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  1. Thank you, my friend. But I do truly feel bad for losing my temper, especially here on allnurses.com. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. My grandmother, God bless her feisty little soul, once told me, "Michael! If you can't say something nice about somebody, don't say anything at all!'' Yes, grammy!
  2. Of course. my apologies. :selfbonk: Mike
  3. You are right. I don't know "know much about what it takes to get in to nursing school or to get through nursing school these days." This person does, however, have 20-plus years in Human Resources. If you are NOT familiar with this field, WE do the hiring. :trout: I was speaking from the standpoint of a generation of "kids" applying to ALL fields, not simply your field. And there have been MANY articles and studies to back up this assertion. Since my daughter is 25 years old, and the majority of new nurses are still within that age range, I am more than comfortable using this term. The fact that the nursing field is attracting more and more older students does nothing to nullify the fact that they are still a minority. And, to repeat myself, I was speaking of ALL the professional fields, NOT simply the Nursing fields. A generalization. There are many "older generations" that know their way around a computer as well as you and I.
  4. The TYPICAL length of a resume, no matter the profession, is two pages, although I have seen them go from 1-3 depending upon the person. I've seen well thought out one page resumes from people with 20+ years of experience to very nice three page resumes from college graduates. The real page length rule is: it depends. A resume is an introduction for the interviewer as to your general skills and employment history. Period. It was never meant to be your life story. This is why you are called into an actual interview, where the interviewer will "flesh out" the rest of your emploment history and skill set. Mike Ex-Interviewer...
  5. From where I've been sitting the last 25 years, Karen, this art died of an internal hemorrhage. Kids these days can't fill out the basic job application...most can't even spell resume, much less follow the rules and format. Mike

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