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  1. sammiesmom

    Do you love being an FNP vs being a bedside nurse?

    Any job will get boring at one point. NPs can diagnose and write a prescription. Very different world.
  2. sammiesmom

    Online vs Traditional NP school

    This is an old thread but I want to chime in. Online school sucks and the one I am going to do not have lectures just tons and tons of materials that I need to read and discussion board and case study with groups. The clinical is in person but and there is a clinical preceptor but there is no discussion of any cases you see in practice, only that she corrects one soap note every 8 hours of clinical. If you learn through audio visual materials, online school is not for you. For my first test in Adult I, I studied the school textbook, Fitzgerald, Liek, Hollier, Barkley and read through FNP guidelines books. It is too much! The lack of guidance is frustrating and challenging and I am at the end of my wits that I regret going through an online program. I am studying constantly and then I have clinicals and that is also frustrating because the practicum occurs while learning the didactic making a NP student quite stupid especially when one follows an MD. This is a nightmare.
  3. sammiesmom

    Bullying by Nurses and CNa

    I am not there to get a good gauge of the situation. The places I work at, nurses who get admits get help because it is extra work. I am quiet too because I like my own company and thoughts but I try to smile a lot to people and say hi or hello, I don't hang out. It is important that you try and be friendly and cordial to your peers, this is important with your survival as a nurse. You can also suggest to your charge nurse to create a buddy system, so that buddy has a responsibility to help you.
  4. sammiesmom

    Doctor's lying about telephone order

    I would not worry about it. It is his word against yours and since you wrote it on the order chart TORB (telephone order, read back), you have essentially said all that can be said, he ordered it on the phone, you read it back - done, done. I don't know how your manager can write you up? You followed protocol. This doctor is obviously a dumb ass.
  5. I am in this school and I will not recommend this to anybody. They do not teach AT ALL. If you want to go to school to LEARN then this is not the school for you. They basically take all your money then tells you what to study then you are responsible for anything. Then you take the test and they will not tell you what you got wrong to reinforce whether you are teaching yourself the right way. THIS SCHOOL SUCKS.
  6. sammiesmom

    Working as a nursing school clinical instructor

    I just got hired as clinical instructor for an LPN school. I am excited!!
  7. sammiesmom

    Foley Cath Insertion

    I work in a Med-Surg ICU and I got a septic patient refusing foley cath. I thought ethically I could not insert it due to his refusal and patient is AOX4. Now, nurses in my place argues it is part of ICU care and "everyone" inserts foley cath even without order and we should just need to get the order later. I am confused. So should I just insert foley in each admission?
  8. When I applied to nursing school, I was already a Medical Technologist - same pay as nurses in my area. So nope, it is not money. I wanted a profession that makes me feel I am really helping people.
  9. I look at them with my sympathetic eyes and say, "Are you ok?" as motherly as I can. I'm not being fake but I don't take it personally. The more you accept other people's "uniqueness", the better off you are.
  10. sammiesmom

    Was given a raise not to quit - now I have a target on my back

    Isn't this awful? Are these the business owners? 3+ an hour is nothing to them! They get someone from an agency and they will pay 2x your pay! I'd find another job.
  11. sammiesmom

    "You're too smart to be a nurse. Be a doctor"

    I am not going to lie. I wanted to be a doctor but the path I am in is the path God gave to me and I have reached the point of self-acceptance and contentment, I only want to be an NP. Anyway, I always just say, "Ah, too old for that. Chose the next best thing - NP"
  12. sammiesmom

    Possible adult admit with minor child in tow

    The kid is 12 y/o. Hardly, a bother I think. Depending on the mom's condition, I'd admit and deal with guardians later.
  13. sammiesmom

    Evil Nurses

    Yep. It is sad some people act this way at work. We should all help each other! It is awful that your husband had to go through that! Despicable! I hope these people would grow warts on top of their noses - to go with their witchy attitude!
  14. sammiesmom

    Evil Nurses

    Ugh. This is how I get treated! Dang! What is wrong with people?!
  15. sammiesmom

    Handling multiple ICU patients in the ER

    What a mess! I would probably be screaming, "I need help over here!" like a banshee.