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NursesRmofun is a ASN, RN and specializes in Registered Nurse.

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  1. NursesRmofun

    Something that has been eating away at me

    You'll never know for sure. Don't beat yourself up too much.
  2. NursesRmofun

    Patients & Pet Peeves

    The patient or patient and family who view every encounter with a nurse or any medical person as a chance at a lawsuit.
  3. NursesRmofun

    Psst....Let's Talk About Gossip in the Nurses' Station

    My workplace is full of gossip. A couple of culprits are experts at it....and leave almost no one untouched by it. That said, I am usually one of the ones talked about behind my back the most due to being a nobody with no friends in high places. I am not a kisser upper. I live with not being "popular" and rarely call anyone out on the talk. I think it makes my life a little more stressful, but it's not as bad as it use to be.....I realize now that I really don't care what 98% of these people think anyway. They are not my friends.
  4. NursesRmofun

    Bullied by a colleague

    Have seen it happen and it has also happened to me, but never have I seen it happen to someone who was often charge nurse. If you are going to be a NP at the same place of work, I'd do some networking behind the scenes and have her dealt with in an appropriate way.
  5. NursesRmofun

    Social Class and Nursing

    I imagine a lot of people aren't paid well in Mexico. I don't agree that nurses are manual workers alone, etc. And, of course, we are knowledge based. We get tested on our knowledge for our licenses. I've known many doctors that were not the brightest bulbs in the box as well. P.S. Work on that punctuation and grammar.
  6. NursesRmofun

    Social Class and Nursing

    True! Good point...but I did say the two together...the profession with the education. I don't think of a Chef being blue collar either. I wish there were a clearer definition. I'll have to do more research!
  7. NursesRmofun

    Social Class and Nursing

    No. I don't think you can say nursing is blue collar. If a surgeon digs in blood and guts, does that make him blue collar? I think the "profession" and education make it something other than blue collar.
  8. NursesRmofun

    Social Class and Nursing

    I'd say you are doing well, wherever you land!
  9. NursesRmofun

    Social Class and Nursing

    I have never gotten that idea from anyone. Odd. I usually get the "admiration for nurses" dialogue -OR- the "I've had a bad experience with nurses" kind of thing, to a lesser degree....but never a reference to nurses not being bright!
  10. NursesRmofun

    Social Class and Nursing

    I grew up lower class (seasonal blue collar Dad), pulled myself up to lower middle class and middle class, but incurred a lot of debt, so not sure where that leaves me now.
  11. NursesRmofun

    Have been told LPN BAD idea

    Plenty of hospitals still use LPN/LVNS too.
  12. NursesRmofun

    "Your job is to make me happy"

    This older thread popped up...but it reminded me of something I wanted to vent.....A question I have been getting a LOT lately--- How many patients do you have? The patient is trying to gauge what *they* think is busy or not! UGG I actually answered with a non answer recently and say, 'It's not how many. People are sick and there is a lot to do,' kind of response. I think when they hear 5 or 6, they think that is nothing! lol
  13. NursesRmofun

    Lowest stress (still great pay) nursing specialties?

    They are all stressful in some way. I have done almost all of them. No kidding. Well, okay, I missed a few I just thought of. It is subjective. Where you fit best has something to do with your own unique personality and traits.
  14. NursesRmofun

    Do you still have energy to cook after a 12 hour shift?

    Yes, I didn't say anything (write anything), but I was thinking this too. My crockpot would scorch and maybe burn anything in that time. I'd worry about a fire. There is only so much fluid you can put in it. I guess mine could be set for 8 hrs and it would shut off?
  15. NursesRmofun

    Don't be catty (literally)

    A new take on NETY! LOL Oh boy....well, I don't really believe in NETY and have rarely seen it toward new grads. I have seen nurses who are older and/or more experienced (there is a difference!) kind of hang a new nurse (new employee) out to dry...meaning give little help to and see if she floats or drowns. Having said that, maybe there are nurses who don't like new grads out there and I haven't met them. I *have experienced the new employee distaste from co-workers. I have met many nurses and CNAs who try to discourage a new employee from staying. I can't figure out why. I don't get it. They just don't like the new kitten, I guess!
  16. When I use to work in a place that had them, it was just called a laser badge. That was a long time ago...and it wasn't working well. Correction, the ones we have now do track us too...but aren't utilized in the same way. The facility I mentioned in the first paragraph used them to track us for room calls. The place I am in now does not. I have no idea what the name of this thing is! haha

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