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  1. BabyRN2Be

    A Nation Of Nonreaders

    As a mom of a pre-K student, I'm troubled by the standards of our public school districts. Because of this, I intend on homeschooling my child. Due to texting and chatspeak, as a nation our spelling skills are falling off the map. I'm afraid as more assignments are done on computer, the art of handwriting is going to be lost. Already the local school districts are dropping cursive writing; you can bet I will teach cursive to my daughter. It's so sad that the US standards in so many vital areas are dropping so fast.
  2. BabyRN2Be

    methadone effects on newborns

    If mom is on 20mg or less of methadone, then it is not only OK to breastfeed, but encouraged to breastfeed. By the time that the methadone is broken down in mom's system, very little, if any gets into mom's breast milk. If mom had been using heroin, it is encouraged as her lifestyle may have comprised the baby's health, and if mom has weaned down to 20 mg, breastfeeding benefits greatly outweigh any risks associated with the chance of any methadone crossing over. Sources: Certified Breastfeeding Educator course http://www.safefetus.com/DrugDetail.asp?DrugId=1143&TradeName=Methadone&TradeId=2750 On the above link, scroll down to breastfeeding. I also wanted to add that not all moms on methadone are classic "drug addicts" per se, but may be taking methadone through a strict chronic pain control program. In my experience, these moms who may not be "street savvy" and taking methadone only because the benefits outweigh the risk and otherwise lead a healthy lifestyle, these moms may feel extremely guilty about seeing their baby go through withdrawal. This is due probably because they didn't know it would be so bad for the baby, or possibly their chronic pain doctor lead them to believe that methadone withdrawal is better than heroin withdrawal. This is my theory while working as a volunteer cuddler.
  3. BabyRN2Be

    Where are the candy stripers?

    Ha! I did, too! I used every one even until this day! I was a candy-striper ~29 years ago with the striped pinafore, nurses shoes and everything. I worked a surgical floor and I learned so much. At that time, I worked Sundays year round. We'd answer phones, call lights, set up new charts, pass water, made beds. I have so many memories of being a candy-striper! :redpinkhe A few years ago (they probably still do it) the hospital I used to work out had a much sought after program for teens to work on mother-baby. It was volunteer and extremely y. They could change diapers and feed the babes in the well-baby nursery as well as stock shelves, let us know when we were running short of supplies. They weren't candy-stripers per se, but they did wear different colored scrubs that differentiated them from the rest of the staff. AT NO TIME where they involved in the transfer of mother to baby and vis versa. That was strictly the RN's role. I have to say that these girls were excellent and they should be. They beat out so many other girls for these jobs. As I said it wasn't volunteer but they had some very concrete accomplishments they could put on their resume! I was so very proud of these girls!:heartbeat
  4. i hope i'm not breaking any rules here, but i've wanted to say this so many times: i miss you, tazzi. i have the feeling you won't be coming back here for whatever reason, but i wanted to say how loved and missed you are. now back to your regularly scheduled post.
  5. BabyRN2Be

    Midwife faces involuntary manslaughter charges

    Let me state that I'm 100% for homebirth for healthy, low-risk women. I don't want to discus it here, but my hospital birth was hell when I had my daughter three years ago. I vowed that if we did have another baby, it would be here at home (this is not going to happen though as it appears that my daughter was my last "good egg.":)) The doula I used for her birth has become a CPM and there are other groups I may use as well. I know their work and they are truly dedicated to their craft. They have to be as you don't become rich practicing as a midwife. I believe that women should be given a choice, and should be adequately counseled about the "risks" associated with homebirth. However, one needs to do some checking of their own as there are some crackpots out there. There is a religious fanatic who has a practice in Tampa. Aside from retiring from nursing, she has no medical training in OB. God just told her that she's been sent to earth to deliver babies. Her name is Carol Balizet and she is outright dangerous. She has abandoned couples during labor, has been involved with deaths of babies... it's a long list. It is very unfortunate that nuts like this women is giving homebirth a horrible name. She's also giving Christians a bad name as well. And babies are put at risk because of her bizarre beliefs. In brief, this is what she believes: Women who have had their babies in hospitals, according to Balizet, will need deliverance from all sorts of defilement and demons - as will their babies. According to Balizet, 'Hospitals are full of demons!' She claims that demons are attracted and drawn to: 'nudity, fear, pain, greed, lust, unbelief, drugs, death - these things are all abundantly present in hospitals, and it's no wonder demons are there as well.' If you have the time, read about her here: Part 1: http://www.ccgm.org.au/articles/articles/ARTICLE-0005.htm Part 2: I'm having a hard time fighting part 2. If I find it I will edit this post. Part 3: http://www.ccgm.org.au/articles/articles/ARTICLE-0007.htm Also try googling her name... it's scary that this woman is practicing, and it angers me twofold: she's giving true, loving, sincere Christians a bad name and she's giving midwifery a bad name because this turns up when we watch the news and people associate midwives with this woman.
  6. BabyRN2Be

    Nursing insturctor terrifying students

    At first I thought you were referring to university students, not high school. This is very wrong. I wanted to go into PT since 8th grade. I went into an athletic training program in HS to prepare for college. The coach who determined who was going to stay and who was going to go relished his position of lording over students. Long story short, he told me that I'd never make it and it took me a long time to discover my lost confidence which is essential at that age. As the OP said, I'd write to whoever employs this person. I'd even say that she has confidence issues herself and she enjoys picking on those who are under her. I'm so sorry this is happening to your daughter.
  7. This just hit me in the gut. People trust licensed professionals to ease their pain and send them on the road to good health. Instead, these people have been exposed to bacteria which might make their conditions worse (severity would highly depend on what unit these patients were in at the time). It's sad to see patients lose trust in the nursing profession just because one junkie needed a fix - NOW. Question: the article mentioned it was pain meds in IV bags. Did by chance they meant PCA's?
  8. BabyRN2Be

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    By LMP and/or ultrasound dating what the LMP would be, I believe.
  9. Per the terms of service, we really can't give out medical advice. That being said, this has happened many, many times over my career as a CNA and doula. I've found docs will say, "Yeah! You're prime candidate for a section!" only to give some bogus reason why it can't be done. That's probably all I can say w/o getting into trouble per the TOS. If you'd like to discuss this further, please feel free to PM me. Keep in mind that I'm not a nurse, but I do have 13+ years as a doula under my belt. I promise the mods that I won't give medical advice. Just general information. :)
  10. I posted twice, sorry, but the post below is better.
  11. BabyRN2Be

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    La-a is quickly gaining ground on the Jell-O twins. Slight rant: Hey, if you're going to post about La-a, please do yourself a favor and look her up on Snopes.com under "languages." Some of these are quite entertaining, (the recent "Fairy Queen" and my latest favorite read over the last few months: Fartun Gas), but some of these are either put ons by residents or a friend of a friend of a friend or a friend heard it and SWEARS it's true. OK, I'll get off my soapbox and maybe I'll stop reading here for a bit as I'm getting to the same point I did when I was pregnant and I threatened in my profile to "Guess My Baby's Name: Female, Orangello, or Lemonjello." I do remember the feeling of wanting to pull my hair out, but I blame the pregnancy hormones.
  12. BabyRN2Be

    Drug Seeker Stories

    Toradol = miracle drug. [tu] Made the first 24 hours after a c-section pain-free! Only had trouble with pain after it was d/c'ed.
  13. BabyRN2Be

    I want to be a CRNA

    Not sure where you are, but the hospitals in Tulsa seem to use a lot of CRNA's. There's one who seems to handle primary anesthesia at SouthCrest, and I know of several at Hillcrest Medical Center (I worked in L&D and often CRNA's do the c/s. In fact, the one at SouthCrest does L&D (epidurals, anesthesia for c/s). If you are in Tulsa, try your best to get into St. Francis CCU, or any ICU at St. Francis. I think that would be my #1 choice, behind St. John. If you are in OKC, I'm sorry but I know nothing about any OKC hospitals. Best of luck to you!
  14. BabyRN2Be

    Morphine shortage?

    I remembered this post yesterday as I had heard that Oklahoma had executed a man with phenobarbital instead of the usual sodium thiopental, due to the shortage of the drug. It had the OK of the supreme court and the execution went on using phenobarbital and there were no problems reported. It just made me think of the shortage of morphine, and I wondered how many other drugs are in short supply? I know that almost everyone is familiar with morphine, but I'm wondering if there are other drugs on back order?
  15. BabyRN2Be

    They won't pay me my money!

    If I may ask, what was the employment situation? PT employee, independent contractor, etc. And yes, you do have the right to be paid for work done. If it was contracted, what was stated in the contract? This is the type of question that needs more information about the type of employment venture. Where you working for a friend and now that friend doesn't want to pay? Lots of law to consider here, and of course, we can't give out legal advice per TOS.