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  1. CCU NRS

    Why Critical Care

    Well if you are looking for a full credentialing in all aspects of nursing CCU is the way to go. What you should get credentialed for in CCU includes, Open Heart Recovery, IABP (balloon pump), CCVHD/CRRT (continuous dialysis), Ventillator/Trach/Intubation care plus all the thing that you would lfind in any other unit IV, NG, Central line and general practice nursing. The ER/ED is known for the triage and instant adrenaline rush things happen fast and furiously especially in a Level 1 trauma center, but the ER/ED you either treat and street or admit and them they are gone. In a CCU will see some Pt's from arrival to transfer or death depending on severity. You will also learn how to deal and comapassionatly treat families and loved one who have just lost someone, which I am sure happens in ER/ED too but probably you won't have had any real time to create any relationship withnthe Pt or family as you will in the CCU. Anyway you also do not have to pigeon hole yourself to one thing you can work CCU for a while see if it is your thing and if not jump back to ER/ED which it seems like is probably your comfort zone seeing your current credentials. Good Luck whatever you do, stick with it long enough to find out what you llike.
  2. CCU NRS

    Do OR nurses have Pt contact?

    A Circulator definately has contact you interview the patient prior to surgery and you take care of them and comfort them while they are induced.
  3. CCU NRS

    Seeking Free C E U 's

    Thanks guys I will give these a try
  4. CCU NRS

    Seeking Free C E U 's

    Hey does anybody know where I can find some free CEU's I need to acquire 30 in a month and I can not afford to pay for them Help
  5. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    I in fact rec'd an email today that we are going to be going to computerized charting in the future, not sure exactly when but we now definatley need to integrate that into the room plan. Epic is the company and that is really all I know at this time.
  6. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    apparently somone at work was able to get on using my name and sent a private message to me from me not sure what is going on there either. I was not online last night at 1217 am I was in bed so then I guess they posted I got the message? I don't know what they are doing, I may have accidentally forgotten to unclick the remember me on this computer box. I guess they are just having some fun with me they sent a private message saying they think my picture is hot LOL
  7. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    i see you got our private message
  8. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    Thanks, Some of these I had but there are a few I will definately put in the mix. I am Charge for CCU and have been asked by my manager to be the champion of this project, finding out what everybody would like and dislike in the new unit. I have several good people making suggestions but I figure more is better I might pick up something I would have missed otherwise. I appreciate your input
  9. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    I am the charge nurs in a ccu that is currently 24 beds but they are going to build a new unit and increase to 36 beds. The budget and expense are not my concern I am just trying to get ideas so we can submit in the planning stages things we want. I already have many but I just thought some of you could offer things you have seen that work or things that definately don't work etc just so we can get some ideas. Thanks for your reply ps hey mods why is this thread not showing up in my subscribed threads? Just curious Thanks
  10. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    Hey everybody I am sure some of you work CCU please give me a hand here
  11. CCU NRS

    Ideas for a New Unit

    I am looking for ideas that we could incorperate into our unit as we design a new unit. They are wanting us the nurses to supply some ideas of things we would like to see. I would like to hears from all of you things that you think work really weel and or things that absolutley do not work in order to avoid. All suggestions appreciated, Thanks Larry
  12. CCU NRS

    Getting a nursing degree with hearing loss..

    I would also suggest going to your local Hospital or wherever you eventually plan to work and seek out the manager of the OB and ask some questions of Him/Her. I don't really think this should be as large a problem as you may think they do make special stethoscopes for hearing impairment and also working nursery may be possible since the data gathering is more objective since babies don't speak.
  13. CCU NRS

    Critical Care Experience in 1st Year

    Great tag were you a fan of SE Hinton or The Outsiders? Or just Frost?
  14. CCU NRS

    Telemetry Monitoring

    Well I work in a CCU where we monitor our own tele and it is scary! We used to have monitor tech I guess, before I worked there, but when I started the techs on tenth floor that monitor house wide used to watch ours too but 2 years ago the hospital enlarged and they added tele room and it was decided that CCU would monitor their own. It is pretty scary when it really busy and then someone just happens to catch a VTach pop up and yell "Is anybody in A he is in VTach & the code ensues!
  15. CCU NRS

    Starting new job, need help

    Good Luck and God Bless I hope you find your niche, I think that is very important for new grads or any nurses.