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MedSurg, OR, Cardiac step down
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MadpeysRN specializes in MedSurg, OR, Cardiac step down.

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  1. MadpeysRN

    Newbie OR travel nurse

    How are things so far??
  2. MadpeysRN

    OR travelers..

    Please tell me what you hate most about traveling as an OR nurse. Is it hard to fine 12hr shift contracts in CA, without call and without scrubbing?
  3. MadpeysRN

    Is it possible to get the holidays off?

    Most surgery nurses I know I'm not!! Been a nurse almost 3 yrs and haven't worked a turkey day or Christmas yet!!
  4. MadpeysRN

    Staffing agency in California

    I would need 4-5mos to recover from a 7day marathon also
  5. MadpeysRN

    Pros and Cons of Working in the OR

    we have nurses that do weekends, and either usually monday or friday with taking no call.
  6. MadpeysRN

    Consent issue

    all Dr.s, anesthesia and nurses see patients in the preop holding area at my hospital . The anesthesia providers cannot(or atleast shouldn't-it has happened) bring patients back until the circulator signs the nurse to nurse handoff. So usually what ends up happening is anes calls a million times into the room, can we come back yet-can we come back yet? no patient comes back with incomplete consents, period.
  7. MadpeysRN

    RV's anyone???

    How do you plan for finding places to camp and how much they cost? Is it way to find places near hospitals?
  8. MadpeysRN

    Already make $42/hr. Is travel nursing worth it?

    Is the stipend per month? I have been wanting to travel for a long time. I work in the OR and have my California license. That's were we want to go because we visit family there every year. I would like to know what I would gross weekly on average to just have an idea. I would stay central to northern California
  9. MadpeysRN

    Barnes-Jewish starting RN salary

    Night-$2.90 11p-7a Weekend $2.40 Evening $2.40 3p-11p (I think 3, maybe) Pay here sucks. Only way to make decent money is to work extra bonus shifts. Double bonus $20/hr single bonus $10/hr
  10. MadpeysRN

    What do you do with your partner?

    after 14+yrs I would not worry about him.
  11. MadpeysRN

    What do you do with your partner?

    Haha now he works and I'd like to keep him! We've been together for a very long time now.
  12. MadpeysRN

    What do you do with your partner?

    I am considering traveling sometime in the future. My question is what do you do with you husband or significant other??
  13. MadpeysRN

    ICU to OR

    @sop you've been in the OR for 30yrs. So in 30 yrs are you still just circulating and scrub? I'm going to OR but I am worried about advanced degrees long term. There seems to be limitation for advanced degrees for OR everything seems to be someway affiliated with bedside exp
  14. MadpeysRN

    Advanced degree and RNFA

    Options for RNFA's with advanced degrees. What advanced degree is most beneficial to have alongside being an RNFA? What are the options?
  15. MadpeysRN

    ICU to OR

    I have 1.5 exp acute med, I am starting OR this month. Bedside was killing me. I plan on picking up prn bedside to keep those skills till I determine OR is all I want. Or what I want to major in.
  16. I am about to make the switch to the OR from medicine. I am really scared I am making the wrong decision. Everyone I talk to about this says they love the OR, unless they do not work there. I want to love my job. I am just scared I am limiting what I can do long term.