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  1. MrsBradyMom

    Advice needed! Pre-nursing student@ hacc

    First off, many people make it into clinicals. That other poster sounds bitter about something. If you check on HACC's website you can look up average GPA and points of previously admitted students. And furthermore, why assume you can't keep your 4.0? I graduated Harrisburg campus LPN program with a 4.0. I went back and graduated their RN program with a 3.88. It can be done. As far as it being easy...NOPE. No, it will not be easier for you. In fact, you will excel if you forget everything you know :) You have VERY small leg up on terminology. Other than that, you know nothing about nursing. I say this with your best intentions at heart. HACC is one of the toughest programs in the state, but you can do it! Just be prepared to work very hard, laugh often, cry sometimes, and learn a whole lot in a very short time. Good luck!
  2. MrsBradyMom

    Why are Nursing Programs so Cruel to Students

    I had an instructor that was constantly on my butt. She always put me on the spot with questions, picked me to perform procedures with her, and basically "hawked" on me for an entire 3 semesters. It was year of hell with no end in sight. Finally, we had graduation conferences to learn where we stood in regards to grades. Of course, I was assigned to this instructor for the conference. I walked into the room so scared I thought I'd need a Depends to get through it, lol. This is what the instructor said to me: "I bet you thought I wanted to fail you. Nothing was further from the truth. You were at the top of the class, so I knew I could push you. You were smart & had excellent clinical skills, but you lacked self-confidence. I hope I gave that to you. I look forward to being your colleague" :redpinkhe She'll never know what a difference she made in my life & in my career. RIP Mrs.S.
  3. MrsBradyMom

    Your favorite, most comfortable scrub brands?

    Greys Anatomy. I'm busty & curvy & I think they are flattering. Thats all I own
  4. MrsBradyMom

    LPN Program Easier than RN Program?

    I think we are getting differences of opinion from those that have bridged LPN-RN and those that have just gone straight RN. You can't possibly know how tough a program is unless you've tried it. That being said, I think the OP can get a fairly accurate idea of what's what from the replies. Since I have just started the bridge to RN, I will only comment on MY LPN program. It was very intense and required huge amounts of hours, just like everyone else has stated. 24 hours a week of clinicals and 16 hours for lecture for an entire year. This is in addition to 4-8 hours per week spent in the sim lab. I also had to take English, Psych, Bio, Math, Soc, etc. before I entered the program. I wonder how many programs focus their teaching around what kind of jobs LPN's will hold in the community? In my area, we have LTC, Rehab, Psych....but no med-surg in a hospital. While we had rotations in peds, L&D, and med-surg, they were not "heavy" rotations.
  5. MrsBradyMom

    How does being a magnet hospital affect LPNs

    In my region, we have 2 Magnet's and 1 trying to obtain. In both of the Magnets, LPN's were phased out or moved to select areas of the hospital such as rehab or L&D. In both cases, LPN's are no longer hired, so it's just a matter of them retiring or moving on. I have talked to a few of the LPN's still employed and in all cases, their pay was cut when the hospital moved them to their new units. They only stayed because they had many years invested in the hospital and they want their retirement. Due to this trend, I am feeling almost forced to get my RN, even though I make excellent money as an LPN and the RN would only make me more in debt with not much more pay. You can't win.
  6. MrsBradyMom

    Adult Mental Health

    I've worked psych for the last 2 years; adult & geri acute inpatient. I love it but it's definitely not for everyone. I work 7-3 shift. There are days when it's rather slow and you have all the time in world to talk to your 4 patients. Other days, I want to run screaming and never look back. Some days can be hazardous to your health and some days you never want to end. You asked what it entails....all depends on where your unit is (free-standing or in a hospital). This will most likely dictate how much nursing care you provide by way of wounds, IV's, etc. Beyond that, and in addition to physical assessments, charting, all aspects of personal care, etc. the other duties I have are: Running group sessions q 15 minute suicide/behavioral obs Meal duty Showers 1:1 as needed Med nurse Now of course, those additional duties are spread between staff, usually in 1 hour increments. As far as pros and cons, I'll give it a shot: Pros: Having the same client every day for at least a week Truly getting to know & understand your client Leisurely pace at times FUN! Group sessions are always a blast Cons: High rate of burnout among nurses (usually 2 years) Can be dangerous Can be trying if you have your own personal issues that day *Can* result in "losing" nursing skills (depending how much exposure you have & type of unit) Usually pays less than other specialties Of course that list is my own opinion, based on my region and where I work. I have heard many psych nurses say they make more than or see more wounds than xyz. For me, you either love it or hate it. You'll know very quickly which side of the fence you stand on :) Good luck!
  7. MrsBradyMom

    Just got my letter from HACC! What should I expect?

    They have a 3 strikes rule PER semester. Tardies and absences to clinicals for any reason count and the third one gets you booted. So, to the OP, your friend must have already been tardy or absent before. I graduated from their PN program in '08 and start their bridge program tomorrow. HACC is tough, but after all, it should be...you are dealing with lives. Yes, they will hold you accountable for everything you say and do. Punctuality, studying, and a strong commitment are expected, no excuses will be tolerated. If you are serious about becoming a nurse, you have nothing to worry about. Expect to spend hours per week in the sim lab in addition to your class & clinical time. Plan on 1-2 hours of studing/homework per evening. Go to every clinical completely prepared. Keep your mouth shut and do what you are told and you'll be just fine. I made it through an entire year (3 semesters non-stop) without a tardy, absence, or failure. I also graduated with a great GPA. I am no spring chicken and have 6 kids at home....so, if I can make it, so can YOU! Good luck!
  8. MrsBradyMom

    Daytonite has passed away...

    She was a true angel. Many times she helped me out of a "pickle" with school work. I am pretty sure I owe her a lot for my good grades in school. And she never just "gave" us the answers.....she made us THINK. You will be missed, but God is taking care of you now and you may rest. Your work here is done.
  9. MrsBradyMom

    Dirty little secrets to managing LTC

    I have 29 residents, 8 are diabetics. I work 7-3 and all of my diabetics gets accuchecks AC. Lantus is given at 9am along with Novolog/Novolin at each meal. Drops, sprays and patches are all given at 9am. We use accuflo med system and my 9 am med pass shows 384 pills to be given. The afternoon pass is 182 meds, not including supplements and snacks (that are considered meds). No way in heck am I getting that done on time. I start at 8am and finish at 11am....and I pat myself on the back. I don't take shortcuts, but I also don't kiss butt for them to take their pills. I work on a non-Alzheimers unit and these people know whether or not they want their meds. Half the time refusal=I want attention. I understand that and I hurt for you, but I just can't give you the attention you crave. Makes my heart break. I think it will be time to move on soon.
  10. MrsBradyMom

    Relocating to Harrisburg, PA

    Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute on 3rd St. They were originally a collaboration of Hershey & Pinnacle. They tend to adolescent, mature, & adult. All acute, inpatient, with approximate average lengh of stay being 2-3 weeks.
  11. MrsBradyMom

    Psych nurse pay?

    I make $18 as a new grad LPN. A bit lower than LTC facilities in this area. For you guys who want your co-workers to have experience....please give us newbies a chance. There was a time when you didn't have experience in psych either. I know I'm wet behind the ears & I am very grateful I have wonderful RN's to work under who guide & teach me. I love this field.
  12. MrsBradyMom

    HACC Transfer Student needs Help with Points question

    You really should talk with an advisor. Even if your GPA is calculated at 2.5, I'm not sure that is high enough to get you accepted. Your transfer sciences won't be worth much. HACC has a funny way of "protecting" their own......meaning those who did pre-req's thru them. You can always take some of the pre-req's at HACC to boost your points. I heard the lowest point total accepted for the incoming class was 93.
  13. MrsBradyMom

    Relocating to Harrisburg, PA

    You probably want to stay out of Harrisburg City itself. There are a lot of nice suburbs, including Chambers Hill (where we live), certain sections of Swatara & Lawnton, West Hanover Township, and you can always go "across the river" to Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, or Lemoyne. The price of housing depends on what township you settle in. For an older home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, AC, etc., you are looking at anywhere from $130K and up. You will pay more in Hershey or Mechanicsburg. There are many new home developments staring around $230K. Property taxes are fairly reasonable at anywhere from $1200 - $3500 per year, again depending on the township. To give you an idea.....our home is in a quiet community (Chambers Hill), our elementary school has 200 kids. Our home is 3,000 sq. ft. with A/C, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, privacy fence, full finished basement with spa room, H/W floors throughout, deck, additions to the kitchen & DR, 2 fireplaces built in 1964. We paid $159K in 2004. Similar houses in our neighborhood have went for $190K recently. There are plenty of places to go, and no matter what area you decide to settle in, a grocery store & gas station is sure to be less than 5 min. away. Most areas have convienent access to the major highways. I love this area & we will definitely be retiring here. As for nurses, there are 4 major hospitals within 20 minutes of each other. There are also many rehab facilities, freestanding psych units, nursing homes, etc. Never a shortage of nursing jobs! The realtor that helped us find this house was excellent. Let me know if you would like his name & phone #, he is with Remaxx & is very knowledgeable about locations. Good luck to you.
  14. MrsBradyMom

    Important Lessons my Patients have Taught me...

    .....leaning over your bed to hook up the nebulizer to the wall O2 is not smart, especially with you lying in bed. It puts the "girls" within hands reach of a sexual predator. OUCH .....being med nurse is not fun. No, of course you're not addicted. Stop following me.
  15. MrsBradyMom

    I'm not happy

    I'm a fairly recent grad who works at an "upscale" LTC facility. I'm miserable. I try very hard to be patient, kind, and understanding. I go out of my way to accomodate my clients but some of them are so mean. They don't have alzheimer's....we have a seperate unit for this. These (women) act so darn priviledged. I feel like a maid, not a nurse. I am constantly told to fetch this or fetch that. I respect their rights and it's pretty much whatever they say goes. However, is it in my job description to be hit, scratched, or called dirty names? I realize they are hurting....physically & emotionally. But enough is enough. I haven't been at this 6 months and I already hate nursing. Is it like this at all LTC facilities???
  16. MrsBradyMom

    Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!

    1. OMG, just shut up! You ask the dumbest questions and make yourself look stupid. 2. I'm glad that you are proud of your heritage, but there is such a thing as overkill. 3. No, it is not acceptable to toss poopy wipes in hopes of hitting the trash can. 4. You knew you were dropping out of the program. Why did you waste hours of my life tutoring you? 5. Would kindly remove your head from the instructors butt, the rest of us need help as well. 6. Yes, I have the only A. No, I will not join your study group. What do you have to offer me? Obviously, that would be a one way street. 7. I hope I never have to work with some of you in real life. You suck, plain and simple.