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  1. Daisy_08

    Jumping at Shadows: A Haunted Hospital Story

    Hahaha, I'll have a great sleep!
  2. Daisy_08

    Jumping at Shadows: A Haunted Hospital Story

    I want to read it......but im scared I wont be able to sleep.....haha
  3. Daisy_08

    Nurses Who Have Killed

    Genene Jones is said to be the inspiration!
  4. Daisy_08

    Nurses Who Have Killed

    I read a book on Genene Jones. Very interesting story.
  5. Daisy_08

    Seeing is Believing

    I love these warm fuzzy stories! Make me go to bed with a smile
  6. Daisy_08

    Saying I'm Sorry

    The OP did post in the spirituality section...........
  7. Daisy_08

    Body fluids and death

    The very first dead body I did PM care for I was in first year of nursing school. I had not seen the pt alive so it did not really bother me, however she really "leaked". I can't remember what her illness was, but I believe she was not happy with quality of life and stopped eating and drinking, COD was dehydration. She had large amounts (*graphic alert*) very foul blood/mucous coming from her vagina and anus. We tried to clean her up but we had to put two inc. pads on her and just send her like that. I then went on to consolidate in Palliative care. My first death there was difficult. We knew the pt would die that day, and called the family, but they did not want to come in so I was with the pt. He was not in pain, but agitated, still making sense and talking. I left the room for something to calm him down and came back in and he had passed. I didn't cry but felt like I could have. When I was doing PM care I kept thinking he move or something (too many horror movies ) But I never saw anyone else release all of their fluids like that first death I saw. :heartbeat
  8. Daisy_08

    Writing CPNRE in May 2011

    yhea, it wasn't easy but in a way was. i found i got confused on certain topics that were asked over and over and i began to second guess myself. i found it was really too long. by the second half i was day dreaming, and i talked to others who were doodling, and falling asleep. if i only had to get over 65 like in school i would be fine, but since we don’t know what a pass is, i really don’t know how i did. the waiting will be hard! i think today was the first day in a long time i didn't set my alarm. it was fabulous!
  9. Daisy_08

    Interview for assisted living. Some specific advice?

    I got a job in an ALF while in school and still work there casual, not as a registered/licensed staff member. When I am passing out meds, or the other UCP's (unregulated health care providers - thats what we call it here) we do not do it under someone else's licence. A UCP makes a mistake, the UCP tells the nurse, fill's out the paper work, and takes actions to correct it with direction form the nurse. The nurse is only responsible for her actions. I'd say go for it. I really like where I work. It will be good experience and hopefully not too much stress. A great place while you are in school. Show you love working with geriatrics and get across how much respect you have for the population and that you feel it is an area where you can make a difference. I'm a new grad and have had two interview in LTC they asked my about why I want to work in geriatrics, why their facility specifically, what is a work related challenge, what do I enjoy. They probably will ask about why you want to work nights. (is it cuz you have kids and want to be home during the day, or you are just a night owl, or can't find an other job and as soon as you do you will be gone) I really do enjoy it, it is busy but in a different way then a hospital. Do they know you are getting you masters? If they don't I might not tell them, dont lie but........it tells them you wont be there for long, might call in if you have an exam the next morning, that your hearts not in that specific area. An ALF has no need for a NP. Good luck on your interview!
  10. Daisy_08

    Writing CPNRE in May 2011

    I'm writing as well. I did really well in my program and the predictor tests. But I had to work so much my last semester that I really have not studied. Well, its too late now. All I can do is hope and PRAY!
  11. Daisy_08

    Refusing Patients' Requests: Can it be done?

    It depends on the request. I'd say yes. often times its safety, scope of practice and common sense. "no, you cannot smoke in here" "no i will not take off your restraints" "No, I will not lift you on top of your wife and assist you in having sex"
  12. Daisy_08

    8 hour days or 12 hours days?

    I'm a new grad too. I did 6 weeks of consolidation at a hospital that did 8's and 6 weeks at one that did 12's. I think the 12's are WAY better. I felt like I had a life doing the 12's. On 8's i felt so rushed, and I was always trying to get caught up on charting, I always left because of it. On 12's I never left late. i felt way more confident as a student. I'm a big fan of the 12 hour shifts. But I also know nurses who love 8's too. I guess if just depends on life style ect. good luck and congrats on the job
  13. Daisy_08

    Urgent! Clarification needed

    I think the above poster did a good job, I'll add that anticoagulants can be very dangerous if given too little (can have CVA, MI-what you are trying to avoid) or if you give too much the pt is also at risk for severe uncontrollable bleeding. That is why it is so important to look at the clotting times. They tell you if the drug is just enough, too much, not enough or not effective. Good luck
  14. Daisy_08


    So I'm relaxing on the computer, researching what kind of car I might buy, when it hits me. A fear so great, so emense its got my stomach in knots and a lump in my throat. I'm a new grad of about two weeks. I was at the top my my class, abandoned my social life like you wouldn't believe and dedicated the past two years of my life to the study of nursing. With that said, I have been feeling fairly confident with my reg. exam coming up in..gulp...6 days. I did both of the online predictor test got 95-100% chance of passing on both, did the review book and got 75-80% of the q's right, and on my breaks i have been reviewing stuff i was never exposed to/have little interest in like OB and Mental health. One minute I am fine now i just want to burst into tears. I really did not study at all the last four months of consolidation. All I can think of is how i dont know my pharm, never had experience with this or that....sigh i just wish i could fast forward two months from now, and be done the exam and know if I failed. Anyone have any tips on how to stay calm cool and collected these last few days? Anyone who wrote recently have any helpful hints of how to prepare last min? Thanks:eek:, I think I need a drink.
  15. Daisy_08

    I truly need to help for my rpn exam

    I was going to say what lizz said about the IEN course at Mohawk. My advice would be to: A) wait for a bit, find work as a PSW while you learn more about health care in Canada. I work with a woman who was a surgical nurse (RN) for 5 years. She failed her RPN the first time too. OR B) look into taking an RPN program for IEN's. That had one where I went (Conestoga). It was a full year, they started in the summer,and then joined the rest of us for our last year. The bright side is you will have Canadian credentials, and get to do consolidating which will go a long way to getting a job. Good luck