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  1. Case Management vs Health Coach: How To Land A Job

    you can start getting experience as a case manager in the home health setting. It is very rewarding and allows you to get the number of hours required to pass your certification as case manager, this is strictly required in some states (Florida for e...
  2. How do we prevent Nurse Practitioners from undervaluing themselves?

    well, my humble opinion..... The schools, yes nursing schools, should stop lowering their admission standards into NP programs. Sometime before, it was a strict requirement having prior clinical nursing experience to apply for a NP Program and b...
  3. Temporary Disability

    message me, I know of something you can do from home ?
  4. What's your dream nursing job?

    all of the above plus asynchronous work from home ??
  5. Concerns

    I don’t think we are discussing specifically about Trump or Biden, or Obama,Bush or Clinton. We are talking about society in general, political and socio-economical systems that are pretty well intertwined and one influences the other like a never en...
  6. Concerns

    In a Socialist country no one cares about the others, no one cares about the services you provide or receive because it is not your business. We are, unfortunately, seeing a lot of that most places you go. When you provide a bad service to your clien...
  7. Concerns

    I took this quote from one of our colleagues... "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not" ---"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" Thomas Jefferson ...
  8. Concerns

    I really appreciated all of you giving your time to read and comment on my thoughts...I did not expect much....due to the "difficult" topic, which has brought me happiness and sadness as well. It is extremely difficult to take one side or anoth...
  9. DNP- owned private practice Salary?

    back on the days it was about a "mission" or a "vocation", now it is most about the "money", soon will see nurse practitioners at the bedside...
  10. Concerns

    I'm still not sure if this is the appropriate venue, if this is the right place but I'm so concerned and in extreme need to share it that I will deeply apologize if I'm choosing the wrong venue, the wrong place. The last days, or should I say th...
  11. Covid Vaccine

    do not worry, South FL will be receiving 1 million of doses for 9.4 million approximately residents, you will have time to see how it goes, besides it will not be mandatory because of its emergency use, however, as some people think, if you are at ri...
  12. What to say in exit interview

    It does not matter and may not make a difference but I don’t agree with the advice. Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons we are mostly crushed, disrespected and our profession despite of thousands of schools, degrees and desires to stand up cann...
  13. The pathophysiology of sepsis

    are you asking for us to do your homework? you can find that in your textbook and sometimes google may help. I suggest you to read and understand it, in the future many of your patients will present all or some of these s/s and you will have to be ab...
  14. Question from a doc on NP education

    A pseudomedicine field its being created
  15. Do you deal with IVs on your unit?

    no, never!! liability issue