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  1. Wolfpax

    Do Yiou Wear Scrubs in the Milieu?

    looooooove my scrub tops depending on the day of the week will wear them with black jeans or blue on the weekend. The louder the print the better (lots of Hawaiian ones)... my patients comment on ones that they like in particular (especially if I'm wearing animals), everyone else gets mistaken for a doctor when in street clothes... as a matter of fact one of the patients asked me if he could speak with the doctor that gave him his meds (I told him I wanted to be part of HIS insurance co. that had the money to pay a Dr. to pass meds, but I digress)... I can't remember the last time I wore all street clothes or even WHY I did working in psych.
  2. Wolfpax

    funniest thing you saw a nurse do.......

    Speaking of dead people.... The resident, one of the male NA's and myself were at the bedside of a woman,DNR, that had obviously passed away... just standing there looking... the NA turned to the resident, who was there to do the pronouncement, and said "Do you think I should have used foreplay?" This same poor woman had needed to be suctioned earlier that tour (really on the way out), the LPN suctioned her and reported that she didn't like doing that because she was afraid the woman would die just then and there while being suctioned... I let the resident know her thoughts and when we went back to the nurse's station, he sat down hard on one of the chairs and exasperatedly said "All I want to know is WHO was the last person to suction that woman?"... The LPN looked like she was going to be the next to go...
  3. Wolfpax

    Celebrity Patients - Who would you want?

    Haven't gotten past your post yet because you hit the nail on the head for me... I was thinking Robin Williams and the Whoopster. You have to go see Patch if you can... I considered it a real priviledge ( spell check that word, can't spell to save my life at times)... a cool guy In the music venue ot would be Jimmy Buffett, Carlos Santana, Alan Jackson, Eric Clapton, Ringo, and the devine Miss M. I was a volunteer EMT for a college I attended in the early 70's and the National Lampoon show was playing on campus...one of the cast members was experiencing severe abdominal cramps... we were going to take him to the hospital and he declined... we thought he was an idiot because he was doubled over and diaphoretic but when he signed the AMA we REALLY thought "what a jerk" he used his stage name... before it was well known... it was Meat Loaf :stone we thought..."who the heck is this guy?"
  4. Wolfpax

    enclosed nurse's station

    God Bless those psych RN's who DO have the staffing, I hope their DON's have the best of holidays but there are places that do not have staffing and what the heck!...an enclosed nurse's station is not too shabby a thing to have... I work on one and I worked when we didn't have one... all in all... I like it, when my young and virile brain damaged patient demanded to be let out for a smoke and wouldn't relate to verbal intervention, it was the plexiglass that broke not my nose, and my poor unfortunate hiv and hcv + patient that can't get a word out edgewise without spraying spittle all over your face on the medication line got the plexiglass and not me! When Im on the floor to care for one of the patients, I do not have to put away all the stuff on my desk because it will still be there when I get back, and when one of my guys wants to have a heart to heart, he can come on in to the nurse's station and not worry every other patient and their brothers will catch all or part of the conversation. Computers, printers, phones, monitors, plants etc... do not have to be drilled to the desk and bolted up so tight Houdini couldn't get at it to prevent someone with anger management issues rearrainging the office furniture and all the other lovely things that can happen when you work with emotionaly challenged, impulse disordered, perspective altered, cognitively skewed and behaviorally rearrainged patient groups with the occasional odd antiChrist or demon spawn thrown in for yuks. I love this stuff, wouldn't go back to regular nursing no way, this type of nursing is waaay better than an E-ticket ride, and my nursing staff is the best I've ever worked with, I do not worry about wether or not my back is covered... but even with the best of equipment and best of staff and best of intentions... spit happens and isn't is nice to have goggles on when it does?
  5. Wolfpax

    Medic Christmas Carols

    LOVED IT ! We use to do that too when I was a medic and then sing them at the Christmas parties... most were unit specific One of them was to Winter Wonderland and part of it that wasn't specific was Sirens blare ! are you listening in the rig's nitroglycerin a Code 55 we'll bring back alive rushin' doin' 90 all the way Remember in the snow yo can't defib them if yo do you'll look just like a tree with lights and if you do you know well go a give ya some bicarb and some lidocaine tonight
  6. Wolfpax

    36 vs 40 hrs?

    When I worked 12's we did three 12's per week and one 8 every two weeks wheich came out to 80 in a two week period, loved it
  7. Wolfpax

    36 vs 40 hrs?

    When I worked 12's we did three 12's per week and one 8 every two weeks wheich came out to 80 in a two week period, loved it
  8. Wolfpax

    do you iron your scrubs?

    you took the words out of my mouth... I love the stuff, I haven't ironed anything since, I also take it on vacation and spray everything when they come out of the suitcase...looooovvve the stuff!
  9. If you want to be an LPN, keep at it... blow off the instructor, practice your skills, get a volunteer job in a hospital if you can't get a real one... IF you want this, do not let any instructor sway your resolve. My first week in nursing school, we started out with OB/GYN, when my instructor found out that I was a paramedic and worked nights to go to school she started to criticize... "I don't know if I can trust you to hold little babies when you've worked the night before" and "I don't know how to grade your answers, I don't know if you knew the answers before you came to class or you learned them here", what a crock of stuff that was, and in front of my peers. There was NO way I was going to let her scare me away from what I wanted. you want this? Do it, do whatever it takes to prove her wrong, when you graduate...you can serve her up some crow. By the by... I relished the look on my instructors face when I saw her later on down the line and was able to tell her one of the things I was doing at my job was to teach other paramedics...OB/GYN in the field and ED.
  10. Wolfpax

    advice for new psyche nurse

    WOW... child/adolescent psych... I work in an adult psych acute admissions unit (also in jersey)... I've never done adolescents but a colleague of mine has, and basically be prepared for an exercise in mental gymnastics, your limits will be tested and expect to have fun, because you will... as for psych in general my feeling is that there isn't much difference between myself and the person on the other side of the locked door, circumstances (some self induced and/or some environmental) put them there and not me... I try not to lose sight of my sense of humor, I try to realize when I'm being manipulated vs when someone is being straight with me (I'm not always able)...you will not relate to everyone, and some will push your buttons any chance they can get... they are creative, observant, and can tune into you sometimes faster than you can tune into them, and they know whats going on on the floor sometimes better than you do. Hey, good luck in your adventure, personally I'm happy I left the ER and went to psych.
  11. Wolfpax


    Bummer ! I thought someone was going to tell me how to get a job as cruise director for the good ship USS VHA
  12. Wolfpax

    SANE classes?

    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Hi Jackieliz, did you check out the website for the International Association of Forensic Nurses ? It has a list of resources by state. Try the State Forensic Nurse Association as well, that's how I was able to find my class. I took the course here in NJ this past January, it was an eye opener for some things and validated things I knew from working the ER and in psych and waaaaaaay back when in nursing school. I haven't persued the program further (SANE certification that is) because my interests are in forensic psychology, but it's all a part of it. besides now I have papers that proove I'm SANE. (although the tell me they are going to change the acronym) Good luck with the course.
  13. Wolfpax

    Would You Pray if your Patient asked?

    YES, completely, without hesitation, any religion what so ever including nontraditionals (as long as it doesn't involve a ritual sacrifice at the time)
  14. Wolfpax

    Lol Bush Or Kerry Fans Alike

    To chuckle or guffaw sig: this website qd http://www.jibjab.com
  15. Wolfpax

    What Freaks You Out?

    decapitation... yep that would do it
  16. Wolfpax

    What Freaks You Out?

    decapitation... yep that would do it

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