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I am a mom of 4. I have been an RN for 12 years and am a veteran of the US Navy

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  1. veteranRN

    DON Pay in LTC?

    For all DONs, can you give me a ball park pay range? I have no idea what a DON makes and I am an RN who dearly loves the geriatric population, have experience in LTC and management and am seriously considering becomming a DON. Please tell me all you can.
  2. veteranRN

    Why a Philadelphia hospital gave in to a racist demand?

    It seems to me that patients/residents will do what they know they will get away with. If we as an institution stand up and refuse to allow the discriminatory requests perhaps it will diminish. I used to hate it in the LTC facility where residents would ask a particular CNA to help them get ready for bed even though they were not assigned to care for them because they simply did not want someone else caring for them, sometimes because of their sex or ethnicity. This drove me crazy. If I heard the request I would simply tell the resident that Suzy Smith was their caregiver for the evening and they could simply wait until the other CNA was completly finished with their other assignment or they could take the care that was being offered to them right now. Then it became their choice to refuse the care that was being offered to them and we were not depriving someone else care to accomodate their selfish requests.
  3. veteranRN

    what color are you as a nurse

    Grey! I'm having a "grey day". Just feel blah and bored!
  4. veteranRN

    Suggest a sleeping pill?

    Tylenol PM works great for me. I use it when I work evenings and then need to be up fairly early in the morning. Most of the time I don't have that "hangover" effect. The key is to take it 30-45 minutes before your ready for bed. Don't take it and climb in bed right away and expect to fall right to sleep.
  5. veteranRN

    Strike Vote

    Sending good wishes your way! Keep your chin up during this difficult time. And good luck on getting what your union is after.
  6. veteranRN

    I got a new job!

    Congratulations! I think sometimes people overlook the non-traditional nursing jobs but the benefits are sometimes incredible. Especially the mon-fri. I have a non-traditional nursing job and work everyother weekend at a LTC and I don't know that I will ever return full time to traditional nursing.
  7. veteranRN

    Which stethoscope is better?

    Whichever one you pick, I would test it out first. I have a hard time using stethescopes that don't hurt my ears when I am using them. Make sure it "fits" you.
  8. veteranRN

    Induction craze

    Anna's Mom, my heart goes out to you. I think you expressed yourself eloquently. Prayers are sent you way for yourself, your new little one to be and your angel in Heaven. Best of luck on the delivery :kiss
  9. veteranRN

    How much Verbal Abuse should a nurse take from a PATIENT?

    Obviously, going into a home as described is an "unsafe" situation and I would chart it as such. Let the administration know that you do not feel safe. If the local home health office will not listen take it up with corporate. But don't "bend over" for the agency, it is not worth it.
  10. veteranRN

    Funniest injury you have ever seen.....

    When you work with Marines you always have lots of stories. One marine was mowing and thought the blade needed to be cleaned so he reached under the mower while it was running. One marine had just seen the movie Teen wolf and was standing on top of a car "surfing" and fell off. One marine was drunk, and walking on a railroad track overpass when he fell off and landed on his head. Tragic end to that story:eek:
  11. veteranRN

    Are you in Nursing for the Caring or the Cash?? Be Honest

    I went to nursing school strictly for the money. I was a CNA and a single mom with two kids and knew I needed a career where I could support my kids. So nursing school it was because I was familiar with the field and the pay would support us. Now, I am also a very nurturing person so now I would say I stay in it for the caring and the pay. With all the BS that goes on in nursing and the administration, I wouldn't stay in it if I thought I could get a mindless job elsewhere making the same. The patients I love, it is the politics of nursing and the administration I am not happy with.
  12. veteranRN

    Triage Practices

    In my personal experience, you have to be careful relying on signs that say "please notify nurse if you are having SOB or CP". I once went to an urgent care and sat in the waiting room for >1hour. My complaint? A heartrate of 38 (over betablocked). I never had chest pain but chest pressure. (I am an RN but didn't want to bother people because I truly felt it wasn't an emergency). Now aren't you glad I'm not triaging any patients :imbar
  13. veteranRN

    Medicaid. Is it being abused?

    "I guess it all boils down to responsibility. Should each person be responsible for his/her own welfare or should society be responsible for the irresponsible? I was always taught that once you hit the age of 18 you were responsible for your own actions. No one owed you a living. If you chose to have children, you were responsible and accountable for that decision, Where did our society go so terribly wrong?????" Ouch, I am so glad you have never fallen upon hard times that were beyond your control. Society is not always responsible for the irresponsible, sometimes they are responsible for their own hard-working, moral, highly ethical people who sometimes need assistance due to circumstances beyond their control. I have been one of these people and it wasn't a result of my own action but that of my now ex-husband. I would NEVER want to be one of your patients knowing how judgemental you are. Do you stereotype absolutely everyone or just those that have fallen are hard times? Nothing like kicking someone when their down. :angryfire
  14. veteranRN

    What can I do with my BSN that Assoc. RN's can't?

    I am an auditor and needed the BSN for this job. The research classes I took in the BSN program was beneficial.
  15. veteranRN

    "Foreign objects in body cavities"

    These stories make the people on Jerry Springer appear somewhat normal. Just gross!!!!!
  16. veteranRN


    LPN2BE2004, DId I see you gmother passed away only one day ago. My deepest sympathies to you:kiss