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  1. adrienurse

    Re-directing tips needed for Alzheimer's/behavior pts

    What do you make of the recent trend against antipsychotics? There has been research which seems to be getting validated elsewhere that shows at those elders being given these drugs to treat behaviours causes mortality to go up significantly through cardiac problems, but just from the results of falling. Have you seen a decrease in use where you work?
  2. adrienurse

    Things nursing school FAILED to tell us

    that a frail old man who lacks the coordination and dexterity to feed and care for himself can unwrap a complicated foot dressing in 5 seconds flat.
  3. adrienurse

    coping with end of life care and a full LTC caseload

  4. adrienurse

    TV in dementia unit

  5. adrienurse

    nursing podcasts

    I'm an info maniac and addict. I've recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasting. Lo and behold there even seem to be nursing podcasts. There are even audio files out there of nursing class lectures. Behold a new source of continuing education :telesemenars http://nurses-success-network.com/
  6. adrienurse

    Things nursing school FAILED to tell us

  7. adrienurse

    What do you have most difficulty with in your everyday job?

  8. Okay silly question here: so an order for "saline soaks" is to be interpreted as soaking the existing dressing with saline before removing as to not remove the new granulating tissue? Not to soak the affected area for a specific amount of time in a bowl of saline?
  9. There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions over the prescribing of saline soaks for wounds. Say for example, someone has an infected toe. Some people are of the opinion that it will be remedied by daily or twice a day soaking of the affected area in a saline bath. I wonder what is the theory is on what this is supposed to do?
  10. I was asked this question by my supervisor last night. 5 years ago I'd have said heck yeah I'm going back to school so I can advance myself in this profession. Well I tried that. I tried taking pre-masters courses and failed stats (a prerequisite to any masters of nursing program) because I was trying to work full time shiftwork at the same time. So that discouraged me more than a little. Now in my search for balance in life I've made that decision that my homelife is the thing that I should be about what I am and this is what I will nurture instead of my career. Being all about my work is just no at all good for my sanity because there is just so little in it that I have control over. So is this just giving up or is ths growing up and facing up to reality. Is that what self-preservation is? So I'm getting married and want a lot of things -- only few of which I can realistically accomplish. First and formost I want children. I want to pounce on the opportunity being given to me to go to europe in 2009. I want to own a house. I want to find a better area of nursing -- and take extra training to do this if needed. Well that's my life right now at 30.
  11. adrienurse

    culture in Palliative care

  12. adrienurse

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    this is something that you can discuss with your medical professional and something that can be treated. It gets better if you get help. Counselling, meds, building a better support system -- these all help. Every day continues to be a struggle, but trust me I've been there.
  13. adrienurse

    shoes, shoes and more shoes-and those darn heels

    I'm at work wearing my cute new pair of crock mary janes and they are definately NOT working for me. I keep tripping on my feet because of the grippyness, and there is no arch support. I'm going back to my old runners tomorrow. For me lack of arch support = flareup of planter faceitis
  14. adrienurse

    Demanding Resident

    yeah there's always 2 or 3 of the demanding ones on every wing. The best are the confused LOLs who instead of calling the nurses desks, dial their daughter 2000 miles away when they run into trouble -- makes us look REAL competant