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husker-nurse has 8 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in med-surg.

Mom of 2, Nana of 4 beautiful grandchildren

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  1. I know that this is a very old thread but am curious as to how you ended up. Are you in nursing?
  2. husker-nurse

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    Hi, Sar4tee, just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth; I continued towards my RN immediately after LPN graduation, I really doubt if I would have returned to school after working in the field. I graduated with my RN at 46 and would not have it any other way. I encourage all LPN's to get back in school ASAP, most argue that they can't afford it right away, but if you regard the pay differential between the two, I think you'll see that you can't afford NOT to! Not sure if that's the case for you. tho. Anyway, whatever you decide, the best of luck in your career!
  3. husker-nurse

    4th Side rail as restraint

    Otessa, it depends on your facility; in mine, it is NOT considered a restraint if family or patient requests it.
  4. husker-nurse

    Be Careful!

    The same thing happened to ME when I was a brand new RN. I overheard the float nurse say (at 11:30pm, the start of the shift) "Who had the patient in room such-and-such last night??" (won't go into details, it involves a PCA pump with not enough training for me,) and when I realized that I had possible mis-set the pump, right away I asked the RN (mucho experience) who was replacing me to check the settings, she said it was fine, but it wasn't! I saved my job just because I had an experienced nurse double-check for me. Yes, everyone got a great laugh out of that one, and everyone in the hospital was aware that it was me. Did I feel AWFUL? I could not have felt worse. But, strangely, I felt a little sad for all those staff members who felt the need to laugh at such a (possibly) tragic outcome. Patient was fine after a bit, and no one got sued. (and no support from colleagues). I will never forget that, but I will never spend time in any henhouse that treats others this way.
  5. husker-nurse

    4th Side rail as restraint

    In our facility, as long as a PATIENT or FAMILY MEMBER requests that the 4th siderail be up, it's not considered a restraint. HOWEVER, I always chart "SR up x4 per patient (or family member, with name, if possible). The name of the game is, after all, CYA.
  6. husker-nurse

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    Hmmm, went to work, started to get report, felt like dogs**t, told chargenurse I'm going to ER, went to ER and had a heart attack; had cardiac cath, headed for CCU; not my worst, but not a great day.......
  7. husker-nurse

    HELP Everyone says I can't be a Nurse!

    mydee, how bad do you want it?
  8. husker-nurse

    COPD and slurred speech

    No, not drunk, and I am VERY concerned that not one of his healthcare providers noticed nor questioned this while he was a patient! I DID try to get him to go back to see his doc, but he won't go! WHY DID NO ONE EVEN ASK HIM ABOUT THIS???? I just spoke to him again yesterday, and the slurred speech is still present, and he thinks if there was a problem, his doctor would have said something. I don't get it! (and thanks for your responses!)
  9. husker-nurse

    COPD and slurred speech

    I noticed the slurred speech after a friend was dismissed from the hosptal after being diagnosed with COPD; I have never noticed this in any of my patients and need to know if the two go hand-in-hand; I'm really concerned about this guy, he's only 54! Thanks in advance for any ideas......
  10. husker-nurse

    First day!

    It's always good to get the first day behind you! Always ask for help when needed, never risk your (or your patient's) safety by attempting to do something alone that requires more assist; utilize all lifting devices, if available, take your breaks, get plenty of sleep. Every new job takes getting used to (physically AND mentally). Hang in there! Good CNA's are worth their weight in gold!
  11. husker-nurse

    Prioritizing questions? How to answer?

    Remember your ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation); helped me a lot with NCLEX!
  12. husker-nurse

    Ma vs CNA

    Hi, neighbor! While I was in school, I went to work between LPN and RN classes (summer) for 6 weeks at a LTC facility; all I had to do was send for my CNA certificate, the DON figured that since I had my LPN, I most likely could do CNA work and she paid for my cert., but I doubt if this post helps you any. The very best to you in your quest for a nursing education!
  13. husker-nurse

    Saving cord blood for infant transfusion??

    My daughter did this very thing with her kids; one just never knows when it might be absolutely needed...........
  14. husker-nurse


    Congratulations on your new job!
  15. husker-nurse

    I had an MI on Tuesday

    Thanks, and yes, I am truly amazed! To answer your question, no, not really "pain", more upper GI "discomfort", although I have a very high pain tolerance (which can be a problem at times!). I rated it at an 8 of 10 scale. I just knew that something was VERY wrong. When I presented to the ER, the charge RN grabbed a wheelchair after I said, "I think I need to be seen.", and wheeled me back. A coworker has since told me that I was almost gray in appearance, so I'm assuming that she had a clue as to what was happening. The EKG tech was going to do another patient, but she demanded that I be done first, telling her I was more "emergent." I tested the versed that they gave me for the angio, and I remember everything, right up the the symptoms returning, and the doc said that was because he was right up against the (99%) blockage. The flight nurse told me that they are very proud to state that average turnaround time for MI from the ER to CCU is 60 minutes, compared to 90 minutes nationally. Sorry for the long post, but, like I said, if I can help even ONE person....and thanks for the kind words!
  16. husker-nurse

    Overwhelmed LVN May Give Up Nursing

    Still, this ratio is the reason that I left the first hospital that I worked at. I was afraid for my license and for my patients. With that many patients, it's next to impossible to provide any quality care. My heart goes out to you; I hope someone else has better advice for you; take care and God Bless! Roxie

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