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I have been a birth doula, childbirth educator and placenta encapsulation specialist for 3 years now and just recently(10/11) finished my BSN. Planning on going on to become a home birth midwife after I get a Masters in midwifery

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  1. Samma

    What was your HESI score and did you pass or fail NCLEX

    At my school we take a HESI exam every semester as our final for each class. For the exit HESI our school made us attend a review class, so that is all I did to study. My score was close to 1000, though it was my 2nd lowest score. I passed NCLEX first try with 75 questions
  2. My school requires you get over a 900 on HESI to be allowed to take NCLEX. Like you we take HESI every semester and I had an almost 1100 average before the exit HESI. I got close to 1000 on the exit HESI and passed NCLEX on the first try with 75 q's. NCLEX was a lot harder, but the format is similar which I think helps. All my classmates but one has passed their NCLEX so far
  3. Samma

    the day you guys took nclex..what did u? (random q's)

    1. What did you WEAR to the nclex? (pls try to describe in details.. flipflops?jacket?skirt?combat boots?lol) Jeans, uggs, stapless top, cardigan 2. What did you EAT before the nclex? Nothing that day 3. What did you SNACK on during your nclex break? I was done in 40min, no break 4. What would you recommend SNACKING on during an nclex break to waken the brain, with DRINK pls hehe no idea 5. How many minutes did you have your break? How long do you recommend we should take our breaks? Didn't take on/make it to the scheduled one 6. What were one of your favorite Bible verses/ inspirational quotes that you wrote on your mini white board? Atheist here, only used the board for one math Q 7. How many minutes did it take for you to finish? 40min 8. Last words for those taking Nclex? (we need you guys.. hehe) thanks Don't stress to much. What happens will happen, and the worst thing that happens is you take it again in 45 days. That was my attitude anyways and it worked
  4. Samma

    How many months did you study to pass the NCLEX?

    I graduate Oct 28 and took NCLEX-RN on 12/8, so 40 days? I only waited that long because when we got out ATT almost all of Nov was filled already and the 8th was offered in my town verses driving an hr or more to take it. I took it on a Thursday and started studying on the Sunday before. I did one Kaplan test trainer I found online and then 500 or so questions combined between Saunders and Evolve. Nothing I studied was on the test, but I still passed the first time. I had 75 questions and it took about 40min.
  5. Samma

    Doulas: love them or hate them.

    I've been a doula for about 3 years an also just finished my BSN in Oct and passed NCLEX today. Just like any profession there are crappy doulas and there are awesome doulas, it just depends on if they act in their role or not. I will say however doulas are in a hard position a lot of times. I have had clients who refuse every intervention and the nurses get ****** at me assuming I am feeding her the information when in reality it is all mom.
  6. Samma

    Pharmacology HESI Exam

    I did the the disk that comes with the HESI book and then the pharm stuff on Evolve. I got an 98 or 99%, it was very similar drugs :)
  7. Samma

    Critical Care Hesi

    The evolve stuff online is awesome for studying. The CC HESI was pretty easy compared to some of them
  8. I passed NCLEX with minimal studying. I didn't do a review class because I didn't have time with work. Starting on Sunday(took NCLEX on Thurs) I did one Kaplan trainer(#1 I believe) and then did about 500 questions between the Evolve site and Saunders. I had 75 questions, finished in 40ish min and almost half my test was alternative type questions. I think you have to know yourself and your testing abilities and go from there
  9. Samma

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I passed with 75 questions. We were told that if it turns off at 75 questions and you had lots of alternative type questions 9 out of 10 times it means you passed.
  10. Samma

    Passed the NCLEX

    Awesome. I just passed as well :)
  11. Samma

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I was bad and didn't really study. I took my last test at school the first week and Sept and put all the books down. About 2-3 weeks ago I bought the Hurst online review and listened to one lesson before wanting to stab my eyes out. On Sunday-Thurs I did about 500 questions combined between Evolve(management and delegation), Saunders(priority and alternative types) and I read one Kaplan test with answers which has 50ish questions. Luckily I am a good test taker. The program I attended used a 55 question HESI exam as our final for each class and a 165 question one as our exit exam from the program and I think that helped. Every 8 weeks for 2 years I had to take an online NCLEX style test for 20% of my grade, so you get used to it
  12. Samma

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took it at 2pm in the NW burbs of Chicago and I did pass :)
  13. Samma

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    What is it exactly?? I took the test this morning, I had 75 questions-at least 40% of it was SATA and ordering 1-5 and I also had one math and one picture. I finished the test in less then 40min and live down the street so I checked right away and it said my results weren't sent yet. Then when I checked later I got this "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time all nurses." Is this good?? My classmates who took it the end of Nov got a different pop up.
  14. Samma

    Good places to work

    I either want to work at a home for young children with disabilities or in a hospital if possible. I did my training at a nursing home, and I can handle working with the elderly, but it isn't what I would pick to do if I had other options.
  15. Samma

    Harper College

    To be a resident all you need to do is show them a lease with your name. And I'd be moving in June of this year and apts aren't due to Dec-march