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BuckyBadgerRN has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in HH, Peds, Rehab, Clinical.

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  1. I've never heard of staff getting to dictate about whether or not they work weekends! It's a,ways been a rotating situation in facilities I've worked in, either every other or every third weekend
  2. BuckyBadgerRN

    Nursing scrubs worn by visitors in the unit

    It's not just nurses that wear scrubs, you can't go by that alone to determine employment by a particular appointment--that's what badges are for i work in a clinic and once a week I stop by a hospital pharmacy for chemo that we inject into someone's eye. I'm dressed for clinic in my scrubs and am in that hospital weekly wearing them. My badge tells anyone who cares to look the I do not work there
  3. BuckyBadgerRN

    Discount for UWORLD

    I think you've stumbled into the wrong thread...
  4. BuckyBadgerRN

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    If you were an actual nurse, you wouldn't use the term "serve me in a hospital". Now, since you're not a nurse, it just makes you look like an arogant, sexist unmentionable
  5. Why are you "doing applications" when you are not a nurse?
  6. BuckyBadgerRN

    Recycled topics (vent)

    Foreign educated nurses who want to know which state has the easiest NCLEX exam and won't check education or require English competency exams and how they plan to transfer the license to their dream state once they pass the easy states NCKEX obvious homework threads
  7. BuckyBadgerRN

    Homeless patient with pneumonia

    She added that AFTER her initial post. She has offered far more information after that initial post
  8. BuckyBadgerRN

    **HELP!! ICU RN Working PRN in LTC??

    My "pearl of wisdom" is to stop thinking of this position as not a "real" job and for sure don't utter those words to others in real life
  9. BuckyBadgerRN

    Breakroom refrigerator theft

    Think she claimed that as a workplace accident!?
  10. BuckyBadgerRN

    Not taking a break

    I work in a clinic. Not only did I not get a lunch break, I did not get LUNCH. A usual occurance
  11. BuckyBadgerRN

    Method 3 Route to LVN

    What state are you planning this in?
  12. BuckyBadgerRN

    Student Nurse HIPPA Violation

    Chances are VERY good that you'll be found out, so confessing ahead of that might be in your best interest. HOWEVER, no matter what, you should fully expect to be kicked out of your program, what you did was such a gross and blatant violation that they really have no choice. You've compromised your entire school from ever being invited back through those doors as a clinical site--you ARE a guest there and they do not have to invite students in.
  13. BuckyBadgerRN

    You Know It's True - Just Don't Say It!

    My husband is a police officer and he'd respectfully disagree with you....
  14. BuckyBadgerRN

    Sundowning and the risk of a patient fall

    I'm not sure of your intent on a website meant for nurses---and I don't believe you are one? You come across as some kind of lift salesman, thinly disguised as someone with a patients best interests in mind....
  15. What do you think, as a nurse?
  16. BuckyBadgerRN

    how to stay organized at a LTC home

    My PRN position has a sheet they print off with all of the residents on it. I color code in different color inks for what I receive in report, another color for what I need to do for that resident (Medicare charting, treatments, etc) another color for things that happened during my shift that I need to pass on in report (PRN's, fall, med change, etc)