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Ms. Sweetheart has 7 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency & Corrections.

I'm 29 years old, I have a beautiful 11 year old little girl, and I'm an RN... What more can I say? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... there. LOL...

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  1. Wearing Scrubs Outside of the Workplace

    I don't mind doing it, because at my job I get very minimal patient contact... So I'm relatively clean almost everyday. That being said, that wasn't the case at my previous job at an LTC facility... I would always keep extra clothes in the trunk of m...
  2. Almost 2 months later and I still can't take my NLCEX!!!

    Ok just an update... I know, I know, super late but allnurses sort of took a back seat while I was dealing with some stuff. I finally took my nclex, on April 27th, on the 29th I found out I passed... With the minimum amount of questions and in 38 min...
  3. So I guess I'm just ranting on this post, but I seriously need some major support. Like I'm feeling so depressed, I can't sleep and I've gained like 6 lbs. So here goes, I applied for my NLCEX-PN in early January, and did the whole process and paid ...
  4. What It Means to Me

    I absolutely love this article. It gives me hope, because I'm freaking out over here. All these "what if's" pop into my head, and I bring myself down. But you Madame, have given me a new refreshing attitude. So thank you.
  5. I've been wondering too... All I know is that my cousin took 3 semesters there and she moved over here and she wants to finish here. Anyways, when she asked them about her transcript they said that they can send it but they charge a fee (normal with ...
  6. Just finished my associates!

    Congrats man I just finished my associates too, and honestly if you took all your classes in puerto rico then you'll be fine. I'm puerto rican (I was actually looking into studying in p.r.) and when I was looking up all the information for school it...
  7. Earrings?

    LMAO!!! Sorry I like Pirates, they're awesome. :-P
  8. Best Men's Nursing Shoes

    I say go for the timbs. Just remember since they are for women you have to go up two shoe sizes lol. And don't feel so bad... I'm a female but my feet are so tiny it's hard to find any shoes merely because of my shoe size.
  9. Waiting on acceptance/rejection letters

    Just here to give some closure to my previous posts. I got accepted into the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences for fall of 2013... I'm so happy, I was seriously stressing. Some advice that my mother gave me that I hope you guys find helpful,...
  10. Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences Students

    Just to give some closure to my previous posts... I got accepted... yay... I'm doong my pre reqs now...
  11. Spanish Certificate

    Just out of sheer curiosity... why do you want a spanish certificate? I mean if you just want to learn spanish you can do that online, right? My college offers it online, would that maybe be easier then having to actually go in to class?
  12. I have gotten really lucky.

    That sounds fantastic... I feel so guilty, I'm a bit jealous. I wish things were going as smoothly for me.
  13. Waiting on acceptance/rejection letters

    @tortia1 I know exactly how you feel I've been stressing out for a little over a month and a half about my "fate" lol... The admissions comittee just met on monday, now I'm just waiting for my mail... I'm afraid I might scare the mail man with all th...
  14. Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences Students

    Im waiting for the admissions commitee to meet on march 18th. I should here hy next week if I got in or not. If I did get it ill be starting this upcoming fall in the day tract. I'm praying I get it I've wotked so hard but I bombed the teas v becaus...
  15. You See, It's Like This...

    *****!!! i havn't laughed so hard in ages... this made my day seem a little less depressing...