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I am a nervous wreck waiting on whether or not I am accepted to my school's nursing program for this fall 2013, and thought that starting this thread may be able to keep myself and others... Read More

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    Quote from KTColeman30
    I just received my letter this afternoon and I am so happy that I was accepted into the BSN program!!!

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    I got my acceptance to two colleges this week. Very excited, but waiting to accept anything until I hear from my first choice. Congrats to everyone who has gotten admissions and I hope everyone else will get good news as well. I understand how nerve wrecking and anxiety producing the wait can be. Good luck everyone!
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    The program I applied to won't send out letters till May. I have a long wait. Hope you get in to the program you applied for.
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    I just got an acceptance letter from Patty Hankins Shelton (located in Abilene, TX)! Has anyone heard anything about the school? I know that's the school that Abilene Christian, McMurray, and Hardin Simmons university usually feed into. I dont go to any of those three schools so I didnt think I even had a chance of getting in.
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    Hi Guys!

    I will be filling out my application for the BSN program at my school, and I won't hear back until OCTOBER! How long of a crazy wait is that?! They only have Spring start dates, so it takes awhile to hear back. I really hope I get in. I applied 3 times at a local community college and the applications were overwhelming there were so many! Truly hoping I get in this time around. I will be very patiently waiting Good luck to everyone and congrats to those that did get in!!

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    I got an acceptance call from my school yesterday. I am so excited to be starting in May!
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    I got my acceptance letter today for fall 2014 whoooo hoooooo 🎈🎉🎈😄🎈🎉🎈I'm soooooo excited. Now I'm just waiting to be able to use the merit placement program so that I can move up to spring of 2014
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    I am hoping to apply for fall 2014 but i have wait till next spring to apply. The application is only up to fall of 2013 right now. I will updatw when i put mine in but its still nerve racking.
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    Just received my acceptance letter!!! Woohoo!!!! I think I'm still in shock!
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    Congratulations to all those recently accepted!

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