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i'm getting ready to take the cna class over the summer. and i was looking at my local paper's help wanted and saw that one of the local hospital's were hiring cna's. so i went to the hospitals website and saw where they are hiring for cna on the medical floor and for the ob floor. i was just wondering what are their duties in the ob department? how much do cna's make working at hospitals?


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I am not sure where you are located? In Ky you will make more money in a hospital setting (generally) than you would in ltc. The chances of getting a hospital job without any experience is really hard to do. I know have been trying for over a month now. I am not giving up my search just yet. I am sticking with persistance!!!! You can call the HR department of the hospital and someone can help you with any questions you may have pertaining the job. Good luck!

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In a hospital setting you will most likely be taking Vital Signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temp, and pulse ox), Patient Care, Transport when needed, and collect speciments such as urine, sputum, and blood.

I recommend not working on an OB floor as you will not get good experience if you are floated to other units. On an OB floor you rarely perform patient care, and patients are few in numbers.

A medical floor always keeps you on your toes and helps you think critically which if you want to become an RN will greatly help you as you go through NS school

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