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  1. cubrnjvm

    What to say in exit interview

    It does not matter and may not make a difference but I don’t agree with the advice. Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons we are mostly crushed, disrespected and our profession despite of thousands of schools, degrees and desires to stand up cannot do it. We eat each other and allow it on a daily basis. Having the opportunity to go somewhere else is fantastic and amazing but you will be “jumping” places to places because mostly everywhere you may find that. There are other ways of succeeding in the work place. I hope you will find yours because there is no magic recipe.
  2. cubrnjvm

    The pathophysiology of sepsis

    are you asking for us to do your homework? you can find that in your textbook and sometimes google may help. I suggest you to read and understand it, in the future many of your patients will present all or some of these s/s and you will have to be able to recognize them, now it is your time to learn to do so.
  3. cubrnjvm

    Question from a doc on NP education

    A pseudomedicine field its being created
  4. cubrnjvm

    Do you deal with IVs on your unit?

    no, never!! liability issue
  5. cubrnjvm

    Embarrassed and depressed

    please don't feel embarrassed!! nowadays that is very common. I have a friend, who is a physician and is back home living with his parents,and so what? Grow up, I feel you still need to live at home to be mature enough to live on your own. Yours is a superficial way of thinking. No ofense but, think well before going back to the field...
  6. of course not, college classes girl!
  7. cubrnjvm

    Paging Doctor Nurse

    With all my respect and clarifying that it is my intention to only offer my very personal opinion. Everyday I ask myself, who will be taking care of me when I get older? A nurse or a "masterized" doctor of nursing specialized in geriatric care? Lately, everyone wants to attain a higher degree ( I should notice, I'm working towards my master) that is amazing and admirable, however don't get discouraged if when the time comes you find Master and Doctor prepared nurses providing bedside care. This is not unfortunate but it is what the majority is trying to avoid when enrolling to obtain a higher degree. I'm trying to get my master for exclusive personal reasons, it will not give me more money, I'm not looking for new employment opportunities since I'm happy where I am, however, I don't have plans to pursue a higher degree than that. Why? because, unless your employment requires it, it is not worth the money, the time and what will I really learn from it? How to perfect my research papers and improve writing skills, otherwise I should be learning how to perfect my caring behavior towards patients and others, my clinical skills to assess my patients and decrease the outstanding high level of medication errors ( as many regularly post in this forum), improve my medical knowledge and communication skills to avoid 80% of the medical errors happening when no providing correct information when handing off our patients. Lastly, learning to be an amazing nurse, providing a double amazing care to my patients. sorry if any typos, this is from a mobile application.
  8. cubrnjvm

    So I just need to vent

    that is the biggest problem we have with nursing education today and for a long time now, unfortunately we have good nurses but awful instructors that lack of training as such and besides, lack of an important characteristic which is caring. We should care about everyone that does not mean we will be "soft" or inappropriate. I'm really sorry for this unfortunate event, if I were you I would formally notify your institution and will go through the appropriate channels. However, I understand how that work, sometimes, so it will be up to you. Nevertheless,I hope this does not make you turn into a negative nurse who will try to make other students and coworkers' s lives miserable.
  9. cubrnjvm

    Nursing care of ADN vs BSN

    the difference is that the ADN will say " I do this because of my experience as a nurse" and the BSN "I do this because of the evidence-based clinical information" that is just the beginning you have to go deeper in research and don't forget your APA references very important. Practically, there are few dofferences because usually they are the same person at different stages in life LOL!! That is why no one can give you factual differences. The ADN that goes into BSN does not change much.....
  10. cubrnjvm


    it is okay, look for another nursing position, you don't have to necessarily work in the hospital setting nor having someone's life in your hands, there are plenty nursing positions that you can do and are less stressful on that matter. Don't feel bad but you have not experience other things yet until then don't give up.
  11. cubrnjvm

    Some people are too smart for nursing

    very interesting " I'm a nurse because I wanted to be a nurse, be with my patients etc..." but lately, at the first opportunity that same nurse wanted to be a nurse practitioner which is the closest a nurse can be like a doctor. For doing that I will become a doctor.
  12. cubrnjvm

    License under investigation!!!!!

    get a defense attorney and let them deal with that, they will be able to subpoena the cameras record and papers and everyone to testify, it will probably cost you but I believe its worth before losing your license.
  13. I think the email is perfect and the hypothetical quotes are really nailing where they should, we are nurses and as such we should behave everywhere we go. I don't think anything wrong, actually her tone is much maternal than offensive, honestly I don't see a bit of disrespect or unprofessional language. It does not matter if you went with uniform or not, it de s for everyone to read if it does not apply to you, just read it, leave it and move on but have it always present. Uniform is mandatory, appropriate and professional behavior and attire should be as well.
  14. cubrnjvm

    Is this a needle stick injury

    better be wrong than sorry, go ahead and report it, get check and move on. That happen very frequently but why living scare?
  15. simple but not easy though. They come here, present their school papers to the ECFMG, they get validation after thousands of verifications then get ready for the steps 1-2 before they have to have at least one yr of residency in order to apply for step 3, now this has been removed. Apply for a residency, for indians and Africans I don't know how it is but for hispanics, very hard usually having to go to undesirable area hospitals in New York, Puerto Rico, NEw Orleans and you named where they are foreign doctors friendly and where hispanic population is big so they need doctors in public hospitals who speak spanish. It does not matter anything you have to do if you are decided and aimed to your profession. It is never late or hard, my husband has a friend that started his residency after passing all of the above when he was 50, yes 50 years old!! Don't give up, go to the hospitals in person to the graduate medical education department, volunteer, offer to start as an intern,
  16. don't give up, there are many hospitals that will take you in a bit for you to complete your residency, may be they are not located in a very desurable places but that is your sacrifice. I'm telling you for experience, my husband is a Foreign graduate physician and had to take those steps several times, it took him 10 years to have eveything back after coming from our country but he got it and he even completed a fellowship. What that means is that DOn't give up after all you have studied and paid. Go back to ERAS and apply for this upcoming 2015. Then when you be working at a hospital don't be mean with the nurses around, remember we helped you whe you were down......:)