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  1. Iwannabeababynurse

    I have a question about being a midwife in Georgia

    I have a question that I'm asking for a friend of mine. Does anyone know if you have to have your bachelors degree in midwifery in Georgia to be a midwife? She was telling me that you didn't have to in Georgia but that you had to in Illinois.
  2. Iwannabeababynurse

    Question about clinicals

    I was just wondering if anyone knew what you do at the cna clinicals?? I've heard that you do bed baths and something called ambulation. My next question is what exactly is bed baths and ambulation??
  3. Iwannabeababynurse

    What do you do at the cna clinicals

    i'm considering taking a cna class in the spring. but i'm unsure whether too or not. because i hear that the clinicals are at nursing homes. i do not want to do my clinicals there i don't even want to work at a nursing home. so my question is exactly what do you do at these clinicals ?? i've asked my school advisor about it and she said something about bed baths and something called ambulation. so my next question is what are bed baths and what is ambulation??
  4. Well this looks like this might be the end for me with school. See I failed microbiology and A&P2. Which made my grade point average go down. And made me get put on financial aid probation. So then when I applied for financial aid for the fall I also had to fill out a student appeal form. To see if they would go ahead and approve my financial aid even though I'm on probation. Well they denied me financial aid and said that I would have to pay out of pocket. Well I can't afford that so I guess this might be the end for me. So I probably won't be on here for awhile if not permantly leave the site. Good luck to everyone with school!!!!
  5. Iwannabeababynurse

    Here is a crazy question

    i'm 30 will be 31 next month and i use a backpack. i think that they are better because you can either use them on one shoulder or both. i don't think using a backpack makes you look like your trying to be 19 again. i think with us older ladies a backpack is better on your shoulders and back.
  6. Iwannabeababynurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    i have a cousin who's little girl is named lola.
  7. Iwannabeababynurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    i was just looking at one of my local hospital's website where they have a baby section of all the births. and i see alot of weird names but one of them that sticks out is hurricane madelyn skye. what a name that poor kid. i feel sorry for her and all babies that have to have such weird odd names. why do people do that don't they realize that their kids are going to get made fun of when they get older and are in school.
  8. i'm getting ready to register for fall classes. and i was thinking about a math and a reading class in hopes that it will help me to pass the lpn pre-entrance exam. i was just wondering in everyones opinion what kind of math class would help me to pass the lpn exam? and is there any other classes out there that would help?
  9. Iwannabeababynurse

    Question about tb skin test

    has anyone ever had a tb skin test done? what exactly do they consist of and do they hurt? i'm getting ready to start my cna class and they want everyone to get a tb skin test done.
  10. i have taken the lpn pre entrance exam twice and have failed it both times. i've been considering taking a reading review class and a college algebra class. would both of these classes help me brush up and prepare to pass the lpn exam? any thoughts on how to prepare and pass the exam?
  11. Iwannabeababynurse

    I have a question about A&P2

    Where I go to school at a&p2 is a pre req for the rn program and so is microbiology. I've taken both of them and have failed both. I've been thinking about just going for the lpn program. And have considered retaking just a&p2. But I was just wondering if any of you think that a&p2 is needed for the lpn program?
  12. Iwannabeababynurse

    What kind of classes cnm's take

    I was just curious as to what kind of classes do you take to become a cnm?
  13. Iwannabeababynurse

    What do you have to do before becoming a CNM

    what do you have to do before going into the cnm program??
  14. Iwannabeababynurse

    Where do you do your CNA clinicals at

    i was just wondering where do cna's do their clinicals at? i'm hoping that all of the clinicals are not done in nursing homes. because i really don't want that because i don't want to work in a nursing home or anything like that. i really want to work in ob either in l&d or in the nursrey. the only reason why i'm getting ready to take the cna class is that where i go to school at they have now where you have to do the cna program before you can go into the lpn program.
  15. Iwannabeababynurse

    What does ltc and cnm mean

    i've been reading some of the post this evening and seen some things that i don't know what they mean. like what is cnm and what is ltc? just curious.
  16. Iwannabeababynurse

    What classes to take

    are there any special classes that you need to take that would help in becoming a ob nurse??