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  1. Email from dfpr??

    I got the same email. That's why I came here. I was offended at first (I initially assumed that this pesky coworker was trying to stir up more workplace drama) but maybe it was an automated thing?
  2. We can pull meds from the pixis and gather supplies for skills on our own. But any skills or med administration my be done in the presence of a nurse or instructor. I've had some nurses try to convince me to give meds on my own, but I'm not taking th...
  3. Why do nurses "eat their young"?

    Some students are incredibly sensitive and the "culture" of nursing is a complete shock for them. However, let's not act as if some nurses and instructors don't actively participate in eating their young. My clinical instructors actually warned our c...
  4. What is your job title (CNA, medical assistant, medication aide, HHA, PCT, PCA)? CNA Where are you located? Illinois What is your hourly wage? $17.19 Are you paid shift differentials? Yes What shift(s) do you usually work? 3rd What is your current sp...
  5. Poop in nursing

    We have this same discussion every week, and people get up in arms every week when some people say "Some RNs don't deal with poop." Welp, the truth is that most nursing jobs require some interaction with feces. Another truth is that some nurses avoid...
  6. Poop Free Nursing Jobs in the Hospital?

    OP, you're free to do/dislike whatever you want, but I've worked with nurses like you (that refused to do anything in regards to whatever disgusted them). I'm a CNA and I'm also in nursing school. Please keep in mind how your coworkers are feeling an...
  7. Hospitals that help pay for Nursing Students?

    VA hospitals pay for full tuition and books for up to 4 semesters of nursing school. But you have to have been an employee for at least a year and go through a lengthy process to get their scholarship. And the hospital has to have the funds available...
  8. Nurse Posts About a Patient on Facebook ... Duty to Report?

    I know someone that posts the name of the hospital that they work at, the department, a patient's vital signs, the patient's medical diagnosis, time of death, lack of visitation from family members, mental status, etc....pretty much everything but th...
  9. Is CNA even worth going for?

    I don't regret becoming a CNA. It was required as a prereq for my school's nursing program. I've never worked in a nursing home, and I now work on a medical surgical unit. It's a hard job, but I've learned a lot and I believe that my experience has h...
  10. LVNs going extinct? MAs taking over?

    what?? lol. This thread won't last
  11. Normal nursing grades..

    Oh.....Looks like this may turn into another "People can be book smart, but lack common sense" thread. Everyone should try their best. Comparing grades does nothing. Some people will make A's, some will make B's, some C's and then some will fail. Oh ...
  12. Fake nursing/CNA licenses or what?

    Honestly, I looked up one of my coworkers on the state BON. I did it because I think that she's an *ss and I wanted to see how long she's been a nurse because no one can get a consistent answer out of her. Anyway, I couldn't find her on the registry ...
  13. Worst part about being a cna

    Imo, there's this weird condescending attitude that some nurses give off to CNAs. It's as if some assume that we're all mentally handicapped, lazy, and with no future in site (despite the fact that some of us have more college education than some of ...
  14. VANEEP-Nursing Incentive for VA Employees

    I work in VISN 12 as well. You should speak to someone from employee education because specifics vary based on the hospital. The screening process is only open twice a year and it's a very lengthy process. Make sure to speak to a scholarship coordina...
  15. Waiting on acceptance/rejection letters

    Ugh! I can't take it anymore. My school keeps pushing back the date that they will send out the acceptance letters! I give up because I'm going crazy!