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  1. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    This comment is not just worth replying, sorry.
  2. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    Read previous threads on all nurses
  3. Do we need to take drugs.. in order to do our job?

    that is not true, I dont drink or smoke yet I'm very against antidepressants, seen people who claimed the meds didnt helped them at all, seen people dying because they took anti-anxiety pills, seen people who suffered brain damage because they mixed ...
  4. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    I understand that but I'm upset about how she said it, she didnt say " oh I'm mad because you didnt give me a notice but nurses dont have the right to get sick, in business world no one cares if you are sick, even when I apologized she still said tha...
  5. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    I never call off.
  6. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    anyway I hope for your sake you wont get sick to the point when you too afraid to drive long distance and someone will laugh at you.
  7. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    like I said my sickness comes and that time I could barely talk now I had to get up take my meds and eat.
  8. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    no I should go in and develop complications better yet I should spread my cold to my patient or even better I should have a car crash due to being dizzy, just because I'm a nurse and have no right to get sick.
  9. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    you dont know my situation so please dont judge me.I was actually choking on mucus and lying in the bed helped me to deal with it (I know strange). I didnt let her know yesterday because I felt that I might get better today, I guess it just prove tha...
  10. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    I have been with home health for two years and never called off, not even once, last year I also had cold but refused to call in and then I had complication and had an ear infection, so I promised myself that I will never work sick again.
  11. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    I didnt give her notice because I couldnt get up from bed until 2 pm
  12. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    how about if I develop a fever? Did you know that overheating can cause birth defects?\
  13. Cruel and heartless medical industry

    So I became sick (cold or god knows what-np fever but a lot of mucus, runny nose, weakness etc) yesterday. I was assigned a new patient for today (home health) at my part time job (I have two home health jobs). So I called my patient family told them...
  14. Moms who are nurses, please give me your opinion!!!!! Please!

    I would get my nursing degree now and have the third baby later, I'm pregnant with my first child (I'm 32) and I never wanted to be a mom in my 20s I always wanted to wait until I'm done with school.Since you already have two kids I dont think it is ...
  15. What motivates you to go to work every day?

    1. I'm two months pregnant- I need to pay for my own health insurance and my place of employment wont pay me for my time off when I have the baby, plus I need to save money 2. Rent, food, other bills, student loan.