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BlueDevil,DNP has 25 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in FNP, ONP.

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  1. BlueDevil,DNP

    Letters after name? FNP, APRN, etc

    Blue Devil, DNP, ARNP
  2. BlueDevil,DNP

    Would you apologize, if you'd done nothing wrong

    I agree with the last post. Make them verbalize the issue. If it is significant enough to warrant honest regret, I might apologize. If it is petty customer service crap, I'd say something like: "thank you for sharing your observations with us. We here at HappyFlowerKittyLand Hospital feel it is important to hear the patients out regarding concerns. I'll make sure your comments get their due attention." Then I'd get on with business and not mention it again. I would not be likely to utter the words "I am sorry" and certainly not "I apologize" unless 1) the complaint was legitimate and 2) I was directly at fault.
  3. BlueDevil,DNP

    Mid-Level Providers Education Reqs

    Generally speaking, I would not be in favor of AD entry levels, but I do think you are over reacting. "I hope she doesn't get in" is a terrible thing to say. Shame on you. I take it you would not be interested in attending such a program, but why would you actively hope for a negative outcome for someone to whom you are close and presumably love or at least hold in high regard with great affection? If the program is accredited, I don't have a problem with it. As she is related to you, she cannot ethically treat you; you are off the hook so far as that is concerned and cannot be expected to establish as a patient. Support your loved one. And never use the pejorative term "midlevel" if you want to be taken seriously.
  4. BlueDevil,DNP

    GN to NP in <1yr

    Say what? I am absolutely a "medical authority" and I absolutely present myself as such. Where do you get this stuff? I don't have, have never had, will never have, a supervising or collaborating physician. I tell you what, NPs or NP wannabes practicing apologetics actually do irritate me, whereas all the rest just amuse. I think you are going into the wrong line of work. SMH.
  5. BlueDevil,DNP

    Lifestyle Discrimination

    Do I think religion can be changed? This is where we acknowledge that as an atheist, I am not the right person to ask for a personal opinion on that matter. Religion is a legally protected class. To my understanding, religion is not considered a malleable personality characteristic, but something sacrosanct. Rationally, I cannot even begin to grasp that concept, but I accept it for what it is. But that was not a serious question in the first place, was it? Obesity is not a legally protected class, nor should it be. There have been legions of studies supporting the hypothesis that more attractive candidates are hired and promoted faster and earn more money than less attractive candidates. Since obesity is not considered an attractive physical attribute in our culture, it stands to reason obese people would suffer the same unfortunate bias as other applicants deemed less attractive. This is neither new nor surprising. The interesting point is that if obesity is the only or the major disadvantage a candidate is facing, it is so easily addressed that it could be a non-issue for many within just a few months time. A lof less time than it would take to convert to a new Religion or go through gender reassignment surgery.
  6. BlueDevil,DNP

    Lifestyle Discrimination

    "How bad does the discrimination have to get before people will begin to recognize it for what it truly is, and take action to stop it?" Speaking for myself, it would have to be so bad as to include class discrimination based on race/ethnicity, gender (including gender identification), sexual orientation, disability or religion. Modifiable health risk factors as a basis for making hiring decisions are not bothersome to me. I would not knowingly hire an alcoholic, even though alcohol consumption is legal and I consume alcohol occasionally myself. I don't hire tobacco users. I don't consciously discriminate against obese people, but I hired a slim, highly physically fit woman. She could still have a genetic triglyeridemia or be BRCA+for all I know. Those of us in a position to hire make the best decisions we can based on the data available. In this case, even if my Nurse had been BRCA+, I'd still have hired her because she was a good fit for me and for the office. I would not have hired her if she smoked, because she would not have been a good fit. Capiche? I would not have hired her if we knew for a fact she was an alcoholic because, well do I really need to explain, lol? I don't care if an employee has a diagnosis of major depression (outside of the fact that I generally do care about them as people) unless it causes them to miss unacceptable amounts of work. That is usually easily checked into by the background investigation. People with excessive call-ins are typically "not for rehire" at previous jobs. Otherwise great employees who have a behavioral health diagnosis and needed FMLA a few years ago, took it, recovered and came back to work at their former level of excellence are worth investing in, so I don't think their diagnosis is any more significant than someone with an elevated LDL. The fact of the matter is, most of the things you chicken littles are worried about can be changed. If you are worried about it, change it; lose weight, stop smoking, whatever. If you don't take steps to help yourself, you have no one else to blame.
  7. BlueDevil,DNP

    GN to NP in <1yr

    My focus is exactly the same as my physician colleagues, so I have no idea to what the above post is referring. I am a PCP that happens to be a NP vs a MD/DO, but we do the same job. Our educational paths differ, and you can all argue about which path is superior. My path was optimal for me and for my family and my patients are not suffering for it, I assure you, lol. The job "focus" is the same. I was independent on day 1 after graduation, as are all other other NPs in this state and 16 other states in the US. Don't like it, move to one of the other 33 and get active in your state legislature to keep it that way. I don't think you will be successful, but if you want it that way- quit yer bitchin, get off the internet and do something about it. Otherwise, stuff a sock in it. 9/10 posters in this thread have no idea what they are talking about, lol. I won't point you out, I'll just let each of you believe you are the one that has it right. Go see whomever you like for your medical care. My panel is full, and I'm not accepting new patients anyway. I have a few I'd sometimes like to get rid of because they can be a PITA, but by and large I enjoy the patients I work with and have no desire to "prove myself" to anyone. Everyone whould be happy with their PCP. PCPs have a right to be happy too, and I would not be happy having to put up with the 'tude, so I'd prefer individuals with a chip on their shoulder move on down the hall and be a boil on the butt of my colleagues instead, lol. Equal practice rights mean we have to share the PITB patients equally too. Pursue whatever you like for your career. Stop trying to justify yourselves to ignorants on the interwebs and just do it, whenever you want to do it. You don't need a nod from any of us, you just need to be accepted into a program. Apply when the time is right for you, regardless of when SusieQ or Joe Schmoe thinks you ought to apply. My only advice is to apply to a top rated program. I would never recommend anyone go to one of those (ahem) questionable schools that operate for profit and do not have a tradition of excellence and an outstanding and accomplished faculty with strong research backgrounds that match your own interests. Mediocrity is never acceptable when it comes to education. Don't settle there. But bedside experience, pffttt. That is up to you. It won't do much, if anything for you a a NP. If you want to do it and it works into the master plan, beautiful. If not, don't fret. That's all I have to say about that. Carry on. P.S. Neither my wife nor I have ever worked FT, and we have always had at least one Nanny or au pair living in. We have 7 kids, and it takes a village! You youngins are clueless.
  8. BlueDevil,DNP

    Medicare to disclose physician reimbursement data

    I don't have a problem with this. The amounts are pitifully low, considering the volumes of work involved. Patients should be embarrassed about what we are paid on their behalf by Medicare.
  9. I have a pt that has several severe mental health diagnoses. She has long been dangerous to herself and others. She is constantly in and out of behavioral health units and jails/prison, and then back in our office again. I don't treat her psych disorders, but do treat asthma and a few sundry medical conditions. I have to deal with her psych issues, as does the rest of the community. A few months ago she had to be removed from our office for making threats (off her meds, obviously). We were surprised to see her back a few weeks later, having been "stabilized" in the BH unit at the Univ hospital for about 10 days and released. She was off her meds, again, and in the front office making threats, again. She left of her own accord but then assaulted another patient in the parking lot. She was arrested. There were other warrants out for her and she had prior convictions, so she went to county lock up for a few months. Then she was back and we went through the same scenarios all over again. Until she killed her mother. I think they will keep her a little while this time. The saddest part- her mother was the one caring for her 6 children (fathers unknown). What happens to them now?
  10. BlueDevil,DNP

    Is anyone else losing spouse coverage?

    Why doesn't he just buy his own coverage?
  11. BlueDevil,DNP

    Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy

    She's ALIIIIVVEEEE!!! the photo at the end proves it! There she is, happy, smiling, all better now. oh, wait...
  12. BlueDevil,DNP

    Still Angry at MAs playing nurse or PA

    Oh for Pete's sake, you're right. I never check the dates. doh. I hate when that happens!
  13. BlueDevil,DNP

    Still Angry at MAs playing nurse or PA

    Most practices have a provider on call 24/7. That person is authorized to make decisions, relay them to the MA, who then returns the call to deliver the message to patients. This is how we do it in my practice. I do not typically speak directly to patients on the phone, but I get electronic messages about their issues. I answer them electronically, and the MAs call the patient back with my response. When I am on call, I also address issues for patients of other providers from whom I am covering. I suspect this practice has a similar arrangement and I think it is highly unlikely a medical assistant just made an independent decision such as this. Don't assume the worst without all the facts. Why not just ask before going off the rails and lodging unfounded complaints?
  14. BlueDevil,DNP

    What to wear to job interview???

    Well apparently you don't own anything suitable for a job interview, so IIWY I'd spend some time looking for something appropriate and getting it tailored so that next time you don't have to run around at the last minute. A good tailor will do at least 2 fittings (at least for a man's suit, I don't know about women) and these things take time. Use this time to get prepared. Did you call the recruiter I referred?
  15. BlueDevil,DNP

    Why are we still using the R word?

    It is a legitimate diagnosis and therefore appropriate. Likewise the term "obesity." We are not going to stop using appropriate scientific terminology because laypeople use words they don't understand inappropriately. Use your head. No one with any class would ever call anyone a "retard" or course, but when an individual is, in fact, mentally retarded, it is perfectly alright to say so. Just as it is fine to say a person with a BMI >30 is obese. They are. It is a fact, not an insult. Also, just as a point of fact, leprosy still exists and has current diagnostic codes, as does hysteria. What the heck?
  16. BlueDevil,DNP

    I never, ever went to ER when I was a kid

    I've never been. No member of my immediate family has ever been. One the one hand, we have all been lucky never to have had any serious accidents or injuries. On the other, we are not stupid and know how to do conservative management of routine illnesses at home. We don't go running off to the PCP for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, coughs or sniffles either. Everything goes away in 7-10 days, lol. Come on people, man up.