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  1. Nurse tech working as RN

    Since you don't know what the responsibilities are, your post is incorrect. When you say cover an RN, we have not been told what the job entails. It's also premature to say it could cost future licensure
  2. Nurse tech working as RN

    What I haven't seen anyone do is direct you to your board of nursing: THEY ultimately regulate what you can and can't do. Get a job description from your employer, detailing exactly what your responsibilities are then contact the BON with your questi...
  3. Bad Weather--Hospitals could care less about your safety

    You are comparing apples and oranges. The OP is expressing frustration about not being paid after making a good faith attempt to get into work. you bring up care being delivered by a nurse who's been up for 20 hours. How is this relevant? Many hospit...
  4. Ethics: Brain bleed sign out AMA

    I think you are wise to be cautious. And honestly, reading some of the other posts I'm disappointed in the level of snarkiness being expressed. You not only wanted to protect yourself but your license. People may appear to be A&O x 3 but may not ...
  5. Hospital that bans family members

    Let's back the truck up a bit. I know of NO ONE who would say families can't contribute to a patient's well being and recovery. However, society has become so "me- focused" many family members are stretching the limits of nursing sanity. If I have t...
  6. Question about holding an RN license in multiple states

    Make sure you file a change of address with CA BON. Also make sure your CEU's meet CA requirements and then you just pay your renewal fee. If you don't ever plan on practicing in CA again, you may want to check to see if you can place it on inactive ...
  7. LVADS in the community

    wanted to take a moment to address a couple of your points. I've cared for many LVAD's on CRRT in our ICU. I realize outpatient is of course a different ball game but I have found flow on the LVAD to be a great first line assessment for fluid shifts....
  8. Brian Short News

    I am in shock....while I didn't know Brian personally, I've talked to him quite a few times online and at conventions....my heart aches at this terrible news
  9. NIBP monitoring on same arm as the a-line?

    Have to be honest, I may only check a cuff pressure once a shift. If I've got a good, functioning A-line, that is the gold standard for monitoring. Continuing to use a NIBP seems just silly to me as well as putting an extremity's perfusion at risk, e...
  10. 1) AACN: American Association for Critical care nurses 2) Missions statement link: http://www.aacn.org/wd/aacninfo/cont...s?menu=aboutus 3) Again refer to the mission statement but in a nutshell why I belong is they further the education of critical ...
  11. can someone answer a few questions for me?!

    I also belong to my state's nursing association, not sure which type of organization your rubric desires, if it's that one, I'll be back on in about an hour,can answer those questions for that one then.
  12. can someone answer a few questions for me?!

    1) AACN: American Association for Critical care nurses 2) Missions statement link: http://www.aacn.org/wd/aacninfo/content/mission_vision_values_ethics.pcms?menu=aboutus 3) Again refer to the mission statement but in a nutshell why I belong is they ...
  13. can someone answer a few questions for me?!

    what do you need answered?
  14. how quickly someone can go downhill.

    Actually, this patient had gotten fluid earlier so depending upon an in-depth lung assessment (which the only information given here was "tight") as well as a cardiac assessment, Lasix definitely may have been indicated. And some form of diuretic the...
  15. how quickly someone can go downhill.

    This is a no-win situation, unfortunately. I've learned that lesson the hard way, many years ago...listen to my instincts. I may not always know what's going on but I can tell when we've got a problem...and if I have to push the issue I will. It's h...