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NurseKatie08 has 15 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Geriatrics, Transplant, Education.

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  1. How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    I know of many unvaccinated coworkers. I'm fully vaccinated. It will be a condition of employment at my job by 10/31.
  2. Covid and Non-Covid on Same Floor?

    Our med surg units do mix COVID & non-COVID patients, however my unit (transplant) and the hematology/oncology unit are excluded from having COVID patients. If someone tests positive, they get transferred to another unit. I've floated to units wh...
  3. How Should I Respond to a Bad Clinical Eval?

    I was going to suggest the same!
  4. New Clinical Instructor Looking for Advice on Planning out the Day

    Hi! I've been clinical instructing for 5 years and it can really be a learning curve! Is this an advanced med surg type class? If they are about to hit preceptorship, they should be pretty solid in their assessment skills. I focus a lot on criti...
  5. Considering an MSN-ED

    I don't necessarily think so! I wouldn't be a med/surg clinical instructor, but I think you could do lab. My lab co-instructor for the last year did not have an acute care background--she had a brief stint in ED as a new grad and then did school nurs...
  6. Considering an MSN-ED

    Ah, no I do have an acute care background. I didn't see a place in the OP where a non-acute care background was mentioned. Just that the OP was looking for examples of jobs you could do with a MSN in Nursing Education.
  7. Masters in nursing education, what subjects can you teach?

    I teach pathopharmacology!
  8. Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    I'm 24 hours/wk night shift as a bedside nurse and also teach part time. Currently teach 1 didactic section (online), 1 med surg clinical group & 2 lab sections. Before I dropped to 24 hours at the hospital I was doing 36 hours/wk nights and teac...
  9. Could I teach clinical at a hospital?

    Agreed. I teach lab for a hybrid ABSN program and there are 7 lab instructors
  10. Considering an MSN-ED

    Yup, totally possible! I have my MSN in Nursing Education and teach part time (didactic, lab & clinical) for a hybrid ABSN program.
  11. Suggestions for scheduling on night shift

    I work 2 12-hour night shifts and tend to do both of them in a row as I also teach part time so need certain days of the week off for that. Before I taught as much when I worked 3 12's I also preferred them all in a row, but I'm able to sleep pretty ...
  12. Am I too young in experience to teach?

    I agree with those stating that you need to have worked in the area you're teaching/have a lot of exposure to it. I'm a "young" nursing professor at 33 years old with 11 years nursing experience, 4 years of formal nurse educator experience (many year...
  13. Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    That's such a tricky situation! It's so different in my area/in my experience. Most of the other clinical faculty I know are employed (or had recent previous employment) at the facility where they bring their clinical students. This is my case--in fa...
  14. Spouse of nurse

    Agreed! Depending on your fields and experience level it is not at all realistic. I work part time as a bedside nurse and part time as adjunct faculty and am the breadwinner. My husband had 10 years of experience in one industry and it wasn't going a...
  15. Do you have a side hustle?

    I'm a part time med/surg nurse (24 hour nights) and clinical instructor/part time faculty for an hybrid ABSN program. This semester I'm teaching med surg clinical, med surg didactic & fundamentals lab. I have about a nine hour per week in person ...