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ICU_JOSIE has 25 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care Transport/Intensive Care/Management.

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    I am in the same boat. I am studying for the exam and would like to know some helpful tips. I would really appreciate your feedback.


    I am studying for my NE-BC as well. Any helpful tips and recommended study materials would be much appreciated.

    Nurse Executive Certification

    Hello all, I am planning to take the NE-BC exam sometime this year. Any tips, links, review materials my way will be much appreciated. I'm so glad to be a part of this learning community. Thanks in advance!

    COVID Code Blue

    We have had a few cases of COVID+ patients who coded and the facility has by far been well-organized in its efforts. We limited our responders to 5 in the room (2MDs, primary RN, ICU/Code RN and RT). Each unit is equipped with a Level 2 PPE Packet for the 5 personnel initially responding to the code. The door is closed but one RN in full PPE gear is on standby to handout supplies and communicate other needs. Another team outside is listening in to the event inside the room via speaker phone. We communicate by identifying each other as "inside" or "outside" as to not create any confusion (e.g. "This is inside, please have a dose of Epinephrine ready"). One or two personnel may be added if the event takes longer to help with CPR. Once ROSC is achieved, our Transport Team takes over to send the patient to the ICU following SOP. And also, we did MOCK CODES twice a week for about a month that was led by one of our Intensivists.

    VA-BC Exam Experience

    Thank you. Being an experienced ICU nurse myself , I find the VA-BC questions pretty basic. It does help to study and be prepared 😁.

    Within scope of practice to insert a PICC line?

    Yes, RNs insert PICC/Midlines. In my facility, we currently use both ultrasound with 3CG TCS and CXR for tip confirmation. Midlines however do not require CXR.

    VA-BC Exam Experience

    I took the VA-BC Exam today and passed :). I just would like to share my experience with everyone especially to those who are considering to take the exam in the future. I used the VACC Study Guide and CRNI textbooks for my study materials. Google was also very helpful . My appointment at Prometric was at 2:30pm but I arrived 1.5 hrs early. The receptionist asked me if I would like to take the exam earlier so I said yes. She then told me to place my belongings in the locker and bring my ID card. By the way, as of this writing, only 1 form of identification is required for the exam so I showed her my state ID. I was scanned, given instructions then asked to sign in the logbook. I was then handed a pencil and a scratch paper (which I never used). She guided me to my cubicle placing the ID card and locker key on the desk. FYI there is no break in between the test, you are actually allowed to leave but your test time will continue to run (I never went for a break myself). The exam was for 2.5 hrs (total of 150 questions but only 125 will be scored) and it took me almost 2 hrs to finish after throughly reviewing my answers. No worries, a tutorial will be shown first and will allow you plenty of time to practice. Time only begins once you're ready to end your tutorial. I knew the result right away after I pressed END. The word Congratulations in boldface was the first thing I saw (Phew!). I left the room then the receptionist told me that I passed and handed me a printed copy of the result. I'll be expecting to receive my certificate and wallet card within four to six weeks. So overall, it was a great experience . I was just happy that I passed the exam. Best of luck to you!

    Anyone testing on 6/9?

    I prepared myself by not touching any reviewer the day before the exam. I stayed away from studying and just had positive thoughts my way. I took the exam in London, it was June 2006 and it stopped at 75 questions. Best of luck to you!

    HELP!! I had a stalker and because of HIPAA I lost my RN

    I'm sorry this has happened to you but how did he end up getting your personal phone number? It would have been easier to change your phone number right away and communication should have stopped right there and then.

    Do you get paid for hospital orientation?

    Of course, that would would be your official start date and they should be paying you with your per diem rate. Congratulations for getting the job!


  12. I had 2 jobs ( full time bedside and part time teaching) plus a mom to 2 girls (11 and 9). I'm just glad I have a very supportive husband when I went for grad school. It sure was a lot of work but I'm glad I took the plunge when the kids were still young. If I can do it, so can you! : )

    Difference between a graduate nurse & a experienced nurse

    Thanks for sharing .... : P

    Do I have a chance? Please help.. about UK NMC application

    You don't need to sit for an exam to work in the UK. During my time (2002), IELTS wasn't required either. I applied then got the approval to start as a Supervised Practice Nurse (C grade). I worked for the NHS. They had the grading system then. After 3 months I became a regular staff (D grade). Advanced to charge nurse ( E grade) after 2 years. Offered a promotion but decided to leave for the states. I loved working in the UK. I miss the people but I don't miss the weather : D



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