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Lindie RN

NICU, Level IV
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Lindie has 7 years experience as a RN and specializes in NICU, Level IV.

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  1. Lindie

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    A pt who is 34 weeks gestation is suspected of using cocaine. what complication is the fetus @ high risk for 1-late deceleration 2-polyhydramnios 3-macrosomia 4-hyperbilirubimea A pt with meniere dz should be recommended to 1-low fat diet 2-low k diet 3-low sodium diet 4-increase high protein
  2. Lindie

    October NCLEX takers: MOTIVATE

    I'm also taking my NCLEX-RN in October. Right now, I am enrolled in a Kaplan review course scheduled to begin next week. In the meantime, I am doing questions on the Kaplan QBank, the Question Trainers and reading the Lippincott book. Right now it feels rather overwhelming. So much content and no idea exactly where to begin.
  3. Lindie

    Wheeled Backpacks

    I have the rolling backpack from L.L. Bean. A little hefty at $79 but it is very sturdy. It isn't as roomy as the JanSport rolling backpacks, but the great thing is that L.L. Bean fully guarantees all of their products. If 5 years down the line it breaks, they will replace it free of charge.
  4. Lindie

    Who else starts on the 4th?

    I am starting on Tuesday too! :)
  5. Lindie

    NLN Results....

    I just got my NLN (2/17/07) scores and got a 112 composite. I did great on the verbal but horribly in Math, possibly because I ran out of time
  6. Lindie

    NLN Results....

    I took the NLN on 2/17 and anxious to find out how I made out. I think I did OK on the verbal and science but the Math, probably not so well.
  7. Lindie

    Who's waiting on acceptance letters?

    I am waiting for my acceptance letter as well and it is driving my fiance insane. He gets home way before me and is tired of me calling, "Any mail for me?" They said letters go out on February 15th. Good Luck to everyone who is waiting as well.
  8. Lindie

    Are we all old???

    I'm 29, work a full-time job and taking my last two pre-requisites in hopes to get into the ASN program at my CC. :)
  9. Lindie

    Microbiology Fall 2006

    I'm currently taking Microbiology. Our professor is really difficult to understand. We had our first test a week ago and only 2 people passed - one with a 71, the other with an 81. I got a 57 and I studied a lot. Anyway, I'm here...stressed.