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  1. What color are you as a Nurse?

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      angelic white
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      colorful as a rainbow

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jschut, BSN, RN

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I chose yellow, cause that's how I am at work. Happy and cheerful. No reason to be sour and bitter toward patients.... :balloons:


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i'm red!!!!!! i work in corrections, so i chose red for two reasons:

1-when everyone else is down, i like to add a little color and energy

2-when the occasion arises, i can be hot as a firecracker!

great poll, by the way.


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i would have to say it depends on the situation, who i'm working with, and my overall mood for the day. so i guess that kinda makes me a rainbow!


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calm, cool, carribean blue.........my favorite


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Purple and Orange are my favorite colors. :balloons:

Purple would be my colour, rainbow is often close


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I chose blue. Blue, to me is calm and cool. Also, on a clear, bright sunny day, the sky is an inviting blue color. . . . refreshing, even warm. Plus I just like the color blue, especially a deep, rich blue.

I don't consider blue to be a sad color at all. To me, a sad color is brown.

Good thread! :)


LT Dave

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I'm a little pink flower growing with love................

I have this neat black set of scubs I wear on the weekends. I call it Anti-Nurse gear. On that day I am the Nuses Advocate. :chuckle


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Would have been purple if it was there but between blue and red I chose the color of a clown's nose, trying to bring a bit of humor to my work situation

I chose the rainbow because I have many different issues facing me in a day's work and so does the patient.

Specializes in med-surg.

I am mostly lavender when I am with my patients, but you may see me be red on occasion, depending on the nurse-patient ratio!

nursedawn67, LPN

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I can have my "dark" blue moments and I can have my light blue moments where I am as open and bright as the sky.

Wow how corny did that sound?? :uhoh21:


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Grey! I'm having a "grey day". Just feel blah and bored!

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