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luvmy2angels has 22 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. luvmy2angels

    Can You Be Fired....

    Can you be fired for not taking a lunch break during an 8 hour shift? I know it is the law that you need to take a 30 minute break. My employer has recently cut back on staffing causing the nurses to be extremely overwhelmed. There is only one nurse on per shift and the day shift nurses very often do not get a lunch break. I have been told by my supervisor that I need to take a break but the work load is just to much! Some things just can't be put on hold. I have never been written up for not taking a break but fear that I may get fired at some point if I continue to not make time. I do have very good time management skills the work is just to much for one person. Is this cause for termination??
  2. luvmy2angels

    Abuse/Neglect question

    Does anyone consider it to be either abusive or neglectful for a LTC facility to not have enough staff to care for the number of residents? According to the state regs the staffing ratio is ok, but the acuity of residents is very high and not providing enough staff/assistance is causing harm (broken bones from falls/elopements) . I am hesitant to report due to the fact that I have no trust in our management team and think they will somehow put the nurses at fault when it is the managements decision as to how many staff we have working. For example 1 LPN for 50 residents with 2 CNAs. This is in assisted living and not skilled, but a lot of residents should not be living in assisted living due to cognitive issues/needing a lot of physical assistance etc.
  3. luvmy2angels

    Infection control question...

    I work in LTC and we have been told that we are NOT allowed to wear gloves in the dining room, this includes while clearing dirty dishes/napkins. Reasoning: it is not conducive to creating a "home like" atmosphere. We don't wear gloves at home when serving our family so there fore we are NOT allowed to wear gloves in the dining room. Do I not have the right to protect myself and family from infections?? Our resident use utensils after picking their noses, don't wash hands after using bathroom etc....I work in personal care. Is this legal for them to restrict our use of PPEs???
  4. luvmy2angels

    Making anoymous complaint

    Just wondering if anyone has ever made an anoymous complaint against your employer. I feel there has been a huge issue regarding patient safety at my place of employment that resulted in a patients death that could have been prevented. I know I am protected against the law but still do not feel comfortable giving my name. Has anyone ever done this and where you satisfied with the outcome?? I am afraid if I give the information that i know they are going to have a good idea of who called, but i know it is the right thing to do. I am very confused and conflicted right now!!
  5. The 3rd one does not really seem like an ethical dilemma to me. It seems to me that you were just using good nursing judgement in checking the sugar again. Something as simple as the alcohol not drying before you take the blood sample can cause an accucheck to be too high. You definatley did the right thing, just doesn't seem like an ethical issue to me.
  6. luvmy2angels

    Question about TIBC test

    Is it possible to have a normal hemoglobin result but an abnormal TIBC result?? I am having a disagreement with my mom and wondering what your thoughts on the subject are.
  7. I started applying for jobs about 4 months before i graduated. Most places i applied to (both hospitals and long term care facilities) were very willing to hire me with out having taken the boards yet, as long as i had my temp to practice permit. Most places that are willing to hire w/o license will have stipulations that you must take and pass boards within 4-6 months of hire, if you take and fail then you may no longer keep your job. My first job after graduation was at a hospital and i had 6 months to take and pass boards. Hope this helps.
  8. Does anyone know how to find the DPW survey results on an organization that has started under new ownership and moved the building?? I am looking for past inspection results on a Personal care home that is still in business but moved locations, they have a new license number and i am not able to find any info on the DPW web site except that they got a new license. Anyone know how i can find these results?? Thanks
  9. luvmy2angels

    LTC project: Who enters admission orders? MD or RN?

    RNs as well as LPNs enter admission orders where i work. Doc will sign them at some point when he does rounds, but we put them in.
  10. luvmy2angels

    Wounds in LTC

    I agree with dietary consult, does your facility have a wound Dr or wound team?? If not and this is something you are interested in you can always get more education in wounds and start a wound team at your job. Once they got a routine wound Dr and wound team into our facility the wounds healed a lot faster and we now have very few wounds to deal with. Just a thought.
  11. luvmy2angels

    MHA degree....

    Thanks for the replies. I myself am not interested in an getting my MHA. I am a nurse and my dept is run by someone with their MHA and has no respect for us as nurses. she has had no formal nursing training but likes to act like she is a nurse. she likes to hold the "power" of her position over us and likes to make us feel incompetent when she has NO clue what she talking about. Makes for a very rough work environment. I think we are reminded on a daily basis that she has a masters and bachelors degree, makes me sick to my stomach!!!
  12. luvmy2angels

    Please Help me decide

    I agree, ER position without a doubt!
  13. luvmy2angels

    Working nightshifts

    I went back to night shift after working days for 15 years or so. I got off at 7, would come home and get the kids up and ready for school and would go to bed around 9 am. I would get up at 3 pm to get my son from school and then was usually up until i came home the next morning. I have chronic insomnia so i figured i would try nights for awhile and make that extra cash!! I lasted 8 months and then applied for a dayshift position when it came up and thank goodness i got it!! I put up the light blocking blinds and curtains in the bedroom so it was completley dark during the day (only way i could get to sleep), but it seemed like no matter how much sleep i got i still felt like a zombie. I also had medications that i was to take at bedtime and when i started working night shift i did take them in the morning when i came home. Good luck to you!!! Night shift is hard!! :)
  14. luvmy2angels

    CNA's documenting in charts...

    Thank you!!
  15. luvmy2angels

    CNA's documenting in charts...

    Just an FYI...I would NEVER consider a CNA or any other member of my team a "peon". And I certainly don't feel the chart is a "magical book". My concern is that information may be written in the chart and not given to me directly therefore interfering with the care of the resident.
  16. luvmy2angels

    CNA's documenting in charts...

    I am just curious if anyone else has an employer that says it is okay for anyone to document a nurses note in a resident's chart?? I work in personal care but I know when I worked in skilled nursing the CNAs were not even allowed to look in the charts. New boss states that anyone including the CNAs, social worker, chaplain etc. should have full access to resident's charts and are allowed to document in the nurses notes. The CNAs don't feel comfortable writing a nurses note and I don't feel comfortable having them do it either. Simply because I am afraid they may chart something that I need to know assuming I will read it and it never gets passed on to me and there is no follow through....you see were I'm going with this.