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EarthChild1130 has 9 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric.

I live on 35 acres of land in southeastern Mississippi with a menagerie including chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, a husband, and our niece!

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  1. EarthChild1130

    Pay Per Visit ... Good or Bad?

    I get paid per visit too, and I am definitely not considered 'self-employed'...I would check with different places if I were you and maybe avoid that employer.
  2. I've been doing home health for almost a year now, after 7 years in hospital/clinic. My specialty is psychiatric nursing. My day starts a little later than I'd like because I have a hard time getting my patients moving before about 9 a.m...I see an average of 5 people a day. I call in to our office, check in with my scheduler, and make sure I don't have any admissions or evaluations (if I do, I have to go in and get the paperwork)...I pull my schedule onto my computer, and start calling folks...I spend about 45 minutes at each patient's house, on average and assuming there is no crisis...I'm usually finished with my last patient around 3 p.m. There are only 2 psych nurses so each of us takes turns spending one week at a time on-call for afterhours, and I've only been called MAYBE 5 times in 8 months, and I've never had to go out of the house on an afterhours call. My day is really flexible; for example, if I have to take time to go to something for my niece at school, I arrange the patient visits to accomodate that...same with doctor appointments, etc..I have found it to be flexible and pretty rewarding, because there is a huge push to manage psych patients in their homes to reduce hospital rates, and I have found that providing education and monitoring in the home has greatly reduced the times my patients are hospitalized, and they feel more empowered. I also like listening to my music and riding around town all day and not stuck inside. LOL Good luck whatever you decide!
  3. EarthChild1130

    Hello everybody!

    I am starting my job as a HH nurse next week, and I'm both scared and excited. I will be working in the psychiatric side of things, as is my specialty, and I've worked previously in both inpatient and outpatient psych as well as med/surg and corrections. My last job was a max-security men's prison but for various reasons I had to resign the position...I really did love that job! lol Anyhow, I am eager to get on with things! Looking forward to learning lots along the way too!
  4. EarthChild1130

    Well, that didn't last long

    So after 2 short months, I am no longer a correctional nurse. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE the job; it was absolutely perfect for me. My biggest problem was the schedule. My NM wanted us to work 4 shifts in a row, then be off 1 day, then work 4 more days...I was exhausted. I never saw my family. She also decided one weekend to completely change the schedule on Friday, leave and tell nobody it had been changed, and become very defensive when questioned about it. She decided that everyone would be required to work a weekend, then come in on one of their off-days, so you never get a weekend off. I am actually quite sad about leaving but I'm not giving up my off-time to come in to work. *sigh* I'll try it again one day when I can work for somewhere different...for now, I'm going back to my specialty, psych..I start my new job on Monday!
  5. I graduated from USA 5 years ago this month and am planning to go into the Master's program this spring. I loved the program...very challenging and rewarding, and the teachers are superb! I feel like I got a great education! Best of luck!
  6. EarthChild1130

    How many patients do you have as a Psych. RN?

    When I worked inpatient, we worked a 26 bed acute adult/15 bed geriatric unit. I worked nights and we usually had 1 nurse per 10 pts, and a total of 4 techs, 2 per unit...I can only echo what the others have posted...I love psych and won't do anything else! :) Good luck!
  7. EarthChild1130

    Sick and Tired

    When I was in nursing school when we were stationed in Mobile, AL, I wanted to do my practicum in psych but the school didn't want to 'rob me of experience'...I said 'Well, I am going into psych after school so this WILL be my experience!'...I also used the 'Just give me a chance' story and it worked for me...I was hired by the unit the day after I got my RN and worked there till we got restationed...we're now moving back and I'm hoping to go right back to work there! :) Good luck!
  8. EarthChild1130

    Daytonite has passed away...

    (((hugs))) to her friends and family. :redbeathe
  9. EarthChild1130

    Where is the caring and advocacy for ME when I really need it????

    Sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))
  10. EarthChild1130

    Nurses who work for the state

    I don't feel like my job is threatened but I don't like that some services for our psych patients are being cut. Psych is never the 'money maker' in healthcare so the budget is a big thing every year. I'm leaving this job in 6 months because my husband is being restationed, so I'll be interested to see how this position is affected in the future. If we weren't military, I'd stay though. I love the job, the patients, the co-workers, and the schedule.
  11. EarthChild1130

    Merry Christmas from...

    Happy Holidays from Coos Bay, Oregon, USA!:reindeer::candy::reef::snowflake:
  12. EarthChild1130

    New grad RN finds job at ltc, but getiing paid as LPN

    Ditto everything said!! Even though you've been looking for 7 months, you risk losing EVERYTHING that you worked so hard for if you take this job. The fact that they're willing to list you as an LPN while you are an RN is committing fraud, not to mention the whole scope-of-practice thing. I urge you to RUN from this place as fast as you can and keep searching. You will find what you are looking for. Best of luck to you!
  13. EarthChild1130

    If you have rec' d the H1N1 vaccine - please report

    I had my vaccine 3 weeks ago...didn't even feel it and no problems so far. Hubby had his a week later...same thing. Niece had hers (nasal vaccine)...she had a headache for a little while but she's fine now.
  14. EarthChild1130

    Tattoo's....quick ?

    Nope, my job doesn't care if I cover mine or not.
  15. I've been a nurse for nearly 5 years now, and I still love it as much as I did the day I started out. Pros: I have a steady income and pretty good pay...I REALLY like the patients I work with...the job I have right now allows me a lot of autonomy...Flexible hours...a science-based job that is very interesting...I care for the people who are sort of the 'cast-offs' of society and I love being their advocate, and I love giving them the knowledge and education to become better participants in their care. Cons: My only con is that my patient population can sometimes be quite violent but even that's not so bad once you learn to read the signals they give off. My quality of life has been improved by my being a nurse...I have a career that I really enjoy, and a career which can travel easily...before I became a nurse I lived barely above the poverty line and had to roll change to buy groceries and gas...now I don't have to worry so much about money. Good luck to you!!
  16. EarthChild1130

    Do you need an order to give the flu vaccine?

    I dunno about the order thing here, but I did see a pharmacist giving flu injections when I went to pick up some of my medication.