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  1. What color are you as a Nurse?

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      angelic white
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      colorful as a rainbow

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if you would describe yourself as a nurse what color are you? would you rather be a sweet yellowy nurse or a redhot flaming nurse. then tell me why you picked that sort of color. ENJOY!!!!


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GREEN- The colour of spring growth, renewal and hope.


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Depends on which of my personalities are controlling at the time:D



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I'm all of the above, which would make me brown (full of you-know-what) which was not a choice. I have my good nights and my bad nights.

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Originally posted by Noney

Depends on which of my personalities are controlling at the time:D


You stole the words right off my keyboard !!! :rotfl:

So true, though... just depends........ ;)

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VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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Colorful as a rainbow......mainly from being barfed on by patients in various stages of post-op nausea!;)

nyapa, RN

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two colours

Blue for the frustrating, unsatisfying times. A gentle pink for the satisfactory situations, when you know you have succeeded and "done a good job".

adrienurse, LPN

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well I'm a little nauseated right now, but my head hurts. So I'd say green with a red tip. Kinda Christmassy huh?

live4today, RN

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I picked rainbow as my color. I guess I just see myself in many different moods depending on what's happening at any particular moment. :)

Sarah Kat

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Where's purple??? :confused:

I have always been purple!


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I chose GOLD because I like to shine and be valuable to all those around me whether they be staff(team members) Pts, family, or just passersby I attempt to make things go better and create a fun and enjoyable working environment!

ps I am invaluable LOL

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I chose "colorful as a rainbow" because.... I am gentle and sweet when the situation calls for it, flaming red if needed and BLACK as sin on occasion. I can't not stand "STUPID" and at times have to be really tough.

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