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diva rn has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU, ICU, Hospice, Mgmt, DON.

Born in New York City--still love it! I have a daughter who is an epidemiologist in Seattle and one daughter who is in Vet med school at the University of Florida...GO Gators.!!

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  1. diva rn

    How much do nurses make?

    South FLorida where the pay is very low.....20 years of experience and a Master's Degree $30 dollars an hour (Utilization Review RN)
  2. diva rn

    Nurses: Hospital Red Flags

    Hospital Corporation of America---a chain of corp owned health care facilities....we have many here in South Florida.
  3. diva rn

    Talked out of nursing by others and myself....

    Dear radical, I was 40 when I started nursing school. My situation was different in that I was a recently divorced single mother of a 10 year old daughter and another in her first year of college. My first career was as a Registered Dental Hygientist--and most of the prereq's are the same...however, mine were also over 10 years old. In my first semester of NS--I retook A&P (Lecture and Lab), Micro, Human Growth and Development AND of course all of the nursing classes--and clinincals. It came to 19 credit hours!!!!! and, unfortunately, I had to work 2 days a week as a Hygienist (I took night classes for everything but nursing) But that first year FLEW by (the rest was normal) and it is now 20 years later. I have never looked back. GO FOR IT!!!! I have always worked from day 1 and never had a problem finding a position. the diva
  4. Exactly, in fact, Nursing Boards have access to expunged records, so always make sure you divulge everything to the board. Better to be honest than caught in a lie.
  5. Just so you know, the State Boards of Nursing have access to expunged records.
  6. diva rn

    Will my backgroubd keep me from getting my nursing license?

    Just a note....the BON will still have access to all records that are expunged.... schools, hospitals and other employers do not but the Nursing Boards do, they fall under a higher standard and have access to the FBI background sites.
  7. diva rn

    Help!! What's wrong with my resume?

    You can use resume builder (template) on line...it's free. It creates your resume and it will put it in around 7 different formats for you to choose the one you like the best. It does cost around $5 to download and print. But well worth it. Definitely keep it to ONE page. That web site has many great ideas, also on creating a cover letter. By the way, I would place the education at the end of the resume...it's not as importance as experience. I just redid my resume 3 weeks ago, using this template. I got 2 interviews last Wednesday (and 2 job offers)!!!!!!! I start my new position on August 13! Good luck
  8. diva rn

    Florida impared nurse program

    Just a note....it is not the Florida impared nurse program.....the actual name is the Florida "Intervention Project for Nurses"
  9. diva rn

    Nurse with hip replacement

    I know this thread is old but I just found it....it's a subject near and dear to me....I have had bilateral hip replacements in 2001 and 2002 (not mini invasive either).....GREATEST thing I ever did....I had avascular necrosis....without the replacements I would be in a wheelchair right now.... I have continued my RN career....the whole key is a good rehab...really work at physical therapy...I have not had 1 minute of pain or discomfort since my rehab was finished and unless I think about it, I dont' even know I have hip replacements...... and by the way....in 2006 I had Bilateral knee replacements...and they are just a wonderful....and yes, I am still working.:loveya: diva
  10. diva rn

    Washing those scrubs?

    Good gosh, why is this even a question? Wash them each time they are worn...in HOT water and only with other scrubs...don't mix in with other clothes....(shudder)....I actually used to take mine off in the utility room and place them in a special hamper until I had enough for a load of laundry. My shoes stayed there, too, after being sprayed liberally with Lysol each time I took them off.
  11. diva rn

    Have you ever cried when a Pt died

    Yes! I was a PICU nurse for many years and of course we lost kids over that time span. Each one was heart wrenching. I cried many times with the families, with other nurses and by myself.
  12. diva rn

    She got fired...

    But did she loose her lisence????
  13. I can't stop laughing at this.....guess where I live??????? not only do they pull stuff like this...but the pay is crappy as well!!!!!....you would think with all of the money down here in the "Palm Beaches" the nursing salaries would be great, right? WRONG....really low compared to the cost of living. In Florida all you will get is burned...from the sun and the hospitals.....
  14. I too, have seen this before....it was funny then and hilarious now...I would imagine those that left the "that's not funny" comments are either prenursing students, students, first year nurses.....or just have no freakin sense of humor (and I certainly wouldn't want to work with any of them) To do what we do every day and do it well, we have to have a sense of humor and laugh...especially in the high tension areas like trauma, ER and the ICU's! the d
  15. diva rn

    Some questions about needlestick injuries

    Hi, first of all, in the hospital you don't generally ever recap a used needle. (or any open needle for that matter) There are sharps containers all over the place, you merely take the entire used needle to the container and drop it in. As one poster said before, it's not a good idea to bend the needle back...it seems like it would be safer but it really isn't. I have had only 1 needlestick in 19 years that really was nothing and it was with a clean needle. HOWEVER....before I became a RN I was a Registered Dental Hygienist who worked at an HIV clinic...this was back in the late 1980's....were were extremely vigilent and double gloved and draped, gowned, masked and visored and wrapped everything. One day I was reaching for another instrument and my assistant was reaching for the same one...and I accidently impaled the palm of my hand on one of my scalers............!!!!! I think my entire life flashed before my eyes....I ripped off both of my gloves and it did bleed. Scrubbed it like crazy and of course called the Medical Officer in charge of the Health dept (who I worked for)...obviously my pt was HIV+ we knew that already...so, I was tested and given anti-virals....and tested at I think 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year...and all was fine!!!! But that was scary! Far scarier than ever working as a nurse and I have since taken care of hundreds of HIV, AIDS and HepC and HepB patients....and other scary things..... Just be careful....you will be fine..and don't let the fear of a needlestick keep you from becoming a nurse if that's what you want to do.
  16. diva rn

    drug test

    The hydrocodone usually only stays in the body around 3 days. Anyway, with the script you will be fine. Don't worry.

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