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Please tell me what you hate most about traveling as an OR nurse. Is it hard to fine 12hr shift contracts in CA, without call and without scrubbing?



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Most travel assignments are no scrub, but scrub experience helps you get assignments. No call and 12 hour shifts is going to depend on luck. However, I did do an assignment at Kaiser that was just that. I don't seek out no call jobs though, I like the overtime and if you get lucky in open hearts, even minimal call pay can add up. I was on call at one assignment (not in California) and took 30 hours of call a week and didn't get called in once in 8 months. 8 months x $7 x 30 sure added up. A California assignment I had paid 40% of bill rate for call. But the hours were slim.

But each to their own. I don't hate anything about traveling except it takes a while to become really efficient at a new hospital. Thus I usually extend.


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Its the same thing I hate about staff jobs really, well just one. Knowing where everything is can slow you down. Once I know the locations of stuff/places and get the flow of work I am good. Usually a few shifts is good.

I have noticed that being strong in everything is a love/hate thing. They will love you and respect you a bit more which is nice but sometimes I hate it because you can get quickly tossed in a big case without much or any prep. If you are in a place that does more in depth cases, that can be a sink or swim type deal, if your not a strong swimmer....... I also try to stay 6 months minimum if i like it.... I start with 13 weeks though and extend from there, there are alot that try and lock you in at 26 to start. I would rather have the option to go at 13 if the place blows.

my current place does transplant, cvor, robotics, ortho, gyn, ent, basically everything.... only a few travellers have the opportunity(i see it that way) to do cvor and transplant here.

12 hour shifts is more rare in CA but not impossible. I prefer 12s and no call and I request it. I got 10s and no call/weekends on this contract. I'm happy just getting my weekly pay, dont care about extra pay....