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  1. nyapa

    Graduate Nurse Programs in Australia

    Which hospital are you planning to do your graduate programme in? In the Territory, our graduate programmes are run with three intakes, but the positions are very hard to get into. There are also the ONCAP programmes which allow you to be recognised in Australia. I think you need to contact a hospital you are interested in. Maybe if you go through the Victorian Nurses Board - send them an email or ring them - they may be able to help you, because I'm not sure if you have to do a university component as well...
  2. nyapa

    what uni did we all go to

    I started at the Northern Territory University; until they decided to change their name to Charles Darwin University...same place...different name.
  3. nyapa

    Role of Nurse Practitioners

    We have a lot of nurses come through our hospital as tourists. I do know that many of the UK nurses cannot give IVABs; its a separate certificate? What role do NPs play in the UK ie what areas do they work in?
  4. nyapa

    Where are you...

    25 years young hey? How special!!!. Not many ppl are lucky enough, or are so blessed to reach that goal. I know it takes a lot of hard work too. Dh and I have been together for 16 years, and we thought that was good! Did you buy yourself anything silver in recognition? (Its supposed to be the silver anniversary isn't it?).
  5. nyapa

    Role of Nurse Practitioners

    Agree totally. Actually, I like the point about GPs only seeing chronically ill ppl, whereas rural nurses see often very acute ppl. Its ridiculous that currently a nurse can't even write an MCS form to have a wound swab checked, or an MSU...
  6. nyapa

    Where are you...

    Talaxandra, I can't believe how quickly I've forgotten how much study takes over your life, already! Joannep, I am so so jealous. That was a whirl wind tour of so many places. You must be exhausted, but I bet you enjoyed every minute. Is the new job based in a hospital, a research facility, or part of Communicable Diseases?
  7. nyapa

    Where are you...

    Grace Oz, Gwenith, and everyone else?
  8. nyapa


    Try ringing the various boards of nursing. They would have different processes as they are independent of each other...
  9. nyapa

    best uni?

    Well said. As you state joannep, unis are accredited. Their qualifications to teach are recognised by the Nurses Boards of all States. Interested Party, you will always find someone out in the field saying things about different training institutions, be they positive or negative. They are not experts. And whose to say that if you went to their own university that you may be missing out on something that is offered by your own university? As you say, it is disconcerting...gossip always is. Best of luck with your studies. You are halfway through, it is all downhill from now on! Jay
  10. nyapa

    New titles for PCA/NA ?

    Never heard of that in the NT either. We only have P(atient)C(are)A(ssistant)s here. I think in the Alice they were talking of introducing AINs but not sure if that happened
  11. please remember we are not experts. she really should be contacting authorities. 1. what is the best possible way for her to find a job once she passes the oet? she really needs to check with the immigration dept, the hospital that she wants to work at, the nurses board in that state, and find a university that may help her convert 2. are the 3 month training courses necessary to get a job in australia for foreigners? are you talking of those oncap programmes run through hospital? i think she would really have to check again with the above resources 3. what benefits are provided to nurses by the state or individual hospitals? nothing really. free uniforms in govt hospitals. penalties in govt hospitals. in some hospitals, single person accommodation, though this is becoming really rare in the cities 4. what is the average rate of pay raises in australian hospitals? difficult question as it differs from state to state. the private system and aged care usually pays less 5. what promotion opportunities are available, if any, if i work there for a long time?depends on the hospital, your qualifications, your skills 6. are their courses to improve my nursing rank as i work? such as from a lpn to rn? we do not have lpns here. we do have enrolled nurses/registered nurses level 2. it is currently a diploma course. as suzanne 4 says, only rns are able to apply, unless your friend chooses to do the en course. to upgrade to an rn you have to do another 2 years i think...depends on the university. most courses are through university and are for specialties such as renal or cancer nursing. and they will not improve your seniority, just make you accredited for that area. government nurses do have increments whereby every year where the respective nurse's pay goes up. but that does not give you seniority generally
  12. nyapa

    a few inquiries ,,....

    Enrolled Nurse programmes are now a 2 yr Diploma Course. You need to contact universities/colleges to find out what is required and whether you will have any recognition of prior learning...
  13. "MEDICARE coverage is set to be extended beyond doctors to nurses and other health professionals when the federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, announces the first steps in a revamp of local health services today. ...She is to announce an expert panel to work with the Government in developing a primary care strategy that would reshape the current GP-dominated local health service into one increasing the use of practice nurses and other health professionals such as physiotherapists, pharmacists, psychologists and dieticians." http://canberra.yourguide.com.au/news/national/national/general/doctors-grip-on-health-care-has-roxon-bristling-for-a-fight/786627.aspx " In an interview on Sunrise on June 13th, Rosanna Capolingua (AMA President) spoke about expanding the role of nurse practitioners and other health professionals and warned of the dangers of doing so. ...On the program, Ms Capolingua suggested that nurses are unable to provide comprehensive care to patients and that giving them a greater role would endanger patient safety and 'dumb down' health care. " http://www.anf.org.au Just interested to see what ppl think of this.
  14. nyapa

    Anzac Day - 2008

    "Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side now here in this country of ours... you, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land. They have become our sons as well." Ataturk
  15. nyapa

    Called in tonight; I know I'm in trouble...

    'Halogen'? How do they determine who has gone 'above and beyond'? Do you lose out if you can't? What right have they to ask that of you anyway? Does this mean that if someone is seriously ill that they can lose out?
  16. nyapa

    You know you have a great job when.....

    Following that one up; when work rings up to say that the family would like you to go to the funeral... Also, I love it when long term patients finally are able to find a location which is more appropriate for their needs instead of being stuck in a room with four walls in a high rise building, with minimal places to 'take time to smell the flowers'. Finally, saying 'goodbye' to a patient who, no matter what their state of health, has gained control over their situation. Eg paliative patients, who have the information, supports, and education to know how to express what they need, and make informed decisions about what they perceive is unnecessary, despite what the 'experts' say.