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College algebra??

has anyone ever took college algebra?how hard is it? and would it be helpful towards the lpn pre-entrance exam?:confused:

EricJRN specializes in NICU.

Hard to comment on the class without knowing your math background. Many students do find it challenging. Which entrance exam are you taking for your LPN program?

RNDreamer specializes in acute care.

depends how strong you are in math...you may find it difficult, or you may find it to be a breeze....it was a breeze for me, but then again, i have gone as high as taking calculus (not a breeze)...if you are able to purchase a study guide, do so...i took a net exam for an lpn program i was interested in and i went through the study guide and just reviewed the sections that i thought i would have to most problems in (percentage, fractions, ratios)

has anyone ever took college algebra?how hard is it? and would it be helpful towards the lpn pre-entrance exam?:confused:

txspadequeenRN specializes in ICU, PICC Nurse, Nursing Supervisor.

it took me 5 times to pass it. to me it just made no sense whatsoever. after 5 times it started to make sense and i passed with a 77 this spring semester. i did not have this in high school and it was the most challenging course i have ever taken.

Multicollinearity specializes in Acute Care Psych, DNP Student.

My cousin had to take college algebra 3 times in order to pass. It was holding up her graduation for her bachelor's degree. She went on to earn an MBA in business finance from an elite university. My point? She is smart, and she had trouble with college algebra.

On the other hand, every year tens of thousands of high school students test out of college algebra while still in high school.

How you did in lower levels of algebra will give you a good idea regarding college algebra and the level of difficulty you may experience or not.

has anyone ever took college algebra?how hard is it? and would it be helpful towards the lpn pre-entrance exam?:confused:

[english fairy] "has anyone taken.... [/english fairy] :D

i, like many other the previous posters, thought algebra to be a somewhat confusing subject, and i am glad it is behind me. how much this class will affect your entrance exam is impossible for us to determine. good luck, nonetheless!

MrsBradyMom specializes in LTC, Psych.

I'm not sure how much you will need college algebra for LPN. At my school, you only need Math 020 (Intro Algebra) for LPN. For RN, you only need Math 051 (Intermediate Algebra).

It was only Rad Tech, Sono, etc. that needed the college algebra.

I was never good at Math in high school (15 years ago) and found College Algebra to be a breeze. For me, it was a commitment thing. I had to listen, take notes, and practice, practice, practice.

I think Algebra is like putting puzzles together! It helped if I looked at it that way and not as a scary math class.

Good Luck. You CAN do it!

luvmy2angels specializes in Geriatrics.

I never took ANY algebra classes in high school and was terrified to the NET test. I have never been that strong in math and always just managed to get by in the general courses. On my pre entrance test there were 8 algebra questions and i guessed at all of them, I got 4 right and 4 wrong. Had i missed one more i wouldn't have passed.

I don't think that college level algebra is necessary to pass the test, I think if you had high school algebra you should be just fine.

What test are you taking??

I taken it as a summer course and it was alittle confusing, but I was only a sophmore in high school and hadn't taken the second half of alg 2 at my school yet

Lindie specializes in NICU, Level IV.

I was never good in Math and had to take Introduction to Algebra as well as Intermediate Algebra. It was a struggle for me but I got through by just repeating the exercises over and over.

I think math is less about understanding and more about practice (check your answer), practice, (check your answer), practice (check your answer). The check your answer part is important, because practicing it wrong, just takes you further from your goal.

So, if you do allllll the exercises given for each kind of problem and pay attention in class, you should do fine. Math is a lot of work, but it's do-able.

Best of luck!



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