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BlueDevil,DNP has 25 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in FNP, ONP.

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  1. BlueDevil,DNP

    Letters after name? FNP, APRN, etc

    Blue Devil, DNP, ARNP
  2. BlueDevil,DNP

    Would you apologize, if you'd done nothing wrong

    I agree with the last post. Make them verbalize the issue. If it is significant enough to warrant honest regret, I might apologize. If it is petty customer service crap, I'd say something like: "thank you for sharing your observations with us. We ...
  3. BlueDevil,DNP

    Mid-Level Providers Education Reqs

    Generally speaking, I would not be in favor of AD entry levels, but I do think you are over reacting. "I hope she doesn't get in" is a terrible thing to say. Shame on you. I take it you would not be interested in attending such a program, but why ...
  4. BlueDevil,DNP

    GN to NP in <1yr

    Say what? I am absolutely a "medical authority" and I absolutely present myself as such. Where do you get this stuff? I don't have, have never had, will never have, a supervising or collaborating physician. I tell you what, NPs or NP wannabes pra...
  5. BlueDevil,DNP

    Lifestyle Discrimination

    Do I think religion can be changed? This is where we acknowledge that as an atheist, I am not the right person to ask for a personal opinion on that matter. Religion is a legally protected class. To my understanding, religion is not considered a ma...
  6. BlueDevil,DNP

    Lifestyle Discrimination

    "How bad does the discrimination have to get before people will begin to recognize it for what it truly is, and take action to stop it?" Speaking for myself, it would have to be so bad as to include class discrimination based on race/ethnicity, gend...
  7. BlueDevil,DNP

    GN to NP in <1yr

    My focus is exactly the same as my physician colleagues, so I have no idea to what the above post is referring. I am a PCP that happens to be a NP vs a MD/DO, but we do the same job. Our educational paths differ, and you can all argue about which p...
  8. BlueDevil,DNP

    Medicare to disclose physician reimbursement data

    I don't have a problem with this. The amounts are pitifully low, considering the volumes of work involved. Patients should be embarrassed about what we are paid on their behalf by Medicare.
  9. I have a pt that has several severe mental health diagnoses. She has long been dangerous to herself and others. She is constantly in and out of behavioral health units and jails/prison, and then back in our office again. I don't treat her psych di...
  10. BlueDevil,DNP

    Is anyone else losing spouse coverage?

    Why doesn't he just buy his own coverage?
  11. BlueDevil,DNP

    Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy

    She's ALIIIIVVEEEE!!! the photo at the end proves it! There she is, happy, smiling, all better now. oh, wait...
  12. BlueDevil,DNP

    Still Angry at MAs playing nurse or PA

    Oh for Pete's sake, you're right. I never check the dates. doh. I hate when that happens!
  13. BlueDevil,DNP

    Still Angry at MAs playing nurse or PA

    Most practices have a provider on call 24/7. That person is authorized to make decisions, relay them to the MA, who then returns the call to deliver the message to patients. This is how we do it in my practice. I do not typically speak directly to...
  14. BlueDevil,DNP

    What to wear to job interview???

    Well apparently you don't own anything suitable for a job interview, so IIWY I'd spend some time looking for something appropriate and getting it tailored so that next time you don't have to run around at the last minute. A good tailor will do at le...
  15. BlueDevil,DNP

    Why are we still using the R word?

    It is a legitimate diagnosis and therefore appropriate. Likewise the term "obesity." We are not going to stop using appropriate scientific terminology because laypeople use words they don't understand inappropriately. Use your head. No one with any...