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  1. BabyRN2Be

    Look who's back..back again...Jahi's back...

    Mom did come out about a year ago (she is 15) and announced to the world that Jahi had gotten her period and had started puberty. I guess she did that as a demonstration that she was not brain dead. Mom means well to Jahi, but if my mom got in the media and announced to the world that I got my period, I WOULD come back from the dead (if I wasn't already) and have a little chat with mom!! Announcing to the world that your daughter just got her period just isn't normal but really nothing in that family is normal. She must need more $$$ for another Michael Kors spree... Just let her go... *sigh*
  2. BabyRN2Be

    More Strange Baby Names

    I met a nurse named "Fun." Although she lived up to her name, I never found out if that was a nickname or her real first name.
  3. There's really not a good reason for a pt coming to the ED to confirm a pregnancy test at night especially after 10 were taken. But it was possible that the pt was from a fertility clinic and wanted to test ASAP after the progesterone "trigger" shot was out of her system, and hence the early morning trip to the ED to see if that cycle has worked. Now if she was a smart fertility pt, she would have bought tests in bulk on the Internet for as little as 25¢ and tested to her hearts content until the office opened until the next morning so she could get a quantitative hCG. What a waste of resources!!! I know the feeling of wanting to be pregnant, but taking TEN test AND showing up at the ED at 0300 is a bit much!!!
  4. BabyRN2Be

    Nursing Shortage: Yea or Nay?

    Yes, yes, I know. Another thread about the tired discussion of said topic. We all know that the bottom feel out of the nursing bucket roughly 2008 when Bad Things were happening to the US economy. It just seemed as if there was not a job to be had for new grads and some of the most loyal nurses were cut from the institutions they had labored at for 30 years. Well, at a pool get-together today, a woman just about back-handed me today when I said there was NOT a nursing shortage. She said her son was about ready to graduate from nursing school and he could go anywhere he wanted, claim his area of field, and he'd be taking in the $$$. I tried to correct her gently that the scenario may have been true about 10 years ago, but that in metropolitan areas, the job market for nursing loss a lot like the central US in places: bogged down and flooded. This woman talked over me and the others in the group who wouldn't know what the NCLEX was if it came out and bit them, whole-heartedly agreed with the woman, laughing at such a notion that there ever has or ever will be a nursing shortage. So, let me hear it from you all. Have things changed recently? Has the shortage gone the way of the dodo? If LOVE to hear it as this is one of the reasons why I didn't continue after my baby was born. I didn't want to take out loans if there were no jobs. What's up everyone? The good, bad, and the ugly.
  5. BabyRN2Be

    House of Cards

    Judging only from I've read here and I do very little TV reading, I have to give the writers of this program a lot of kudos for the amount of studying they've done. So many "medical dramas" out there just pull it out of their hat (or worse) strictly for drama and sensationalism. Sounds like they are giving a lot of studying devoted to the subject matter so viewers can get a real life visual into what the addict more-or-less truly goes through in his/her journey on becoming and staying sober.
  6. BabyRN2Be

    criminal history -mental illness

    Think of it this way: 150 people aboard a Germanwings flight would be alive and well if a pilot had been honest about his mental health history.
  7. BabyRN2Be

    I think I'm in trouble, HELP!

    The police don't know damn squat about what does or does not go against a nursing license. They are arrogant SOB' s who only care about their days' quota. DO NOT TRUST WHAT A COP SAYS REGARDING SOMEONE'S LICENSE. Fight it at all cost. I'm sorry I'm angry. Cops are partially responsible for my brother's death.
  8. BabyRN2Be

    Patients who want to be admitted for minor things

    There was a time in which physicians were fairly liberal in their admissions. I'd guess that some of the older generations still think that a very minor ailment will score an admission. I'm referring to the days where hospitals were more like Hiltons.
  9. BabyRN2Be

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Yeah, I do about Nehaeh. I worked in NICU and it seemed that every baby was names "Nehaeh". And every blasted parent would say "My baby's name is "Nehaeh" that Heaven spelled backwards." And yes, this was in 2006'
  10. BabyRN2Be

    Any PICU RNs from CHOP or Boston Children's here?

    Hello, and thank you for all that you do. I do not hope that you mind Children's Hospital Boston from a doula point of view, so please, take it from what it's worth because I don't want to step on anyone's toes. I'm giving my experience via my cousin who had a CDH baby and she wanted me to fly into BOS to help her deal with the unknown. I found CHB to be a wonderful hospital. 1. Although I can't answer some of your questions, the CDH babies were all kept in one pod. There was one room for babies who were stable, and others for babes who weren't as stable. 2. At the time I was there, the most were 1:2. 3. Don't remeber the techs, but they might have been there and I didn't recognize there. 4. Can't remember exactly. 5. Yes, there was ancillary help. Sorry I couldn't help a bit more. But this hospital touched my cousin and myself in the way they cared for their son. They explained EVERYTHING they were going to do, and the only time that they asked my cousin and her hubby to leave the room was for suctioning. Although a baby in the pod died suddenly, the staff was uplifting to them. I even remember one nurse a a traveler. The experience at BCH was so great. And my cousin's boy arrived home in 6 weeks. I hope that does help. :)
  11. BabyRN2Be

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Oh no! This has got to me Nevaeh's little sister. Bound to happen. When they get older they can double date the Jello twins, with Nosmoking as chaperone. They'll go see a movie and L-a will take the tickets, and the mean usher, Shithead (really, he is) will catch them eating goodies that weren't but at the theater at a 400% markup. They'll have to go to supervisor's office, Ms. Placenta who feels inadequate since she lost her namesake around the last time she gave birth. She just feels so empty now.
  12. BabyRN2Be

    Hospital helps bride plan wedding in 24 hours

    I don't cry easily, but I have tears running down my face. I'm so happy that her mom could witness her wedding.
  13. BabyRN2Be

    Abnormal UA

    Have considered getting a lawyer who deals with type of harassment? This seems like a bunch of harassment and you need someone in your corner after all this BS! Sounds like this are more interested in your money than getting you out in the workforce. Try to find someone ASAP!
  14. I went to a breastfeeding conference a few years ago and there were these two NICU girls who thought they were more important than anyone at the conference. Not only did they have the most annoying ring tone, but they had it set on the loudest ring possible. Not only did they ignore the speaker's request to put the phone on silent, they would take the call LOUDLY before exiting the room. This comference material was essential to my job and I couldn't get enough of it during the four days we were there. The last day we had a certification exam, and the speaker asked ONCE AGAIN that phones MUST be silent. About 10 minutes into the exam, sure enough we heard the familiar, annoying ring tone went off and she took the call loudly without leaving. I tell you that at that point everyone had it and just about everyone in the room went SHHHHH!!!!!!! loudly. Another gal really let her have it along with a few others. She sniffed and whined, "Well. I'm a NICU nurse and my job is more important!" (I know for a fact that she wasn't the only NICU nurse there). It was then the fireworks exploded among everyone and she was asked to leave... with no refund because of her blatant disrespect for the class despite many warnings. I really don't carry a cell with me. I carry it in case of emergency. It's not an iPhone and even though it'd be nice to have, it's not a need. I hate overhearing convos on them. The worst being in an OB/GYNs office and someone was explaining in explicit details about the vag bleeding and genital warts which brought her there in the first place! Hubby and I didn't go out for lunch that day. :)
  15. BabyRN2Be

    A funny and warped FACES pain scale

    I now have serious tears running down my face and now my stomach hurts from laughing. The pain rates a 2. Can I have my Dilaudid now?
  16. BabyRN2Be

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Hey, I had a great one during clinicals! I was checking on a patient who was being admitted to PP. I went in to check her and baby when I saw the cribcard. The name was La-a. "Oh my goodness, I thought to myself." So, I asked "How's little Laa doing?" She said to me, "That's not her name. Her name is Lahyphena." No sooner than I could say, "Spelling lessons in room 10, STAT!" she says to me, "The hyphen don't be silent.":D I remember another one from school that I heard from resident. Her residents friend's sister's plumber's car mechanic's doc's wife had a midwife delivery who named her baby "Ahquloitqkimberly." She asked, "How in the world do you pronounce that, like "Ah-que-liot-que-kim-ber-lee?" The mom looked insulted, and said, "Her name is Kimberly! The "Ahquloitq" is silent!" A-ha! Isn't silence golden sometimes?

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