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allycat77 has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Maternal Child.

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  1. allycat77

    Resume Help: 1+ yrs exp.

    I also agree it's fine to list, it shows your continued interest in ICU :) I recently worked on my resume and reading the advice of others, listed any accomplishments. Like if you were nominated/won an award, served on a committee, worked on any endeavor, etc. If you did a new grad project, and it was used in any way, etc.
  2. allycat77

    New grad RN jobs in Denver

    Hi, I recently moved from AWAY from the area, but went to nursing school in CO, and started at a Denver hospital as a new grad. I worked at the hospital as a CNA while I was in school, and until very recently, the dept I worked for would only hire new grads from their current employees. I think it is possible, (never say never), but there are MANY nursing schools in the area with students that have done their clinicals there. I would definitely try to apply for new grad residency programs if you have a BSN, and try for hospitals that are magnet. I feel like they hire a lot of out-of-state new grads. Oh, and if your senior practicum is in ICU, that should definitely help.
  3. allycat77

    Critique my resume please

    Aww come on guys, no critiques? I would love to get some input :)
  4. allycat77

    Should I add this to my resume? Previous orientation?

    I would say no. That was short period of time, that I think you can skip it.
  5. allycat77

    Critique my resume please

    Hello, I was hoping for feedback on my resume. Resume writing is not one of my strengths. I have 2+ years experience as a float pool nurse in the maternal child division. Where I feel like I struggle in my resume is how to best express this, and not sound redundant. Also, Should I be including a Skills section? I have read some think that many skills sections include fluff, and stuff that it is assumed RNs should be able to perform. thanks in advance! oh, and please forgive the formatting :) A.Nursekins, BSN, RN xxx road, city, st xxxxx Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx E-Mail: a.nursekins@gmail.com Professional Summary · Adaptable, dedicated, compassionate registered nurse with 2+ years of experience in maternal child nursing. · Specialized practice in pediatric medical/surgical, emergency/urgent care, and neonatal intensive care. · Bilingual in English and Spanish. Specialties Peds- Pediatrics Medical/Surgical Unit Mom Baby Unit Peds ED/UC- Pediatric Emergency Department and Urgent Care NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Levels II & III Licenses & Certifications BLS- Basic Life Support, Body: AHA- American Heart Association, expires: May 31, 2019 PALS- Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Body: AHA- American Heart Association, expires: May 31, 2019 NRP- Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Body: AHA- American Heart Association, expires: November 30, 2017 RN- Registered Nurse, AA Body: AABON- AA Board of Nursing, expires: March 31, 2019 Professional Experience Awesome Medical Center, City, State March 2015- May 2017 RN- Registered Nurse, Maternal Child Float Pool Facility Type: Acute Care Hospital Units: Peds, Peds ED/UC, Mom Baby, NICU Teaching Facility: Yes Trauma Level: 1 Total Beds: 525 Unit Beds: Peds: 20, Peds ED/UC: 19 monitored, 2 resuscitation, Mom Baby: 38, NICU Level II: 6, NICU Level III: 30 Caseload: Peds: 1:4, Peds ED/UC: 1:5, Mom Baby: 1:6, NICU: 1:3 n As part of hospital's Float Pool in the Maternal Child Division, staffed exclusively to Peds, Mom Baby, Peds ED/UC, and NICU, caring for pediatric patients ranging from neonates to 21 year olds, as well as postpartum patients. n Recognized by patients and co-workers, receiving Daisy Award twice and Compassionate Care Award. n Created handout for Peds patients and families explaining roles of different team members/services for patient-centered care, was then chosen to be included as part of admission packet. n Awesome Medical Center, city, ST May 2014-March 2015 PSA/CNA- Patient Safety Attendant/Certified Nursing Assistant n Under close supervision and RN delegation, provided 1:1 or group supervision of at-risk patients in a single room based on the clinical judgment and assessment findings of a physician, psychologist, or advanced practice nurse outside of a locked psychiatric unit. Provided basic health care services and assessments, rehabilitative routines, and personal care for patients. Education University Name 2014 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, summa cum laude, GPA 4.0 AnotherUniversity 2007 Bachelor of Science in Communications Professional Memberships ANA, Sigma Theta Tau
  6. Oh and one more thing, would it be possible for you to shadow at a local hospital with a Peds RN? My hospital offers programs like this. We also tend to hire our volunteers/current employees :)
  7. I am also someone who went to nursing school as a 2nd degree. Here are my thoughts. Now I don't live in CA, but I do work in Denver, where everyone and their sister wants to live and work as a nurse. It is very competitive, but generally speaking, getting your foot in the door working in a hospital as a CNA or some other job part-time is what can help get you hired. I really don't think that all hospitals look at your resume and will go "Oh Berkley, we should totally hire her," over someone who they already know, etc. School is expensive, and unless you are getting a free ride, I say go somewhere that has the nursing program you want. If you were accepted into Berkley, chances are you'd get accepted into a nursing school mostly of your choice. Are you limited to only going to these 2 schools? And back to the money thing, I would just remind you that you if you become a nurse, you may want to further your career one day with a master's or doctorate. Just my 2 cents.
  8. allycat77

    maternal child background 2yrs

    Hello, I hope to post an actual resume in the future but just wanted some feedback on how to go about my resume. In my case, nursing is a 2nd degree for me, and I have 2+ years experience with my hospital's float pool as an RN in the maternal child division. I was a CNA for a year in same dept while in nursing school, so with same hospital for 3 years. As we plan to move out-of-state, I find myself having to redo my resume, and wondering how much stuff I keep on it before I gained actual RN experience? Like just degree stuff and GPA? How in depth do I go into my current job description? I float to Peds, NICU, Mom Baby, and Pediatric ED/Urgent Care. Thanks in advance.
  9. I graduated from Unco in december. Your best bet is to meet with liz Osborn the advisor to get more info. When I entered the program, they went off the last 45 credits you took. They also weighed certain courses more heavily, like your science courses (a&p, patho). She could help you figure out what your GPA would be specific to unc. When I went I did the 2nd degree program and I want to say the lowest GPA was 3.7 or so. It really just depends on the people applying.
  10. allycat77

    What to do to prepare for PP practicum?

    Thank you, I will definitely search for your posts. I have been looking at the competencies for the Mom-Baby unit at the hospital I work at as well. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Hello, I start my practicum on Mom-Baby in a week and a half. I am very excited (though I truly wanted L&D). I haven't had much luck getting the info from my preceptor, as to what I should be doing to prepare for my practicum. Do any of you have any recommendations as to what I should be reviewing or studying up on? Also, for those of you working nights, what does your typical (that probably doesn't exist, right?) night look like? Are there any brain sheets you have that you wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks in advance!
  12. allycat77

    Childrens Hospital Clinical Assistant positions

    Hi, this post is a little old, but was wondering if anyone could give me insight on getting hired as a clinical assistant at Children's. I am in my 3rd semester of a bsn program (UNC) and have a CNA license.
  13. allycat77

    PLEASE HELP Before they kick me out!

    I could not agree more. I am also a mother, and have only missed a class because of the recent floodings in Colorado where we had roads washed out. Of course I cleared this with my professor, and luckily it was a lecture day, not a clinical. Quite honestly I really don't feel like it is any of my business why another student misses class, if he or she misses a class, it doesn't affect my experience or learning. I don't understand why someone would feel so slighted by this. OP good luck with the situation, I'm sure you have learned from this experience.
  14. allycat77

    Preparing for clinicals

    If your school library has access to the "Up To Date" database, it is a great drug resource for copying and pasting!
  15. allycat77

    My Grades Make Me Feel Sick.

    1st hugs to you. I have been there (sometimes still am) with there with the anxiety. Talk to your dad and let him know it is affecting you. I'm thinking you might have a lot of this on your mind while you are taking your tests (you may not even realize it.) then look into studying with classmates. Some students really swear by the teach-back method. Good luck!
  16. allycat77

    Preparing for clinicals

    Yep we have to do the same plus drug cards or use pre-made drug cards. Plus diet, i&o, catheter, iv sites, co-morbidities, past surgeries, etc. I am usually at the hospital an hour plus. Then when i get home i have to research the patho and list explanations for abnormal labs, and give all possible reasons, not just this person's BUN is high because of renal failure, we have to list the mechanism behind it. So i feel you when it comes to the pre-clinical work. I am 2nd semester bu the way. And yeah, we use all of this info to integrate into a care plan that is due the following week.

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