Difference between a graduate nurse & a experienced nurse - page 2

the don where i work send this to me via e-mail, wanted to share... differences... a graduate nurse throws up when the patient does. an experienced nurse calls housekeeping when a patient throws up a graduate... Read More

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    Well I love it !!! Thank you OP.. Writing on a napkin is me to a T. My co-workers get a kick out of all my notes on a napkin.. They have learned NOT to throw them away

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    I soo love this! Guess Im experienced because that was hilarious!!
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    I've been a nurse for a year and I see my self going from the graduate nurse to experienced nurse. Kinda sad though everything was so exciting and new as a graduate.
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    Is it possible to be a hybrid new grad experienced nurse right out of the gate? I seem to be a little of both
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    Quote from gitanorn
    an experienced nurse doesn't wear a name badge for liability reasons
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    I have to disagree....with one of the above mentioned for the experienced nurse lol. Not only can the experienced nurse hear an alarm they can hear an alarm around the corner down the hall and know if it's bed A or B. Just my personal experience with an experienced nurse. She had the ears of a dog! Of course everyone will not find this funny, that's why there are countless other threads to be read on this wonderful forum. I am still cracking up.
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    I've seen this before - but it was titled New Nurse - Experienced Nurse.

    Maybe the title "Graduate Nurse" plays into the old RN - AA Degree - BSN Degree - MSN Degree nurse argument. And that can cheese people off.

    It was funny.
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    Thanks for sharing .... : P
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    Love it. And if it weren't true it wouldn't be funny, and it wouldn't irk people, lol.
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    I too, have seen this before....it was funny then and hilarious now...I would imagine those that left the "that's not funny" comments are either prenursing students, students, first year nurses.....or just have no freakin sense of humor (and I certainly wouldn't want to work with any of them)

    To do what we do every day and do it well, we have to have a sense of humor and laugh...especially in the high tension areas like trauma, ER and the ICU's!

    the d
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