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  1. Noney

    Ohio State NP Program

    I am sorry if there is already a thread about OSU's NP program. Any current or previous students out there? Any thoughts?
  2. Noney

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    When I took 325 they curved the Huntington assignment and gave everyone a 100% just for trying. I don't want to give false hope, but maybe you will get lucky too!
  3. Noney

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    This is the first time I've taken so many at once. Stategic planning & culteral diversity both 5 weeks classes. and family nsg 10 week class. I do work fulltime. I waited until last minute to register so I took what was left. I just have 3 nsg classes left and jc comp and microboiology. Trying to finish before Summer. I want to take the summer off and then start NP in the Fall.
  4. Noney

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    @ mtsteelhorse if the class is fall II starting 10/17 you can register until 10/10. For some reason OU called to tell my this bit of info today. I thought it was funny because I have 12 credits this quarter and I have taken the classess they are offering except 455 and I can't take it yet. HTH
  5. Noney

    Night Shift vs. Day Shift Names

    Day babes. Night Howls. LOL
  6. Noney

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    At Mtsteelhorse: No I am not in the class. I am about halfway thought the program. I am friendly with one of the OU instuctors, she told me they were redoning it to better prepare students with the use of APA format.
  7. Noney

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    In reference to NRSE 300, I was told a few months ago that OU was redoing the class. This could explain why all the modules aren't in the EPIC yet.
  8. Noney

    Hairy Situation

    What exactly is the reason they are giving him to hold off on surgery? Has he thought about a second opinion? "On our unit, as I said the surgeons do it all. It is a small hospital. We don't use an intensivist for any of the medical care. the surgeons do it. They're always reluctant to consult another doctor. Sometimes it has devastating results." I have little respect for mds that don't know when they're in over their head. The anger you friend is feeling is normal. Give her some time. I would feel uncomfortable taking care of someone I knew well, and what ask for a different assignment if possible. Noney
  9. Noney

    A quick vent

    I think the daughter needs reminded that poa papers are good when the pt can longer make a decision for herself. Noney
  10. Noney

    Filter needle when drawing from vials or not?

    If it's there use it. If it's not you can't. Noney
  11. Noney

    i am from india

    Please tell us more..... Welcome to the site. What would you like to know about the US? Noney
  12. Noney

    Is it okay to love parts of nursing and hate others?

    The best thing about nursing is that there are so many different types of nursing. Noney
  13. Noney

    I can't believe this!

    Sorry about this. How soon can you retest? Can you just retake the hands on portion? Noney
  14. Noney

    I can't believe this!

    If you want to know why you shouldn't lift under the arms, try sitting in a chair and having someone hook their arm and your arm and pull up. After you've felt it fisrt hand you'll know why you shouldn't do it. It sounds the teacher at your facilty needs some teaching. Noney
  15. Noney

    Lovenox Questions

    Our rep insisted that the needles are not dull. I guess he's never been on the recieving end:) Noney
  16. Noney

    Your Worst Mistake

    My worst mistake is something that almost made me quit. I was new to tele. I had gotten an admission during the night. He came to the floor with a pt of >110 INR >10 and ptt >140!!!!!!! All the ER doc wrote was No coumadin and he said he had called the attending prior to admitting. Any way the pt was in SR with a BBB. After I had asseessed with I left the room to do something I came back about 20 minutes later and the stopcock on his IV had came loose and he was lying in a pool of blood. I mean a pool it was so much we had to get a new bed. His blood was running out of the IV so fast . Welll anyway he started have frequent PVC.s while we were cleaning him up. He what I thought was a 27 beat run of V-Tac, then went back to SR with BBB. However, it wasn't Vtac it was a junction rhythm was a bbb. I called the house dr and he ordered a Lido drip and vit K. I gave both. I felt so bad later. That's when I decided you have the be assertive when things don't feel right. I should have demanded the ER doc treat before sending the pt to the floor. I should have called the attending myself after the pt arrived, I should have made the house dr come to the floor. And I should have made a more experienced RN look at the strip. I learned alot from that experience. Thankfully no harm came to the pt. Noney