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MadpeysRN specializes in MedSurg, OR, Cardiac step down.

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  1. MadpeysRN

    Post call compensation for OR nurses

    AT my staff job, at a level one trauma-we got P time (which the called procedure time) after 36hrs, which is time and a half. So if you worked your 12, stayed an hour late to finish a case-time and a half. AT 40HRS, then if you stayed Late, you get ...
  2. MadpeysRN

    Newbie OR travel nurse

    How are things so far??
  3. MadpeysRN

    OR travelers..

    Please tell me what you hate most about traveling as an OR nurse. Is it hard to fine 12hr shift contracts in CA, without call and without scrubbing?
  4. MadpeysRN

    Should ICU get more pay than floor nursing?!?

    I get an extra $3/hr for my dept in neurosurgery. Only one other OR gets that, also. If anyone else doesn't like it-they are welcome to come work with us..there is a reason we get it..
  5. registered for the 6ce on environmental health on Arizona center and i followed the instructions and relogin and and the CE is no where to be found..
  6. MadpeysRN

    PCU/intermediate care unit/step down

    Birds chirping..
  7. MadpeysRN

    Breakroom Potluck Tips

    Well I happen to have one of those 31 bags that stay cold without a fridge, guess what it's a sham..jokes on me.🤔
  8. MadpeysRN

    Breakroom Potluck Tips

    We have two fridges in our already crowded breakroom, that are always full. No one throws away their old stuff, coupled with daily lunch bags..
  9. MadpeysRN

    Giving up my dog

    And *drops the mike* P.S. My husband wore socks with flip flops today, no joke..🙄
  10. MadpeysRN

    Giving up my dog

    Im sorry this happened to you and the dog. In the future, please consider that animals are not disposable. So please make sure that you are able to love the pet for the life of the pet. They are sentient beings capable of feeling. Not to be traded i...
  11. MadpeysRN

    PCU/intermediate care unit/step down

  12. MadpeysRN

    Giving up my dog

    My husband and I have 3 dogs, no kids. They are my kids.[emoji177]
  13. MadpeysRN

    PCU/intermediate care unit/step down

    Is there a specific specialty thread on this?
  14. MadpeysRN

    Floor to ICU

    Why do you say until you left to travel for ICU and trauma?
  15. MadpeysRN

    Wanting back to ICU bedside

    Looking to make the switch to ICU also, look forward to responses