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  1. What color are you as a Nurse?

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      angelic white
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      colorful as a rainbow

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Rainbow here too...many colors for our many talents...all things to all people ;)

Specializes in LTC.

Green, because I'm a student and new at this.

canoehead, BSN, RN

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Specializes in ER.

Funny, I'm green as a person and yellow as a nurse.

Never asked this question before- I wonder why that is. I'm off to a therapist now.:stone


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Purple would be my colour, rainbow is often close

unikuelady, RN

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:balloons: I'm definitly rainbow. Especially if you consider the mood swings. :rotfl: I'm mostly a pretty easy going/mellow type person on the job...but get my dander up and watch out!

Stephanie D

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Black and red and green.


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Blue, cuz right now I'm hating my job. :crying2:


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Im actually translucent:)


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I picked green...it's such a calming color...signifies new life, and Earth, and it's my favorite color! LOL

pink....bc on top of everything, im a very feminine lady who cares about others. pink is one of my favorite colors

Specializes in Registered Nurse.

I chose blue and I have no idea why. Not even my favcolor. hmpft. Is there a quide somewhere? Is there a Psychiatrist in the house?

ROFLOL :chuckle


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I dunno... I see myself as pink. You know, women and the color of healthy babies. :)

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