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  1. explorer

    there's got to be a place for me...?

    Try mental health!:balloons:
  2. explorer

    Need help.....quitting job

    Good advice.:balloons:
  3. explorer

    should I be mad?

    :balloons: You were right in assuming that the nurse that fell should have gone to the hospital to get checked out. Were does a phlebo get off in telling a nurse what they will or won't do?:angryfire
  4. explorer

    Violent Sex Offender on our unit (long)...

    When he became a violent sex offender, he gave up his right to privacy.
  5. explorer

    Would you become a nurse again

    Yes, I would do it all over again.
  6. explorer

    What is/was your favorite nursing specialty?

    My area of nursing is psych. I work with veterans and some of the pts have trouble with mental illnes while others have trouble with addiction(alcohol, cocaine, crack). It sometimes gets difficult when a patient doesn't want to cooperate. For the most part it is nice.
  7. explorer

    Question about horror stories

    Sometimes it is all in the way you present your mind.
  8. explorer

    Are you at work?

    I spend time on the Internet when I'm not doing my work. My work involves using the computer. I sometimes lookup medications on the Internet because this is faster than looking it up in a drug book. If I run across a disease that I'm not familiar with I can look it up on the Internet also.
  9. explorer

    Is it ok if I lurk and post occassionally

    I don't see any problem with lurking.
  10. explorer

    Med error,I'm suspended,I need advice,please!

    If no harm was done to the patient, I think that the place were you work is going a LOT OVERBOARD in having any kind of hearing. Have you done something to make them not like you? They need to "chill out" a little bit. :balloons:
  11. Start by dealing with the problems closest to you. Your appetite would be a good place to start. Once you get to eating again then your body will get stronger and your mind clearer. Then when you are under pressure your mind will come up with the best solution to the current problem that you are working on. I think that you have a lot of courage because your life has been very hard after you graduated from nursing school. I pray that God will turn your life around and get it going in the right direction. :balloons:
  12. explorer

    HELP needed with medication errors

    One of the things that has reduced medication errors is a computerized medication program. You have to scan the patients arm band which through bar code(which is his social security number) tells you who he is identified as. It then brings up his medication record at the window of time which you have set. If nothing is to be given it will tell you. :balloons:
  13. explorer

    plastic vs metal cutlery on psych units

    The facility that I work in uses plastic untensils. We have had pts. use even the plastic utensils to cut on themselves. :balloons:
  14. explorer

    Stop bashing men, please

    I agree with you. :balloons:
  15. explorer

    Why I need a new job

    Good Luck in your search. :rotfl: :chuckle :balloons: