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NurseKatie08 has 12 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Geriatrics, Transplant, Education.

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  1. NurseKatie08

    Masters in nursing education, what subjects can you teach?

    I teach pathopharmacology!
  2. NurseKatie08

    Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    I'm 24 hours/wk night shift as a bedside nurse and also teach part time. Currently teach 1 didactic section (online), 1 med surg clinical group & 2 lab sections. Before I dropped to 24 hours at the hospital I was doing 36 hours/wk nights and teaching clinical & didactic and it was too much. Losing that 3rd 12 hour shift made a world of difference! My eventual goal is to just stay in this teaching position & switch to per diem at the hospital when kiddos come along. With what I'm currently teaching, I'd only be out of the house 2 days per week and much shorter days than working 12s so it would be super helpful for childcare. I'd pick up my per diem shifts when my husband was home.
  3. NurseKatie08

    Could I teach clinical at a hospital?

    Agreed. I teach lab for a hybrid ABSN program and there are 7 lab instructors
  4. NurseKatie08

    Considering an MSN-ED

    Yup, totally possible! I have my MSN in Nursing Education and teach part time (didactic, lab & clinical) for a hybrid ABSN program.
  5. NurseKatie08

    Suggestions for scheduling on night shift

    I work 2 12-hour night shifts and tend to do both of them in a row as I also teach part time so need certain days of the week off for that. Before I taught as much when I worked 3 12's I also preferred them all in a row, but I'm able to sleep pretty well between shifts and do not have children.
  6. NurseKatie08

    Am I too young in experience to teach?

    I agree with those stating that you need to have worked in the area you're teaching/have a lot of exposure to it. I'm a "young" nursing professor at 33 years old with 11 years nursing experience, 4 years of formal nurse educator experience (many years of precepting new employees/practicum students prior). I went back for my MSN Nursing Education at 24 years old when I had been a nurse for 2 years. Teaching for an accelerated BSN program means sometimes my students are older than me, or commonly around the same age! All the courses I've ever taught I have significant experience with. I currently teach med/surg clinical (have been in med/surg for 7 years of my career, rehab before that so strong background in adults), fundamentals lab, & pathopharmacology lecture, in the past have taught med/surg & fundamental level lectures as well. If you asked me to teach pedi, maternity, etc I would say heck no because I have no experience or comfort level with the material! I continue to work as a bedside nurse 24 hour nights and teach clinical on the unit I work on and I think that the students really appreciate that and get a lot out of it since I am so comfortable there.
  7. NurseKatie08

    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    That's such a tricky situation! It's so different in my area/in my experience. Most of the other clinical faculty I know are employed (or had recent previous employment) at the facility where they bring their clinical students. This is my case--in fact I teach my clinical on the unit where I've been employed part time as a nurse for the last seven years. That alone gives the staff on the unit such a degree of comfort with me (and in turn, my students) as they've known me for so long as a nurse/colleague. Is this the case in anyone else's area?
  8. NurseKatie08

    Spouse of nurse

    Agreed! Depending on your fields and experience level it is not at all realistic. I work part time as a bedside nurse and part time as adjunct faculty and am the breadwinner. My husband had 10 years of experience in one industry and it wasn't going anywhere for him professionally and did not have the opportunities he would have wanted, so he changed careers. In both industries (the first because of the job itself, and the current because of his experience level) he makes less than me. That doesn't matter. We each have strengths that we contribute to our marriage. It's not his money or my money, it's OUR money. We have a joint account, plus our own personal separate accounts and divide things up as appropriate. I don't pay his student loans, he doesn't pay mine, but we both contribute to our mortgage, etc. I think the OP's comments are a symptom of a bigger issue.
  9. NurseKatie08

    Do you have a side hustle?

    I'm a part time med/surg nurse (24 hour nights) and clinical instructor/part time faculty for an hybrid ABSN program. This semester I'm teaching med surg clinical, med surg didactic & fundamentals lab. I have about a nine hour per week in person commitment plus a handful of hours a week that I get work done at home. I'm hoping to make teaching my full time gig in the next couple of years and go per diem as a nurse, but for now what I am doing works and I love it!
  10. NurseKatie08

    Online Instructor with MSN

    Hi, As I mentioned in my initial post, I do not want to disclose the school for my personal privacy. However, if you're interested in such a position and are currently teaching clinical for a school, I suggest talking to your supervising faculty member--this was how I ended up getting my position. I am able to teach up to three sections of "something", be it clinical, lab or didactic each semester, but not more than that. It is a part time, non-benefited position.
  11. NurseKatie08

    Online Instructor with MSN

    I'm assuming you mean didactic/lecture? I think there are opportunities depending upon your area. I am MSN prepared and teach didactic in a hybrid ABSN program so it's certainly possible. Before anyone asks, would rather not disclose where just for my own privacy, but just speaking up that it is possible! However, I did get involved in doing so by teaching a clinical rotation for the school and was pulled in when there was a need for help with didactic as I had my MSN.
  12. NurseKatie08

    They want us to give drip meds on med/surg

    I'm on a med/surg transplant floor & there are multiple drips that we initiate or titrate. We do insulin, heparin, argatroban, bivilarudin, diltiazem, amiodarone, lasix, bumex, lidocaine for pain mgmt, epidurals for pain mgmt, morphine & dilaudid (primarily for comfort measures patients). Also one of two med/surg floors in the hospital which can take Remodulin & Flolan for pulmonary hypertension. Insulin can require q1h titration at times, and yes that's with 3-4 other patients & most of the insulin gtts are fresh liver or kidney transplant patients who are otherwise very sick/technically complex patients. Our heparin is usually q6 titration which isn't bad, argatroban & bivilarudin a little more frequent. When we get the Remodulin/Flolan patients they are usually on their chronic home dose, but transferring from their home pump to the hospital pump is scary. Yes, this is a med/surg floor, not step down!
  13. NurseKatie08

    What Program to Pursue? Help!

    I agree with the MSN Nurse Educator track! Education was the whole reason I wanted a MSN--I had no interest in being a NP (and still don't) which is why I took that MSN Ed route. Some nursing programs (mine included) allow you to teach clinical part time with your BSN--you may want to investigate this to get experience while pursuing the MSN program. My program even allows me to teach an online lecture course with my MSN--as long as I am part time!
  14. NurseKatie08

    Precepting for New Nursing Educator? Not here!

    Agreed. I became an educator with seven years of full time nursing experience & a MSN in Education. I had extensive experience precepting senior nursing students and orienting new staff. No one precepted me when I taught my first clinical. I had your standard new employee orientation and was basically on my own with guidance from my mentor. The needs of a new educator are much different and you should more or less have your act together when seeking a clinical instructor role.
  15. NurseKatie08

    Peg Tube Feeding

    I've never seen that happen (at least not that high of residual with gastric feeds being held) so not sure specifically why. I would have asked for an order to hold feeds and to vent the g tube to foley bag to make sure everything was out!
  16. NurseKatie08

    Ambulating post op day zero

    Depends on the surgery, and my floor sees the gamut. Lap chole, appy, or thyroidectomy? Yup, you're getting up on POD #0, because you're probably going home in the morning. Liver transplant? You're possibly/likely still intubated in the SICU until the morning of POD #1 so not until then. Really just depends.