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  1. Audrey28

    I am going to waste like 1 year of life...

    You can't change what has already happened, but you can buckle down and change the future. It's NEVER too late. Just ask all the people who are going back to College later on in life. I am one of them. Things happen, changes for the good as well as the bad but everything you do in life is a chance to learn there is a reason for everything. Just don't give up before you even begin. I still have a long ways to go, but I don't look at anything as wasted. Everything I have done has been for a reason, and I am where I am supposed to be. Working on where I am going. Talk to your guidance counselor and see what your options are. But you have to take the pre-reqs before entering into the Nursing program, just keep that in mind. Do your best this year/ and if you have to take summer school to get where you want to be then do it! BUT KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO IT. This is just the beginning.
  2. Makes me so happy to see so many SAHM's becoming Nurses or working towards Nursing. Gives me hope and determination for my own future. :redpinkhe
  3. Just want to say goodluck. KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO THIS. And if you don't get in the first time keep trying until you do you have made it this far. ♥ Keep up the great work and keep us posted love.
  4. Audrey28

    nursing and pregnancy

    I just wanted to say Congrats! I am preggers too ♥24 weeks♥ along. [i am only a pre nursing student though]. But happy for you and Good luck. Just be careful with lifting of course and everything else you mentioned. :redpinkhe :nurse:Audrey:clown:
  5. lol Really??? SAHM's you say lack critical thinking skills. :uhoh3:Where did you learn grammar honey??? Before passing judgment [which is the correct spelling by the way] you need to grow up and not feel threatened by us stay at home moms who want to give back and do something meaningful to us by entering the Nursing field. You are not the only one with passion and dreams. We take care of other people for a living already being a SAHM. Anyone with the drive, determination, passion and love for others can and WILL do this. Without your permission THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  6. [i am 31] I was going to school p/t working f/t and had a daughter at home. It is doable most definitely. I am currently preggo with #3. My oldest girl Alayna is 11 Caroline will be 1 November 11th and I am pregnant due in February with baby girl Sydney. I still want to continue my education I will probably wait a little bit after I have Sydney but I still want to do this as well. I have the same concerns as you but I have done it before and I know I can do it again. Keep your chin up and get out there and go for it!!! :nurse:Audrey:heartbeat
  7. Audrey28

    Can someone please pity me?!

    :icon_hug:HUGS FOR YOU FOR TAKING ON ALL THOSE CLASSES:monkeydance: Dancing and :anpom:Cheering also for you taking on that much work :tbsk: a lil relaxation for you *winewt a bit o wine:gingerbreadman: here's a snack for you too- a gingerbread man and a cup of hot cocoa. :hotchocolate: yaaaayyyyy Just keep up the great work and hang in there.
  8. Audrey28

    Pregnant in Nursing School?

    Well just school in general would be hard while preggo. I'm sure it has been done but I don't think i would recommend it. I'm at the end of my 8th month now and didn't start school back bc I had horrible morning sickness for the first 4 months and then was diagnosed wt Gestational Diabetes. Its just hard time esp when pregnant to try and take classes. You will be tired and irritable and have mood swings, this is the time you will need your rest and strength for you and your baby the most. I would say if you can wait I would wait. Even though its really hard I know to get into the Nursing Program I would just explain to them the situation and see if you could be put maybe on the waiting list for when you think you can go back. Its def hard wt a child. My daughter was aabout 8 when I started taking Pre-reqs and I stopped going this time around bc I got pregnant. And I honestly don't know for sure when I will be going back- I'm hoping by the time she is about 1 I will be ready- but until that time comes IDK for sure... Goodluck and hang in there- I'm right there wt ya! Just have patience and you we will get there! HUGS!
  9. Audrey28

    School on Hold...

    Thank ya'll so much for all the responses and encouragement and it is def nice knowing that I am not the only one who has been through it or is going through it. I have another Dr's appt Thursday- I will be 36 weeks this Friday. Hopefully this baby will be here soon, I'm contracting quite a bit and have been having so much lower back pain and pelvic pain and pressure... But I am praying for her to be healthy and to come when she is ready! :loveya: And I know it all happens for a reason. I know I will get there when the time is right and start classes when I am supposed to. Thanks again so much!!! :heartbeat :nurse:Audrey
  10. Audrey28

    School on Hold...

    Well I was taking pre-reqs for Nursing... That was put on hold this past February when I found out I was preggo wt my 2nd child [first is going to be 10 the 27th of this month.] I haven't been on here in a while and was just checking it out again- feeling a lil bummed. My bff just started classes back for the same thing... And I want so much to be in school. But I am so happy that I am having another lil girl. I just hope I can get back into the swing of things really soon. Any encouragement from ppl who have been there would be great... So much is happening all at once its kinda stressful. I'm due november 14th, but am already dilated at 1cm. And we are trying to move before the 1st of the year when the lease is up. We were planning a wedding -this past July but that got put on hold too. It just seems like my life is a big hold button right now. lol Anyway I just needed to vent a little and to be encouraged. Thanks for listening. :loveya: ~Audrey
  11. Audrey28

    Developmental Psychology

    Nope, he said at the beginning of the year he does not believe in extra credit or make up tests what you get is what you get. ERRR! LOL And if we miss a test we miss it- no make ups or exceptions. BOO! Well I will try my hardest to study tonight tomorrow and over the weekend- the next test is TUESDAY! Thanks again, Audrey:clown:
  12. Audrey28

    Developmental Psychology

    I am a single mom- so I think the whole studying this is a problem- I get home help her do her homework cook dinner and then try to do my studying- which I don't get in much before having to get her in the tub and ready for bed... Def. need to study more and longer. Thanks for the advice though! And I will try my best- please say a prayer for me! And a "B" is awesome- you should be very proud! Keep up the great work!
  13. I actually eat a lot of salad. And just try to stay away from the sugary starchy foods. I do sometimes add wheat bread with extra fiber to my diet. And I do love my steaks too. I just make sure I have a healthy side like broccoli to go with it- ya know? I think Atkins has gotten a bad rep... Don't knock it till you try it is all I have to say- and its a lifestyle- lifetime commitment not a fad diet. :clown:Audrey
  14. LOL I didn't even realize I spelt wait as weight. LMAO- sorry blonde moment... [i am blonde btw]....
  15. Well I'm not really a powerlifter -but I have really come to love the gym and working out. I went from 168LBS to my current weight of 138LBS in under 2 months. I did Atkins [still on]- and went to the gym 5 days a week. I really miss working out- I had a discount where I worked- and I got let go so now I'm not going there. But will be joining Gold's gym very soon! I can not weight- and I do incorporate weights into my workout- my goal is to get some hot guns- and tight abs- I still have a ways to go and my overall weight goal is b/t 115-120. [i'm a chick- just so you know and only 5'3 1/2]. But I just wanted to say good luck with your goals! ~Audrey:D