Are You In It For The Money Or Because You Really Care


Are you in it for the money or because you really care ?

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Joined today, not a nurse, posts a loaded question.

Go back under your bridge - nothing to see here.


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Are you suggesting that people could only possibly have one or the other motivation, not both? Why?

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Why do you ask?


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For me, it is a calling. Florence Nightingale's ghost floated over my bed one night and told me to become a nurse.

Do people go onto Accountant Message boards and ask "Are you in accounting for the money or do you really care about doing people's taxes?"


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WHY would you word this as if it's either/or for us? How about BOTH. And what is the reason you are asking? This is a heck of a first post as a new member. Looking for controversy or do you really want to know?


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I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger because I was hospitalized as a kid and my nurse was like this amazing, funny, kind person who let me eat sugary cereal.

But then I realized it doesn't really pay that much and sometimes I wish I followed a different career.

However, when I help patients who are truly grateful and they want to get's so satisfying to watch them get discharged. But that's like every 1 in 25 patients.

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I don't care personally about my patients. I care very much about doing a good job. Most of the time my patients goals and mine line up, sometimes part of doing a good job is talking about collaboration with them, and shared goals. Really challenging days, our goals clash. That doesn't mean either of us is wrong, it's a hard job.

My patients often tell me they hate the hospital, and I point out that they have to pay me to show up here. We're just two sides of the same coin.


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I'm in it for the fashion.

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Are you in it for the money or because you really care ?
If my employer suddenly stopped cutting me a paycheck every two weeks, I would suddenly stop caring enough to work for them.

I do not work for free. In my world, monetary compensation supersedes caring.


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When I applied to nursing school, I was already a Medical Technologist - same pay as nurses in my area. So nope, it is not money. I wanted a profession that makes me feel I am really helping people.