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Fun: Coke or Pepsi Nurses?

  1. 4 Just for fun. If you have to pick one, which one?

    *yes, we know they are both bad for you*

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  2. Poll: Pepsi or Coke

    • Pepsi

      38.53% 89
    • Coke

      61.47% 142
    231 Votes
  3. 61 Comments

  4. Visit  Hairstylingnurse profile page
    #1 8
    Does diet coke count?? Lol
  5. Visit  TheCommuter profile page
    #2 1
    I'm mostly a diet cola drinker these days because I don't want the added sugars. There's also a strong history of diabetes on both sides of my family.

    When I'm drinking regular cola, I prefer Coke. When I'm drinking diet cola, I prefer Diet Pepsi.
  6. Visit  nightnurse279 profile page
    #3 0
    Quote from brian
    Just for fun. If you have to pick one, which one?

    *yes, we know they are both bad for you*

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  7. Visit  Khunnaidum profile page
    #4 1
    I always pick COKE
  8. Visit  TheCommuter profile page
    #5 0
    As I am typing this, the poll has been up for approximately ten minutes and it is already appearing as if Coke is going to be the landslide winner/favorite.
  9. Visit  Daisy_08 profile page
    #6 11
    Coke, is good
    Diet is better
    Lime is even better
    and Rum is best!
  10. Visit  NurseKatie08 profile page
    #7 1
    I voted for coke is my preference though...don't go a day without one!
  11. Visit  vegas2009 profile page
    #8 2
    Regular Pepsi and Diet Coke. But, I've considerably have cut down on soda during the recent months. I hardly drink it anymore. However, summer is coming up -- so that can change. I don't know yet.
  12. Visit  elprup profile page
    #9 2
    My baby book says, "age 2, I think she is addicted to Pepsi". No wonder my calcium level is low.
  13. Visit  VivaLasViejas profile page
    #10 0
  14. Visit  brandy1017 profile page
    #11 0
    I'm hopelessly addicted to pepsi, one time I was able to stop for a month but then I fell off the wagon. lol
  15. Visit  WhereIsMyCallBell profile page
    #12 1
    Um. hmm.. My choice is a pepsi product! Sunkist Orange Soda, oh yeah!! That's what gets me through my day. It's the only orange soda with caffeine in it. Okay, so I am a little different (nothing new) =)

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