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  1. plus size scrubs.

    Cherokee Workwear. Those things wear like nothing I've ever seen. Marcus Uniforms has them for the lowest prices I've seen, and they're available in every color under the sun.
  2. shirts under scrubs

    I second the vote for Old Navy's t-shirts. I hate thick shirts under my scrubs.
  3. Personalized Badge Reels has adorable ones, and they're all handmade! has some as well.
  4. Suggestions for giving Pentasa via G-Tube

    We had to give something like this once and mixed it in baby applesauce, then mixed the applesauce with water to make it viscous enough to go down the g-tube without clogging.
  5. Afraid of calling in

    Don't call. Go to work. If they want to send you home, they will. Otherwise, try to find time to study at work.
  6. very badly behaved ped client

    You can say something, but it might not do any good, and her parents might not appreciate it much. Your patient might act out more than usual when she's not feeling well. You mention that the nurses were hanging blood products. Your patient might ...
  7. Turf wars may have cost me my dream job

    Congratulations! So glad everything worked out for you!!
  8. I prefer working with new grads,or non-hospital nurses

    Those same nurses that I talked about in my first post... the backstabby, catty new grads? They had older, seasoned nurses that treated them very well too. Not every nurse treated them badly; it was easier to get on their good side than to be on th...
  9. Patient Safety Dilemma

    I would mention your case in your room. Explain that you were in a room sitting, and you had a call light on for over 20 minutes without being answered. Share that you were concerned that other patients might have had to wait for a similar amount o...
  10. Moving from the exciting, challenging floor to...where?

    Most places are going to require weekends, or at least every other weekend, unless you can get into something like a doctor's office. The pay will likely be lower in a doctor's office, though. A free-standing surgical center might be another place ...
  11. Bedside nurse or school nurse? Opinions please.

    If you're not able to get anything at your current employer that's daylight only, the school nurse position may be your best bet until you're able to get your health in better control. Keeping yourself per diem in the position you have now is an exc...
  12. How to file a HIPAA complaint. I hope that HHS can clear this up for you much more quickly than your state's BON.
  13. What to do when there's no one to turn to?

    If your manager's "playing for the other team," you may have to quit, if you can find another job. I hate to say that, but it's so true. It's next to impossible to break that inner circle at times. I just wanted you to know that someone else has ...
  14. Australian RN wanting to work in the US

    International Nursing - Nursing for Nurses Hope this helps!
  15. Why do doctors office pay nurses pennies to work for them?

    The other thing to remember is that the acuity of the patient in the doctor's office is much lower. You're not primarily responsible for that patient for the full duration of a 12 hour shift. You'll see them, do a quick history, get vitals, and you...