Nurses Wanted!

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  2. Act fast! These jobs won't last long. We are looking for loving, caring, and hard-working nurses.

    1. Opportunities available to advance nursing career
    2. Education credits paid 100%.
    3. No Weekends or holidays
    4. 2 hour lunch
    5. 6 - figure salary
    6. Paid 10 weeks vacation

    Nothing wrong with dreaming ... right?

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  4. by   cardiacfreak
    Where do I send my resume?
  5. by   tigerRN2013
    I almost just had a heart attack from excitement until I scrolled down and saw it was a joke....
  6. by   pitt81
    Sounds like a dermatologist life.
  7. by   luvnurses
    It was all a dream!
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  8. by   Central BSN, RN
    Much of that is pretty attainable depending on specialty, experience, location and a little bit of luck and hard work.
  9. by   PatriciaMiddleton
    I can't get a 15" lunch. I know this is a joke, LOL!