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webbiedebbie has 22 years experience and specializes in OB, Telephone Triage, Chart Review/Code.

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  1. webbiedebbie

    Would you do this?

    Sorry, I'm "by the book" also. Its too bad the doctor doesn't want to be called for things like this. It is their responsibility to write the orders and I think too many MD's do not "pay attention to detail".
  2. webbiedebbie

    Nurses unemployed what is happening out there???

    Well, unfortunately, I am considered "remote" which means like "contractual" employee and they don't have to offer insurance or other benefits that way.
  3. webbiedebbie

    Nurses unemployed what is happening out there???

    I was laid off from a full-time telephone triage job 4 years ago. I could only find a part-time telephone triage job. I need benefits! I also was able to collect unemployment. I found a position that I knew I was not qualified for and really didn't want, but I would lose my unemployment if I turned it down. It turned out to be the worse 2 1/2 months in my life. They finally let me go. I couldn't quit or I wouldn't be able to get unemployment and I had to plea a special case d/t circumstances in order to be reinstated. I finally (Thank God) found a job 1 year ago doing remote chart reviews. I am required to work 40 hrs/week (YIPPEE!) BUT they DO NOT PAY BENEFITS. I have been working with them for one year and have not had a vacation because I can't afford to take off 1 week from work. I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR MY JOB, though and I LOVE doing the work. While I was unemployed, I too, took some online classes to further my education and then I thought, "wait, there are no jobs out there and I have no guarantee that I will find anything in the near future". I have not done bedside nursing in 6 years and would need to take a refresher course. I have no desire to work in a hospital at this point in my life. I have been a nurse since 1989 and never thought it would ever come to this. I'm sorry, but 12-hour shifts at my age would probably kill me. I feel bad for all the new nurses graduating and I feel bad for the older nurses. I CANNOT AFFORD COBRA, so don't even suggest that! My husband is not working and it is all I can do to make the mortgage and car payment, as well as high utility costs. I was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease and Diabetes II...seeing a doctor costs me CASH up front. I miss the nursing I used to do!
  4. webbiedebbie

    Why Did You Choose Telehealth Nursing?

    I have been a registered nurse for 21 years. I chose telehealth nursing because 12-hour shifts were too much for me. I love the work but it depends on the company you work for. I started in a call center and enjoyed everyone I worked with. When I moved to another state, I was able to take my job with me and work from home. Then I was laid off after 4 years. I started with another company that was small and offered no benefits and was part-time. I stayed for a year until I got a full-time job working in an office but this one did not have guidelines to follow and I was told to use my nursing judgement. Needless to say, I left after 2 1/2 months. Good luck in your decision. I sometimes miss the bedside care but have found telephone triage to be just as exciting. It can be very frustrating, though, because you cannot see what they are talking about and they often don't take your advise. You do use nursing judgement but you should have standardized guidelines to follow.
  5. webbiedebbie

    New at prior authorizations

    Thanks for responding so quickly! I understand your reasoning for using RN's.
  6. webbiedebbie

    New at prior authorizations

    I just accepted a position and have been exposed to prior authorizations. I knew about them but never had to do them. Anyone have information that might help me? I was given 4 to do and I felt like the deer caught in headlights. Since there are so many different insurance companies and forms, I feel overwhelmed. I have heard the common complaint that prior authorizations are time-consuming and a waste of money. Does it have to be done by an RN? Would it be more economical to have someone specifically trained in doing these? Any other RN's responsible for these? It's probably such a simple thing to do which makes it more confusing to me!
  7. webbiedebbie

    Bad economy effecting triage nursing?

    I was laid off by a major company 04/2009. Telephone Triage can be expensive, so it is one of them to go.
  8. webbiedebbie

    telephone triage

    McKesson has been laying off since April 2009.
  9. webbiedebbie

    I am so excited about this!!!!

    UPDATE: My dream job was cut last April (2009) due to the economy! Other companies I have looked into do not compare. I am having to do telephone triage with a smaller company part-time.
  10. webbiedebbie

    "All I wanna know is What Medicine to take"

    We know, as nurses, it is our reponsibility to teach....but when your company tells you that you don't have time to do that, just get yes or no answers and give a recommendation and end the call within a certain time, it is very stressful and I think Mike is just venting. Many nurses feel Telephone Triage is a "cushy" job. IT'S NOT! It is very frustrating, especially with time constraints from the company. The protocols are guidelines, but we have to think between the lines many times. My company requires that when someone calls to ask what medications to give, we do an assessment first. That makes sense. But I have seen times when a nurse did not do that.
  11. webbiedebbie

    Lethargic a word to remove from Callers vocabulary

    Yep, have to take time to clarify lethargic, which eats into my call time....mostly I say "limp like a rag doll" to give them a better picture of what it means and they come back and say "oh no, he's been laying on the couch and watching TV".
  12. webbiedebbie

    Stepford Wife Triage Nursing

    Mike, I agree with you. Protocols are guidelines, but some companies use them as carved in stone. I have to use a book of protocols and have to document which one I used (sometimes, I've had to use 3 depending on the sx) but have been told to use nursing judgement but then be counseled because I did not use the "recommendation" in the book....geez! If they want cut and dry answers, them mail everyone a book and let them come to their own "recommendation" and they won't have to call a Nurse anymore!
  13. webbiedebbie

    I miss L&D

    I, too, miss L&D. I was trained right after nursing school in a small hospital with 4 LDR's. My husband and I moved to another state and I immediately began working L&D in a teaching hospital. OMG! The manager told me I spent too much time with my patients and she wanted me to be at the nursing station watching the monitors. I never felt a bond with the other nurses. The only place I felt comfortable was in high-risk antepartum because it was smaller. After leaving that hospital, I found a position in a smaller hospital but I was only L&D nurse and if I had 2 patients and one was delivering and one was on Pitocin, I had to turn off the Pit, which I didn't think was fair to that patient. I won't work L&D again, but I do miss it terribly!!! Mother/Baby is where I am now.
  14. webbiedebbie

    Vag exams with sterile gloves or regular gloves?

    My daughter is 39 wks pregnant and was seen by her midwife. I was there and noticed that she pulled a nonsterile glove from a box and checked her. I asked her why and she said if she wasn't ruptured, nonsterile is okay. I can see both sides, BUT! I did't feel comfortable with her using nonsterile. My daughter has had 2 infections and bled twice when checked (friable) in past 2 months.
  15. webbiedebbie

    QA for home based RN

    If you type in Telephone Triage, you should get a listing of a lot of companies. I was laid off from a company 04/2009. Since then, I have found many companies (most do after hours and pediatrics) AND a lot don't offer any benefits! This is very hard since I came from a company that offered excellent benefits.
  16. webbiedebbie


    Florida requires 24 ceu's every 2 years and North Carolina: As part of a continuing competency requirement, all nurses are expected to select a learning activiity that will help you reach your goal/goals. One option of learning activity is to complete 30 contact hours of continuing education activities. Activities less than 30 minutes will not receive credit. You can always verify state requirements with each state by going to their websites.