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  1. Blackheartednurse

    Weird little things you do as a nurse

    I'm a home health nurse and I have bought patients pulls ups and medicine.
  2. I have noticed that a lot of my patients are on either on Tramadol or tylenol 3, not so many on Narco.
  3. Blackheartednurse

    UPS Drivers make HOW much????

    I make 50 dollars per hour and I dont make 100 K, I simply just dont believe it, sorry. Ps. I work long hours!
  4. Blackheartednurse

    UPS Drivers make HOW much????

    Now tell us how much you have to work 70 hours a week? I really dont buy it, sorry.
  5. Blackheartednurse

    UPS Drivers make HOW much????

    To make this kind of money, means no life, and I mean it, I know nurses who work 3'12 in hospitals and do home health on the side, basically killing themselves for great income, is it worth it? Maybe for a little while but in the long run it really isnt, I recently started working on saturday to make extra cash, but I'm single, fairly young and in good shape and condition, have no kids just a boyfriend, 3 dogs and parents, I really dont see how you can work so much while having small kids.
  6. Blackheartednurse

    "That nurse is vile" (long)

    You need to grow a thicker skin for real! I had patients complaining about me before, my boss complained about my paperwork, my supervisor complained about my attitude (yes I wont take bull crap from no one) I had patient exclusively requesting for me (because I'm his/her favorite nurse) just to later be told "I'm tired of nurses dont come in or I call the police!" I had patient going off on me for no reason, I often call it a love and hate relationship, I really think that there is a thin line between love and hate when it comes to nurse-patient relationship, we are stuck in the middle and often have to endure verbal offenses and sometimes even physical threats, I really think you are taking this way too hard, if I had a nickle for every time patient said something rude I would be a very rich nurse!
  7. Blackheartednurse

    Nursing is not easy money, no gain no pain

    TV ads, newspaper ads, heh:)))))))))))))) I know a nurse who drives a hammer she must be freaking rich, LOL:)))))
  8. Blackheartednurse

    Nursing is not easy money, no gain no pain

    Exactly, you have to climb the ladder, brand new grads cant have the seniority.
  9. Blackheartednurse

    Nursing is not easy money, no gain no pain

    \ yep they think they will get high hourly pay on a morning aka day shift I have to explain to them that in general the pay is better on nights/evening, but since they have families they want the best hours, rude awaking! I try to explain to them that nursing is not just a job, it is a devotion and a career, nurses work odd hours especially new nurses, they have to stay late to chart at times, ask by manager to work extra shift, I know that work sucks the life out of me 90% of the time.
  10. Blackheartednurse

    Nursing is not easy money, no gain no pain

    I'm tired of people who think that nursing is all about great schedule and big bucks, I have been lately pulling a lot of 12s still not getting rich and busting my behind just to be told by my friends that once they finish nursing school they will make tons of money without putting into it a lot of hours of work, rude awaking for some:no pain no gain.
  11. Blackheartednurse

    How common is it to get fired?

    I have seen an excellent nurse being fired for one med error because the manager didnt like her. I think because she was much wiser and had higher education that the manager herself, also she was seasoned therefore made more money than brand new fresh young grad.
  12. Blackheartednurse

    How common is it to get fired?

    a lot is the politics, sometimes it is a manager that dont like you, sometimes it is a nurse that dont like and will tell on you and run to the manager over some really silly stuff, beware nursing is a sea full of sharks, honestly everybody is trying to cover their own a$$$.
  13. Blackheartednurse

    Is Home care a good choice for New Grad?

    I have been working as a home health nurse for the almost two years now and although it is rough I'm making it. Going from having a few patients now I'm the nurse with the heaviest case load and yes I started out as a new nurse with no experience, I got lucky because my boss is very understanding and he carefully plans my assignments. My boss tells me all the time I'm doing great which boost my confidence and this job gave me an opportunity to get a second part time job also in a home health nursing, thanks to this job a almost year ago I almost got an opportunity to work in a prestigious hospital (they wanted more home health experience, I only had 6 months back then) So I say home health job is better than no job, at this point I dont even know if I would like to work in a hospital, I make a decent pay (just like in a hospital), make my own schedule and have no boss spying on me all the time, I dont have to rush like a maniac and I dont stress out so much although it is a physically and mentally demanding specialty, but I understand what the opponents say, basically in the field you are on your own,carry your own weight and risk like I said I got lucky, I just regret I didnt started out in home health sooner, like right after graduation, I was afraid to work in such independent field and I wasted one year of doing basically nothing.
  14. Blackheartednurse

    what states NEED nurses ?

    Wow I would never move to border town, way to dangerous:rolleyes:
  15. Blackheartednurse

    insulin help!!

    I really dont understand the purpose of your post, the OP asked for advice and she has the right so. There are many experienced nurse on this website so I dont understand what is wrong with posting a clinical question on this website, I'm sure the rn will also check with MD and her supervisor, all she wanted was additional advise from more experienced nurses.
  16. Blackheartednurse

    What would you rather do than go into work this weekend?

    I have to work this saturday (I dont have to work on sunday but I will be working on charts at home!) So this saturday I would love to do the following things instead of going to work 1. Play with my two pups- I have been neglecting them so much over the last few moths and I feel so bad! 2. Clean. 3. Watch a movie with my mom and my dogs LOL 4. Search the net 5. Read 6. Hang out with my man (which I will do anyway saturday night) This is what I would like to do with my boyfriend on sunday (but I will be at his home charting instead) 1. Play with his dog (he got a beautiful pitbull) 2. Cuddle on the bed all day watching movies 3. Go out maybe to the store or resteurant One can dream can they LOL