is very similar to ISNAP for Indiana.
  3. SWS RN

    RN's in Diversion

  4. SWS RN

    where can a RN FIND A JOB WITH A FELONY

    I am with Fl mom of 5...I also live in south Fl..job market here is extremely tight even if you don't have any sort of criminal history...maybe you should look for a more rural area where the market is not so flooded. Good luck.
  5. SWS RN

    Anyone ever get their license back after revocation?

    Right, I just wanted to say, I thought going through this would be a nightmare....I did this in 8/2009...I sent away for the application packet and followed to a T. THe attorney at the OIG in wash DC was wonderful and I spoke to her every week. From start to finish it took about 6 weeks....maybe less...that was the easiest thing to accomplish....so good luck, just follow instructions.
  6. SWS RN

    Ohio Board and the impaired nurse

    All BON hearings are open to the public...and at every hearing there are compliants regarding impaired Nurses and the rulings and subsequent disciplinary action/entry into IPN monitoring programs etc...that are made. To be really accurate, you should attend the next one. They are held quarterly. (Of course the board hears many other subjects as well, but this would be the most first hand way of getting the information)
  7. SWS RN

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    I just wanted to say to everybody GO FOR IT!! and for those of you who have...WELL DONE!! I started RN school when I was 40, got my ADN, then went on to get my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Health administration. You know, the time will pass whether or not you do this, so just grit your teeth and jump in... it goes by in the blink of an eye. I can't believe it's now been 21 years....(my age is showing) and I am still going strong. Peace and Love to all
  8. SWS RN

    New RN, already making mistakes

    I would like to comment on two points to you. The job market in South East Fl is pretty tight, especially if you are not very experienced, or not veryspecialized. It's very competitive here with an overabundance of nurses and there are nursing schools turning out new nurses faster than they can be employed. 12 years ago there were 2 nursing schools in my county, now there are 8. My other concern, and I may be wrong and just reading this incorrectly, but are you blaming the doctor for your being fired?....also, the circumstances sound rather vague, and if you need to disclose any information to a perspective employer, perhaps saying that this surgeon always has a complication and that he could care less is not in your best interest. I say this because this could really come back to haunt you. You need to examine your part in what happened to get you terminated and own it, then fix it so it does not happen again. Next, please do not say anything about this doctor around your previous hospital or co workers...you really could be sued for slander, and it could really turn into something ugly.
  9. Just a suggestion/you should move this thread to "Nurses in RECOVERY" and that's the thread you need to check out
  10. SWS RN

    Is there a nursing shortage or not?

    I have adressed this many times before, but once more with feeling...(and you can always go back and read old posts on this and other topics) I suppose it depends upon the area in which you live....but for the most part in one word, when compared to several years ago.......NO........there is no shortage of nurses. The Main reasons are as follows: 1 older nurses are not retiring 2 hospitals are cutting staffing and expanding patient/rn ratio 3 many many poor souls have been "fooled" into thinking that nursing is recession proof and are jumping into nursing school and finishing only to find it very difficult to find a job...especially as a new older grad...and for the above mentioned reasons...and 4 more and more nursing schools are opening because the small private ones in it to jump on this artificial nursing shortage bandwagon to make money and are flooding the market with these guys creating more competition for the few jobs available. It's becoming very difficult for the new grad to find a position here in South Fl. (As far as the school situation goes, 15 years ago, there were 2 nursing schools in the county in which I live...now there are 8...so you can do the math) oh, and another area that has taken away from nursing positions...are med techs...now the doctors offices almost exclusively hire techs or medical assistant to the jobs that nurses used to do. All of that being said, I certainly do not try to talk anyone out of going to nursing school IF THAT IS WHAT THEY REALLY WISH TO DO....but I have also heard many people over the years say they were going into nursing to "always have a job and ....ha ha...make lots of money (clearly they weren't already nurses)...well, what can I say? Good luck. Just keep your eyes open...and NO there is no nursing shortage..
  11. SWS RN

    any nurses/nursing students on methadone?

    I am in Florida, and it too is very specific and strict. If you are in a monitoring program, in this case the IPN, it is considered a complete abstinence contract....that includes alcohol (even if alcohol is not your DOC) and all prescribed medication such as benzo's and opiates. You may take them for emergencies if prescribed under a doctor's care, however, you CAN NOT practice again until you are off of them and have demonstrated clean uds. The Fl board does not allow the use of suboxone as well. I was prescribed Suboxone early on, and sorry I have to say, IT IS STILL A DRUG...a controlled drug....and one that has a terrific potiential for physical addiction. The withdrawal from that was FAR worse than the opiate w/d...(and yes, I did taper...it has a very long half life and it took 17 days of pure misery) I am of the camp that believes that as long as you are taking a controlled substance--you are not clean and sober. Sorry, but I have been there...and done that....now I am 2 1/2 years Drug free and it is totally GLORIOUS! I really can't believe how great I feel without all of that stuff in my system. (and I never thought I could do it) Luck to all
  12. SWS RN

    Does NICU offer experience for other areas of nursing?

    I have worked in many specialties over many years. ICU's ( adult, Picu, and Nicu) Tele, Step down, ER, Trauma, Hospice and I honestly feel that NICU is THE most HIGHLY specialized unit of them all (of course, the OR may be more specific) and I don't feel that it translates too well into the other specialties....you sure hone your IV skills....lol...but those little guys are just so very different from healthy newborns. especially the "micro preemies" and with the blazing advancements in technology there are more and more of those. When I left NICU in 2005 we had some 22 weekers in there. It was getting a little hard for me to take by then and I had to leave. I really LOVED PICU...and I felt that it translated to other specialties well. Children heal very quickly (much faster than adults) and it's so gratifying to watch. I truley saw many miracles in PICU days, too many to count. You might want to try PICU or PEDS..that would lead right into the public sector. GOOD LUCK
  13. SWS RN


    I don't have much time right now, so I have to make this brief....you CAN work as a nurse while on the OIG list...however, you can not work at any facility that qualifies for Gov't reimbursment, ie, medicare/medicaide...etc..which pretty much disqualifies all hospitals and long term care facilities.. I was on the OIG list and I have written at length on how I was able to remove myself from it w/o the use of an attorney or other help (I do not have anything against attornies--I just didn't have any money) If you will search my former posts you should be able to find the information that my help you. Good luck---feel free to PM s
  14. SWS RN

    Anyone ever get their license back after revocation?

    WOW, How does Zoloft test + for serax? Does anyone know? I am on a fairly high dose of Zoloft...for about 6 months....it is the ONLY thing I take. So far no problems. Been tested every month--still clean...and it should be--after what I have been through. Any info would be appreciated, if a credible problem I will change meds, although I've tried All of the SSRI's and Zoloft works the best for me. s
  15. SWS RN

    Smackdown by the BON

    Dear all... First things first...3.5 years of sobriety!!!!! That alone is a WONDERFUL feat. For what it's worth, I don't know what state you are in, but in June, I had to go before the BON in Florida. It was nerve wracking...but worked out ok. I was there for about six hours and heard everything you could think of...the good news was, many, many people who had been suspended got reinstated. I was not there to ask for reinstatement...it was another matter, closely related, and I was there to beg that they not take my license (over something that happened 9 years ago in another state)...they didn't...:) and I have to say, I did not at any time feel like they were looking down at me....I know that is hard to believe, but true. I was honest and earnest....and they were fair. SO, go ahead and appear...DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL ANY SHAME... it's over...you are WINNING....for 3 and 1/2 years. I think that they actually appreciate that . THe people who did not fair so well, were the one's with excuses and who tried to BS their way through it. The BON saw right through that. So....GOOD LUCK...let me know where you are and when you have to appear. GO for it, it will be ok. s
  16. SWS RN

    TPAPN question

    Right, here most of the time the Am people are at the Lab before 7am and try to test immediately, then go in to work, so they are a little late on those days. In Fl IPN program the test can not be rescheduled---if not done it is considered a postive test and that's considered relapse~and under NO circumstances can the urine be dropped off. In fact, one time when I couldn't produce enough at one time, they dumped what I did do, and I had to sit in the waiting room (for over 2 hours) until I could go. THey do not let you even go to your car or leave the building.

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