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  1. GottaGetIn

    What's the best review book?

    Saunders is the best review, IMO. But i agree that the questions are pretty easy. I did the entire Saunder's book then bought myself a Mosby's book. Mosby's is the hardest and is great for testing your critical thinking IMO!
  2. GottaGetIn

    ATI predictor... accurate?

    I got a 98% chance of passing on ATI and I passed the boards w/ 75 questions.
  3. GottaGetIn

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    worked for me!!! i just got confirmation today!!! and it has been working for all my friends at school!
  4. GottaGetIn

    Awaiting nclex results!

    Do the trick! It works!
  5. GottaGetIn

    Quick Results?

    OMG! LOL I was scared last night thinking that maybe everyone comes up in Ohio and I wasn't on there!!! LOL Congrats to you again!!!
  6. GottaGetIn

    Quick Results?

    why would I look on Ohio's board? I'm confused. I'm not from Ohio....
  7. GottaGetIn

    Quick Results?

    OMG. So I took the NCLEX yesterday and did the trick....I guess I am good but I still want to know FOR SURE. Does anyone know if this upcoming holiday is going to interfere w/ the quick results? I forgot to ask them yesterday and I'm pretty certain that they wouldn't appreciate a phone call. 48hrs will be tomomorrow at 1:30 but I'm wondering with the holiday if I will have to wait until Monday. Imagine? !!!
  8. GottaGetIn

    Hurst Mock NCLEX

    take how many you got wrong (multiply) by .8 and then subract from 100....not 125
  9. GottaGetIn

    How hard is the NCLEX???

    I used Saunders, Mosby's, Lacharity.....I think the questions were more Mosby's type to be honest!!
  10. GottaGetIn

    Just took the NCLEX.....

    I had a tally going on my wipe board////!! lol but just for the sata though...
  11. GottaGetIn

    Just took the NCLEX.....

    Okay, my status just switched to delivery successful......I get the pop up that says " Our records indicate That you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance. " Is this what I want?
  12. GottaGetIn

    Just took the NCLEX.....

    75 questions....but don't feel so good about it!!! I only got 6 SATA!!!! UGh!
  13. GottaGetIn

    What to wear, what to eat day of NCLEX??

    protein! scrambled eggs? yogurt and blueberries? Nuts like almonds!
  14. GottaGetIn

    Just took the NCLEX....some thoughts.

    I'm taking it tomorrow. Great post. Thank you and congratulations!
  15. GottaGetIn


    Good job!!!! Congrats!!!!
  16. GottaGetIn

    Can someone help me re: Infection Control Q's?

    That Youtube is totally cute!! :) Thank you!! I still haven't found my answer yet!! I even emailed the guy who did our prep course and he hasn't responded!!!!