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akcarmean is a LPN and specializes in Home Health Care,LTC.

I am a mother of a 15,14, and 4 Year old. 2 boys 1 girl. Been married for 17 years and LOVE being a NURSE.

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  1. akcarmean

    Im About To Become An Rn

    :wlcmggrp::ancong!: and good luck you might try going under the regions tab at the top of any page and the going to the state CT and posting a message there. angie
  2. akcarmean

    Greetings from Italy

    welcome to allnurses hope you enjoy the site
  3. akcarmean

    My name is Tweety and I'm an Alcoholic

    Tweety -- CONGRATS I have always admired your posts and knowledge now I know why. Thanks for sharing. angie
  4. akcarmean

    Cant stop cryin!

    (((((Danissa))))) thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I am glad that your friend and others are willing to reach out and help but please remember Tweety's advice. It is his disease. Take care of yourself too throughout this. :redbeatheangie
  5. akcarmean

    Hi everyone... I go to CCRI

    welcome and good luck on getting in this year
  6. akcarmean

    Dirty needle stick...and I'm 20 weeks pregnant...

    prayers coming your way try not to stress to much its not good for You or the baby
  7. akcarmean

    I finally passed 6th time

    CONGRATULATIONS glad to see You kept trying good luck out there in the workforce
  8. akcarmean

    blackout curtains advice

    i cover my window with a black blanket and shut my bedroom door them have a couple of fans going and dont have a problem sleeping
  9. I have worked both day and noc shifts I prefer nocs b/c you don't have to deal with the politics to much but I do and have worked very hard at night i worked in a LTC facility there were 2 nurses and 2 cna for 174 pts. talk about being busy!! you had your work to do plus help the cna with there work. I never got out of work on time and was always getting in trouble for that but what can you do. This LTC facility always put the full weekly skin assessments on the noc nurses.
  10. akcarmean

    What field of Nursing will you work in??? & best/worst place to work?

    I have done HH for most of my nursing career. I have also worked in LTC. have to say that I enjoy HH.
  11. akcarmean

    How did you pay for nursing school?

    I took out student loans for my schooling and am doing the same for my RN schooling I did receive some federal grants
  12. akcarmean

    Do you/ did you have a Nurses Cap? Pin?

    We never had any caps for school and I think I received a pin at graduation but I have it put up somewhere. just not sure where right now with the move to a different state and most of my stuff still back in IL. maybe I will find it this summer when we move the rest of our stuff to NV.
  13. akcarmean

    Hello from biochemnurse2b

    welcome to the site I am not sure what route you should go that is something you should research and figure out what you really want. there are some good threads the LPN TO RN thread the Distance Learning thread they are listed under the students thread hope that helps enjoy the group angie
  14. akcarmean


    fear is not always a bad thing it keeps us on our toes good luck with school and remember that there is always support here on AN
  15. akcarmean

    LPN acronym

    i had an RN that I worked with that always down grades the lPN she worked with. she would always refer to us as Lets Play Nurses. but we worked harder than she did. we would find her hiding in an office (noc shift) working on school work (masters) or sleeping. needless to say she got fired for her attitude and the falling asleep at noc and doing homework instead of helping take care pt. we had usually 2 nurses and 2 cna for a 174 bed facility. I never let her see it bothered me but I did write her up and report her several times. but I was not the only one who did this. Cna complained as well as other LPN's
  16. akcarmean

    what got you into nursing?

    I never even thought of the nursing field until 15 yrs ago when my oldest son was born at 28 weeks. He spent 70 days in NICU. Ever since then I decided I wanted to be a nurse. for me I had to take the small route CNA, then LPN now working on RN. I have been in the field for a total of 10+ yrs. it was the nurses dedication, teaching done to us, understanding, caring that got me hooked. I hope you can find your way back to remembering the positives of why you went into nursing. good luck