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  1. What color are you as a Nurse?

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      angelic white
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      colorful as a rainbow

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Specializes in Med-Surg/Tele, ER.

I chose blue, because my mantra at work is "I'm just goin' with the flow", and I generally try to be a grounding presence. :)

Polly Dipcya

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Specializes in Physician office, Hosp, Nursing Home.

I'm Silver. As in a silver medal. I'd be gold but there is too much frigging paper work!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH..:banghead:

akcarmean, LPN

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Specializes in Home Health Care,LTC.

I love to wear all colors

PURPLE is my favorite

but I also like the disney (pooh etc) shirts



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Specializes in Oncology.

pink - because I am bright and cheery!


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Specializes in Breast Cancer, Arterial, General Surgery.

BLACK - :sasq:


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Specializes in Wannabe NICU/PED Nurse.

I picked Rainbow... I have different moods all the time:bugeyes:... And I'm not a Nurse yet- so I know it will change over time and depend on what I am doing... But I am choosing to do Nursing because it is something I have A Passion for- Passion would be Red:redpinkhe, and I have a gentle and caring nature so that would be yellow and green:specs:, my favorite color is pink:redpinkhe, so I think I am cheerful, and of course Blue and Gold [Gold is cheerful too-think Sunny] and Angelic White for Nursing... so the right choice for me is Rainbow!:balloons: [i like to see how this will be in a few years!]...:bugeyes:

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