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  1. as DON/ADON you help or hinder your staff?

    No, paychecks are not right, have to watch every shift is actually clocked in on clock. Was shorted 24 hours, they wanted me to wait for pay until next pay period, I told them I had bills, I had done the work, and I wanted the pay in an hour. I no ...
  2. as DON/ADON you help or hinder your staff?

    We had a terrible winter, several times the roads were closed, staff stuck. Not one time did the DON say "thanks for the effort", or come in when she could get there and help out. Work short of staff every shift, too many things to etell. Just hat...
  3. Anyone work at St. Joseph's Hospital in Parkersburg?

    HCA with all the bumps.
  4. Sorry to have caused flak about the "gossip" remark, but we see ads for Pa, DC, and Md in a few of our state newspapers, so when they say "new grads welcome", I think they mean it.
  5. as DON/ADON you help or hinder your staff?

    Most DON's/ADON's I have had contact with are a waste of time when it comes to support for staff. They paste a fake smile on their face, listen to half truths, and then do what ever is easy for them, not the facility, not the resident, nor the staff...
  6. How are the New Grads doing?

    Hello New Grads, For many of the new grads who have been on their jobs for about 8 weeks now, how do you feel about your experiences as a new grad in orientation? I can remember what nightmare my orientation was, so I hope most of you have had a mo...
  7. Jobless, You have my best wishes and prayers for a job soon. I have teachers in the family who are jobless because they do not have 3 years experience, but you just have to keep looking. Have you considered relocating? Texas has jobs, or so they s...
  8. Military hiring nurses as civilian employees

    Had a friend who worked for the Navy in NC for about three years. She did it to get on her feet after a nasty, totally devastating divorce. She was not in love with the job, it was her extra one, but she was able to get on her feet, bills paid, and...
  9. What's up with this? Interview denied....

    Jobs are tight. Everywhere. Cold weather always means more demand in many places but who knows this year. Good luck.
  10. Does any one knows aplace hiring L.P.N in MD,DC,VA?

    Have you registered with the state? Lots of jobs listed.
  11. What do you say when a patient asks you how old you are?

    Depends on why they are asking. But the truth has usually worked for me.
  12. LTC-Is it that bad???

    LTC is no picnic. You have to have a strong back and strong resolve to remain in LTC for an extended period of time. Good luck.
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    The hard work will pay off in the end. Do all you can do to go to school and become a nurse. Jobs may be tighter right now but they are still there and the money makes it worth it most days. Good luck to all who want to be a nurse.
  14. Omnicare Pharmacy-discuss

    Let's see just how many fax confirmations does it take to get the drug/drugs ordered/reordered? I have personally counted an even dozen on simple med as digoxin. Omnicare is the pits.
  15. Conflict of Interest

    The conflict would be your ability to fullfill the obligation to another place of employment if there was a problem with staffing or other emergency at your main job. If you need extra money, maybe you can come up with another idea, but I wonder if ...